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Face you and book tube

May 21st, 2010

Internet is surely about free speech and free spirit. That’s the reason why Facebook and Youtube have become an integral part of our lives. But alongwith freedom of speech comes responsibility which no one can shirk away from. If you are free to air your views you have to ensure that what you say is not racist or hurtful to any community. I mean if Muslims do not like Prophet Mohammad to be drawn why should others do just that? Not only did these guys do it themselves on Facebook they implored others to do it as well. I mean, how will these guys feel if someone said that Jesus was gay (Though many have indeed said that). This is crazy to say the least. Like I said, you have to be responsible enough not to cross the line. Mark Zuckerberg should’ve stepped in and stopped this activity.

Having said this, I also wish to state that Pakistan has gone overboard with their reaction by blocking Facebook and Youtube. Firstly, as far as pictures of Prophet are concerned all anyone needs to do is do a google search. There are thousands of pictures available on the internet including a few on Wikipedia. I can show those images here but then I’d be crossing the line myself. What I mean to say is that if Pakistan really wants to block pictures of Prophet blocking Facebook and Youtube is not enough. They need to block the complete internet. Their court which passed this order for blocking these sites was probably not aware of this fact.

Also, why does Pakistan have to be the custodian of Islam? No other Muslim country in the world has taken such an extreme step on this issue. In any case, who is the loser over here? Is it Facebook/Youtube or are the average Pakistanis the losers? From more than 350 million users of Facebook and 300 million on Youtube if you deduct less than 3 million Pakistanis who had an account you’ll see who the loser is. Actually, by doing this Pakistan has inadvertently given free publicity to this webpage which is now attracting millions of viewers and participants. What actually should’ve just blown over has now become a rage with many non Muslims who came to know about this group on Facebook only after reading the report of Pakistan having blocked this site. What a stupid irony!!!

I guess the authorities in Pakistan need to learn how and when to make a distinction between towing to hardliners and being realistic. Or are they trying to reach out to Taliban once again by showing that they are the only ones who care about Islamic values and the faith in general? I don’t really know about the authorities in Pakistan but I’m quite sure that these three million users will agree with me. Won’t they? By extension Gilani has just lost 30 lakh votes. TOUCHE!!!!!!

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6 Responses to “Face you and book tube”

  1. 1

    What a pity!!! Now even Twitter and Wikipedia have been banned. For Wikipedia we Pakistanis can blame you. You only brought this out. We did not know.
    Here's a joke. What's the difference between Facebook and Taliban? Facebook is banned in Pakistan.

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  2. 2

    @Ejaz, OOOOOPS!!!!! I'm truly sorry for this though I'm not so sure that I'm to be blamed. I'm not that important.

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  3. 3
    AK Tiwari:

    Sush, why do you have to apologize to Pakis? You dont have to be so nice to them. It is their own doing. Let them suffer. I agree with you that they are doing this to show taliban that they are true Muslims.

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  4. 4

    hi Sushji,

    Im a hindu frm Ind. I my b wrong bt I hv natural animosity to pak and som aspects of islam, but I dont quite agree with you. C its nt abt blocking the drawings obviously thy dnt hav such power, bt its abt making at least responsible ppl behave.

    At first I thought its ridiculous and pak is jus being silly. But after seeing those pics mself on facebook I think those pics hav gone too far would hurt even a liberal muslim. Facebook guys hav responsibility to shut it down but thy ddnt, thy deserve punishment. C nw Bangla guys followed it if many muslim majority countries tak it in their hands it will indeed affect facebook.

    and Wats wrong in Pak acting as custodian of islam after al its an islamic republic. Islam is its state religion.

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  5. 5
    K.P. Prashanth:

    Hi Sush, Apropos the subject, I have to say that majority of the pictures drawn or depicted as Prophet Mohammed is far over the board of tolerance. I am myself a very staunch Hindu, say a rigid Hindu. Yet I can not but condemn these pictures and caricatures that have managed to crowd the Internet and other likewise media. It plainly hurts the sentiments of any sane normal human being to see the icon of your faith being distorted despicably.
    But as you rightly said, it would have been best left when ignored. Rather, Pakistan has marketed the issue with bans and deadlines thus inviting the very interest of general public. It think it was an act that backfired. Pakistan must have thought that perhaps such a gesture would bring them enough financial grants from Islamic states to boost up their waning economy, a requirement they are in dire need of. Or perhaps they must have thought of becoming the alternate custodian of Islam after Saudi Arabia. Pakis are capable of adverse thinking without measuring consequences and probably this ban and proclamation hints towards that malfunctioned thought process.
    Nevertheless, M.F. Hussain was driven out of India for the very same reason. Just as our gods and goddesses are precious to us, I reckon all faiths have a right to their own sanctity regardless of the radicalism woven inside. In that sense Facebook, Youtube, Wikipedia etc. should share culpability of guilt to a emotional and sentimental issue stirred unnecessarily and out of context. The intention if nothing was to ignite spite and hatred that was already flaming. It also had the concoction of some western vested interests especially in the wake of the recent european uproar and ban on wearing Burqa.
    Like I said earlier, I am a staunch Hindu, but just as Hinduism teaches us to be democratic in thought and deed, I too am one in spite of my frequent confrontations with other faiths. Yet, I can only condemn.

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  6. 6

    @Harsh and KPP, all I'd say is that this is an immature act, both by that group on Facebook as well as by Pakistan, and now Bangladesh as well. These are frivolous and ridiculous issues on which the govt of these countries should not waste their time over. As I said in my post, not many knew about this group before Pakis raked it up. It'd have blown over in a matter of a few days.
    And KPP, the issue of MF Hussain was thankfully not raked up by our govt. It came into focus only after he took up citizenship of Qatar. Otherwise most of us had been humoring him for donkeys years.

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