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Shall we support Anna Hazare?

April 7th, 2011

What is the aim of Anna Hazare’s fast? He says it is to bring about a Lokpal Bill which can effectively fight corruption at all levels. And what is the main opposition party, namely the BJP’s, agenda these days? To expose corruption in govt and ensure that guilty are punished. They’ve even said that they’ll take this fight to the streets and have already organized many rallies to highlight their case. So if the aim of both Anna Hazare and opposition parties are the same why are they not working together? Well, that’s because Anna Hazare says that BJP too is corrupt, or for that matter every political party is.

Well, he may well be right. There are indeed politicians on both sides of our political divide who may be guilty on this count. But didn’t the  BJP try to reach out to him to show their support in this fight against corruption? While BJP may not have overtly expressed their support to Anna Hazare as yet but the visit of Uma Bharti to Jantar Mantar was an indicator of that. In fact, she had just gone there to test the waters but came back disappointed.

And therefore the real question is- Is this just a fight against corruption or does it also has a personal dimension to it? If the aim is not personal gratification then I feel that Anna is just being naive in this endeavor because can he or for that matter even Congress, if it were to give in, bring about as important a legislation as Lokpal Bill without the support of the main opposition party? You got to be absolutely naive if you believe so. Please note that Congress has not been able to pass the Women’s Reservation Bill despite having the support of BJP on this issue. And don’t worry about the loss of face which BJP might have to face if they oppose this bill. They can always claim to support the call for Lokpal Bill but at the same time point out some reservations about it’s provisions.

Before we proceed further a few words about Anna Hazare himself. While there is no doubt that he has worked successfully as a social activist for decades, but if reports are to be believed, he too is not above board himself. Firstly, after having served just eight years in the Indian army as a driver, they say that he’s still getting pension while the minimum military service required for anyone to be eligible for pension is fifteen years. Those of you who doubt my claim can check this screenshot from Anna Hazare’s own website where he himself says that he joined the army in 1963. You may have to strain your eyes a bit but bear with me. I had to show his picture which appears alongside him on his own website.

If you read the entire text of his own biography he takes pains to explain that he had to serve the required fifteen years to earn his pension. But nowhere does he say when he quit the army. He also does not say that he started work in his village in Ralegan Sidhi in 1975, which still makes it only 12 years from his date of joining the army. And it is a known fact that he did start his work in his village in Ralegan Sidhi in 1975. Check it out on Wikipedia here. Quite possibly he left the army much before 1975 but is getting his pension nonetheless. Baffling, if you ask me. How did he manage to tweek the system of Indian Pension Establishment is something which only he could provide answers for.

The second issue which Hazare needs to provide answers for is the use of funds by an agency called CAPARAT (Council for Advancement of People’s Action and Rural Technology). It is said that while Hazare was his chairman, he alongwith his nephew Vinayak Deshmukh, handled crores of funds obtained from various govts as grants, which they said was being used in villages. In fact his name is still on their website as a member. of their executive committee. You can check out serial number 24 on their list of members here. It’d therefore be worthwhile to check the exact disbursement and usage of funds obtained by this agency when he was the chairman. Reportedly, all was not well on that front at that time. Pertinent to mention that Deshmukh was the Zila President of Congress Committee in Ahamadnagar district in Maharashtra at that time and handled many projects of CAPARAT as well.

And therefore, before we get carried away by his statements about not associating with any political party, we need to appreciate that he did have relations with some including Sharad Pawar’s NCP of which Deshmukh is currently a member of. And why is Anna then speaking against Pawar? Quite possibly, they have fallen out for reasons which you and me are not privy to.

The aim of bringing this out was not to target Anna but just to enable us to see things in correct perspective. I very well know that the question here is not Anna Hazare himself but for Anna, it may well be, alongwith the question of Lokpal. And therefore, I very sincerely believe that there sure is a sense of personal gratification on the part of Anna Hazare in this endeavor of his.

And now coming to the provisions in the draft which has been proposed by Anna Hazare, it is pertinent to note that he alongwith Arvind Kejriwal, Kiran Bedi, Swami Agnivesh and others have proposed to make Lokpal, an absolute authority on this issue with it’s members having powers to investigate, prosecute and even pass judgements equivalent to a court. Well, in my opinion, that is something which is against the basic tenets of democracy. All these three functions cannot and should not be done by one agency. You can have separate courts to pass judgments for cases initiated by Lokpal but these cannot be under it’s own jurisdiction. But that’s just my opinion.

Another provision is the nomination of members in the Lokpal committee in which they propose to have one chairperson and ten other members. These ten members will be selected by another committee comprising of members from parliament, two seniormost Chief Justices of High Courts, two seniormost Supreme Court judges, Bharat Ratnas, Nobel Prize winners of Indian origin, two Magsaysay Award winners, CEC, CAG, Chairman NHRC etc. While most of these proposals are quite okay it may be worthwhile debating the composition of this selection panel. for instance, I fail to see the point of having Nobel prize winners of Indian origin who may or may not be residents of India. Also, having a someone like current chairman of NHRC Ex Chief Justice of Supreme Court Balakrishnan on this panel, who himself is a fit case to be investigated for corruption, is a mockery of this institution.

