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Indo Pak Talks: Goalless draw

June 28th, 2010

Rajdeep Sardesai of CNN IBN tweeted that the current Indo Pak talks are like a match in the FIFA world cup which ends in a goalless draw. But thats not the whole truth. The talks are surely a goalless draw, but this was a match whose result was well known even before it started, something like the group stage match between Brazil and Portugal, the teams which only had to draw this match to advance to the knockout stages of the tournament, and they did. Like the match the talks too did not yield anything at all. Actually, they weren’t meant to. Indians wanted to show the Americans that we are talking. Pakis wanted to show the extremists that even though they may be talking yet there was nothing which they are giving away. In other words, people like Hafiz Saeed and others can continue spreading hatred and terror against India like they always have.

Apart from America there is one more factor which we need to consider here. And thats elections. Elections are not due in any of these two countries in the near future. Had it been so there would not have been any talks for sure. Doomsday naysayers may say that what else can we do? According to them, there are not many options left, the other being an all out war. Well, fact is that our politicians have gone back to pre 26/11 days when they kept saying that Pak must dismantle the terror network. Just that they’ve now added that Pak must act on perpetrators of Mumbai attacks also but we all know better than that. Pakistan is not going to do anything against those perpetrators, come what may. India and America be damned, in that order.

And thats exactly the way it is. There is no difference in the way things were before 26/11 and now. Nothing has changed for Pak. America is still giving them money and arms as they were earlier. India is still making those same ridiculous noises that we were making before 26/11. And Pakistan too is giving the same replies to all these disconcerting noises. In a manner of speaking, Pakistan has more spunks than us. They can tell Americans to hop. We can’t. We can do only one thing- BEG. And beggars can’t be choosers. So it is Pakistan which chooses what it has to do and America which chooses what kind of attention, if any, they must pay to our begging.

The terrorists also know that we are a spunkless lot. And in all likelihood they may continue spreading terror by exploding small sized bombs like the one in German Bakery in Pune. Bombs, which are big enough to create an impact but small enough not to warrant a full scale response like a war. Every time they detonate a small bomb there will be more talk from Indian govt but nothing more than that. And this may carry on for a few years more till such time 26/11 is forgotten and buried. Then, the Pakis will devise another 26/11 kind of an attack knowing fully well that we can only whine and beg.

Therefore, it is entirely upto us and our govt to make sure that 26/11 becomes our 9/11 and that we never forget it. To do that we need to take more action than just beg. Not having a dialogue with Pakistan was the least of these steps. But I guess, thats not going to happen. After these talks composite dialogue is a formality which is a just a stone’s throw away. And I’m dead sure that the Congress govt will announce it in a couple of months from now. What a shame!!!

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13 Responses to “Indo Pak Talks: Goalless draw”

  1. 1

    Ever since nehru we havent seen any spine in India's foreign policy

    But regarding Pakistan, i believe there is much more in backstage than what media is feeding us

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  2. 2

    This is a facade for the world. our media is stupid. they get carried away by semantics knowing fully well that nothing is going to come out of this. i think to be safe from terrorist attack all v can do is pray.

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    Comments on : This is a facade for the world....

    Comment By : Sandeep Rana

    @ Paresh, just praying won't bring anything good for us. As somebody has very rightly said "God helps those who help themselves". Its time to act my dear!!!

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  3. 3
    Shailesh Tinaikar:

    Dont agree with you on this. No talk is not spunk nor is talking great spunk. Its always good to talk, discuss and negotiate - like its better to watch Brazil - Portugal in a goaless draw in preference to no match at all. Each match may not yeild a result but it entertains for sure - damp entertainment notwithstanding.Optimism is not a view we need to sacrifice in Indo Pak or Sino India parleys; goaless draws not withstanding. There is no other alternative but to pursue dialogue relentlessly even as we sharpen and maintain every tool of statecraft to promote and further our interests..

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  4. 4

    @S Tinaikar, why am I not surprised by your reaction!!! Indeed a very good point about not having a match at all. But that's exactly the difference between diplomacy and football. Even when you do not have any talks the game is still very much on.
    Also, I very sincerely believe that Pakis need to show something credible on ground before we start taking them seriously. As of now, I don't believe them one bit.
    They act only when American interests are hurt, like the Shahzad case where they arrested his accomplices within a couple of days.

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    Comments on : @S Tinaikar, why am I not surp....

    Comment By : Shailesh Tinaikar

    How does one resolve trust deficit?? Yes, Pak needs to do more; rein in terror groups, abandon the policy of employing non state actors for state purposes..Need to continuously badger them to show results, possible only through regular talks; need also to offer inducements to come on track, again through talks. Should there be no results, it is still talks.. Or are you thinking of an outright, full scale war, should talks not deliver.. or, an economic squeeze, halt people-people contact, terminate trans border trade, deny cultural exchanges, launch a diplomatic offensive for declaration of a terrorist state, attempt to hive off parts of Pakistan, get militarily involved in Afghanistan?? what should the state do? any other option but to continue to talk??