Yet another issue worth debating is their proposal of having an investigating wing within the institution of Lokpal. They’ve also proposed that anti-corruption wing of CBI be under it’s ambit. While on the face of it, this may be a good proposal but it also raises other relevant questions. Is this doable? Also, does CVC, Enforcement Directorate and other investigating agencies continue to be under home ministry or should they also be made answerable to Lokpal only. If not, what is the point of having so many separate investigating agencies? Please note that these are already existing organizations with relevant staff and infrastructure. Just that that their mandate is currently dictated by political parties in power. Isn’t there a requirement to look into these aspects as well?

Lastly, the draft bill of Anna Hazare does not want the office of Prime Minister to be included under the ambit of Lokpal. Well, that needs to be debated. Given the number of cases of corruption/ignorance/incompetence on the part of the current incumbent I’d rather keep the office of PM also under it’s purview. Mind you, if you exclude the PM, it’d be quite logical for Chief Ministers to say that they too should not be under the Lokayukta at the state level. Also, what happens when the PM or the Chief Minister is holding an additional charge of another ministry, like home or finance or some other ministry. Does it mean that the additional ministry too will be out of Lokpal’s ambit or not?

The point I’m trying to make is that there has to be a proper debate on what Anna Hazare is proposing. Apart from the issues that I’ve raised there may be many more which you need to discuss threadbare.  Also, you cannot have an all powerful Lokpal answerable to no one but itself. We have to have checks and balances. What Anna Hazare is proposing will eventually become a super monster cop and judge who will be too big for it’s own boots.

Like I said earlier, there has to be a constructive debate on this issue. And that debate cannot be while Anna Hazare continues to be on a fast. Also, all major political parties have to be a part of this debate for which a separate committee comprising of members of both houses of parliament, Chief Justice of India and other eminent persons needs to be formed, selection process for which can be initiated. And to further assuage the fears of the common man Dr Manmohan Singh needs to lay down a time limit by when he proposes to bring this legislation in parliament.

The moot point is that while it is quite alright for the young people of India to be incensed on the issue of corruption it’d be worthwhile for us to take a pragmatic view of things and think this through before we adopt this bill. Let me amplify that I do not belong to any political party. My aim is just to highlight the need to have a mechanism which is unbiased, just and responsible Lokpal.

Having said what I have, I hope we do get a Lokpal but not the one Anna wants. And his fast may well pave the way for one that we should, though only by default.

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44 Responses to “Shall we support Anna Hazare?”

  1. 1

    I was wondering what ur response on LokPal bill. ..My condolenses on BJP being left out in the cold. Ver Very sad
    Agree with you... if people like Hegde gets unquestioned power good people like Yediyurappa, Reddy brothers and their mentor Sushmaji will be witch hunted

    So Mr.Anna's tainted past has to be btought to public to expose the filings of so called LokPal Bill...
    And liked your AMPLIFIED point

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    Comments on : I was wondering what ur respon....

    Comment By : Sush

    Great to read your sarcastic comments. Not surprised at all. But this is not about me and this should also not be about Anna Hazare either.

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  2. 2
    hemen parekh:

    Poverty Defined

    Indian Government does not consider you as “ Poor “, if you can afford to spend [ on food / clothing / shelter combined ],

     Rs. 12 per day living in small towns [ $ 0.25 / day ]

     Rs. 17 per day, living in metros [ $ 0.28 / day ]

    That makes 544 million Indians ( 45 % of the population ) “ Rich “, since they are earning as much as Rs. 20 [ $ 0.41 ] per day !

    And since the statutory minimum wages are Rs. 150 per day, obviously these 544 million people are “ unemployed “ or employed for only a few days in a year.

    But if we can somehow manage to bring back those 2 lakh crore rupees lying in Swiss banks, we can provide year round jobs to 600 million people !

    This is why we must support Anna Hazare in getting rid of corruption.

    This is our last chance – and it is in the hands of Young Indians !

    With regards

    hemen parekh

    Jobs for All = Peace on Earth

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  3. 3

    Whatever is the past of Anna and whatever is his motive but he is doing a good thing. May be there is some hidden agony behind all this against Pawar or someone else but the action he has taken is good..........WE SHOULD SUPPORT HIM

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  4. 4

    NO man is perfect,Nor most of the common man know what is Lokpal Bill, the support you can see all over is for anticorruption. Let Anna be influenced by some one or some party, ultimately the purpose he is working for is applaudable..what do you say?

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    Comments on : NO man is perfect,Nor most of ....

    Comment By : Sush

    Agree with you completely. And this support may well pave the way for a Lokpal which is both responsible and accountable.

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  5. 5

    Brilliant piece! Truely said, need to put things in perspective... "India against Corruption" - Check, i support! But i dont support anyone with THEIR own hidden agenda!

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    Comments on : Brilliant piece! Truely said, ....

    Comment By : Sush

    Thanks a lot...