    Globalisation and consequent inter dependence amongst states makes any hard decision against any one very difficult if not counter productive. Pak gets two Chinese reactors and a sweetened nuclear deal inspite of proliferation, Iran continues to enrich Uranium destabilising the middle east, North Korea sinks a South Korean vessel and violates missile and nuclear control regimes creating a war like situation in the Korean peninsula, Pak plays a double game in Afghanistan and gets away with it. If such issues cannot be resolved through talks, can you suggest a better alternative??

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  5. 5
    Sandeep Rana:

    Namaste Sush,

    Very rightly said Sush, Americans will act only when their interests are hurt.

    Why don't we all Indians start going the way which will hurt their interest? Our PM or other politicians might not be having the courage to speak out and can only BEG, but why we people are keeping the mum?
    :) I won't count you in that lot, as you are doing a great job through your site, but I think this is not enough as its not going to hurt Americas Interest at all.

    Don't you think we all need to do something bigger which our ministers can't do????

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  6. 6

    @S Tinaikar, short of a full scale war there are many things which India can and must do. To begin with, with Pakis having withdrawn nearly one lakh troops from their eastern borders we now must spare a sizeable force to be deployed in Afghanistan close to Af-Pak border.
    For another, threaten to abrogate Indus water treaty (mildly to begin with) and later give them a demo for a few days after taking into account our technical capabilities.
    There are many more things which we can do which I'll elaborate in a separate post in future but the most important thing which we need to do is to be stern in our approach.

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    Comments on : @S Tinaikar, short of a full s....

    Comment By : Sandeep Rana

    Namaste Sush,

    have you any idea by threatening with Indus water treaty who is going to be directly affected, its only the public of pakistan not the government at all.

    This will only help the terrorist groups to motivate the pakistani youth to join them. And keep on playing the bloody games time n again.
    Just think on it.
    What do you say?

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  7. 7

    @Sandeep Rana, there will be risks for sure but I guess we have to take some. It's high time we did. Not taking any risk has not helped so far.

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  8. 8
    Prashanth K.P.:

    Dear Sush, Talks between two trust deficited countries is more of a exhaustive holidaying than reason. The predetermined conclusion on the obvious outcome of bilateral talks nullifies and mocks this wasted process. While I would not want to comments for the forlorn Pakistanis, I am agitated at the Indian Government.
    UPA has succored and succumbed to Pakiphobia never ever pursued in the past in our country. With predetermined vigor, UPA has relentlessly taken the image of India to shatters by accepting the plethora of insults hurled at us by the Pakis. Time and time again Pakis have shoved it up ours and yet we extend our olive butt to them for shameful castigation.
    Spineless UPA will be in euphoric pursuit of further Paki insult - a phenomenon which, I suppose UPA's perplexed Foreign Minister, insipid Prime Minister, bewildered Home Minister and the haughty Party President is zealous to pursue.
    Shameless we Indians have become because of this repeated mockery the UPA Government is pursuing! No, I am not against bilateral talks. But let it happen when there is conducive reciprocity exhibited, when there is an aura of friendliness prevalent, when there is significant intent demonstrated, when there is nil state sponsored terrorist activities inside our borders, when there is an agenda without Kashmir so on and so forth.

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  9. 9

    @KPP, I mentioned this in one my blog posts but let me recount this incident again. After 26/11 I happened to be in Vienna in December 2008. While checking in at the hotel there was an old lady standing next to me. She noticed that I was an Indian from my passport, I guess. Do you know what she asked me? She said, "Why don't you care for your own people? India can be the next Europe if your country starts taking care of your own. But you guys care about feelings of others like Americans and Pakistanis more than your own. Thats the reason why nobody in the world gives a damn about India."
    I was so ashamed of being an Indian that day that I have never been in my whole life. An old European woman in her late seventies knew more about us than our own political masters. And she was so very correct. I'll never ever forget the face of that old lady. To be candid with you she continues to haunt me every now and then whenever I read of protests in Kashmir or talks with Pakistan or a bomb blast or some such stuff.

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  10. 10

    I think Pakistan are better then India in diplomacy
    They enter in to our country and slap us on our face when ever they want we make a big hue and cry the world attention is towards INDO-PAK issue like Kashmir and after that they force us to talk..We as nation had failed in diplomacy due to our approach
    When we were well know what we are excepting after the talks another blast and nothing more
    you don't have to be Genius or a astrologer to predict this mark my words there will be another big bang in India and it will imitate form our neighbor and we will again talk after a year or so making room for another one ..Let stop discussing and let us accept
    L-et as our part of life and accept the fact that we are here to face the music

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