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  6. 6
    Nandita Singh:

    There is none who is not aware of the proportions corruption has reached! And neither can a fast magically transform such practices overnight ! However Anna Hazare's anti corruption cause and stance is timed right as it touches the chord of the countrymen's heart. The groundswell it has generated sends the signal to the government no more ineptitude can we take and no less than the suggested mechanism are we willing to settle for we should support Anna Hazare's endeavour!! When the Bill is passed Anna's past can be scrutinized and settled......Afterall the support is primarily for the issue !!!

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    Comments on : There is none who is not aware....

    Comment By : Sush

    Yes, the bigger picture is more important than Anna himself.

    Comment on this Comment
  7. 7
    Arvind Sunder:

    Somebody is feeling their parties stance getting hijacked.. well Anna Hazare is obviously emerging as a Gandhi figure and obviously it appears to be a Congress hijack strategy.

    When we are accepting all corrupt politicians as our leaders there is definitely no concern if Anna is taking a few pennies from the tax payers pocket. He has succeeded in what no one has done. Look at BJP, all their meetings happen in 5 star hotels, where as they don't do anything for the people on the streets. Your argument makes sense only to certain extent but mostly sounds as a mouth piece of a desperate opposition parties effort to win a few points.
    Note: I am no congress supporter.

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    Comments on : Somebody is feeling their part....

    Comment By : Sush

    Yes, valid points. BJP too needs to do some introspection..

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  8. 8
    hemen parekh:

    Let us Institutionalize

    By terrorizing beaurocrats thru his Red Brigade, Chairman Mao of China wiped out corruption within months.

    But corruption returned within a few months of his death – and how !

    Today, China is amongst one of the most corrupt countries in the world.

    Nothing that is centered on an individual survives for long.

    This is why Anna Hazare wants a stringent Jan Lokpal bill so that his anti-corruption crusade gets institutionalized.

    Let us further mandate that all mobile phones already sold / to be sold in India, has following built-in “ Speed Dialing “ to connect to local authorities as follows:

     # 7……………….. Police

     # 8…………………Consumer Protection Cell

     # 9………………..Lok-Ayukt

    That will enable 780 million mobile owners to knock at the doors of justice within seconds.

    Youth of India ! You must take the lead with some out-of-the-box thinking / action.

    With regards

    hemen parekh

    Jobs for All = Peace on Earth

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    Comments on : Let us Institutionalize By ....

    Comment By : Sush

    The idea of having these pre fed mobile numbers is truly fantastic. Good thought. And we can make it toll free as well.

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  9. 9
    Lalit Bhatia:

    Movement is bigger than the person. I support the movement for sure. If the person becomes bigger than the movement it's credibility is lost. our country's past gives better examples for for what i am saying.

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  10. 10

    Bang on, Lalit!!!

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  11. 11
    Parag kadam:

    Well i am supporting anna hazare for good cause. we all want india corruption free that is goal of this movement and rest of the things can be settled down later. today we should support someone who come forward on streets and does what india wants- the corruption free nation.

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  12. 12

    1. From his site(as you call it) -..."By then he had completed only three years in the army and so would not be eligible for the pension scheme. In order to be self-sufficient, he continued to be in the army for 12 more years. After that, he opted for voluntary retirement and returned to his native place in Ralegan Siddhi, in the Parner tehsil of Ahmednagar district.
    While in the army, Hazare used to visit Ralegan Siddhi for two months every year and used to see the miserable condition of farmers due to water scarcity...."
    I guess a person is eligible for breaks/holidays while working, right?
    2. "While BJP may not have overtly expressed their support to Anna Hazare as yet but the visit of Uma Bharti to Jantar Mantar was an indicator of that." What are you talking about? Uma Bharti WAS a member of BJP. She is in Bhartiya Janshakti Party now.
    3. Anna Hazare can't be responsible for his Nephew's actions, whatever he might have done!

    The only good thing that I found in your entry was - "All these three functions cannot and should not be done by one agency. You can have separate courts to pass judgments for cases initiated by Lokpal".
    We should not lose focus. The main issue is India Awakening against Corruption, not analysis of Anna Hazare. Agreed, he should not be made bigger than the revolution itself.

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  13. 13

    madam sush jaitley " as u have quoted that it take 15 years to get pension " according to army rules. let me remind u that that was the time of china war in 62 and there were "special recruitment" going on in entire country which were allowed pension for also 5yrs of service. plz check what ever u write, before
    saying anything for a person who has high credentials
    like ANNA hazarre. people like u sees negaive in even the most positive thing happening arround u.

    change ur look out be more positive.

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  14. 14

    I agree with ek maharashtrian mulgi ahe...U visit his village once,then u will get to know what anna hazare means..for people.He truly is Modern Gandhiji!

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  15. 15

    While you are free to be skeptical of the motives of Anna Hazare, there is no doubting the fact that it takes a man like him to move the entire nation into action. Some of your readers have pointed out above some things you might want to look at.

    Governments in India fear their electorates, and only their electorates. It is therefore necessary that popular angst be aroused in order to bring about the change. Secondly, their demand is for an independent committee consisting of members of the government as well as civil society to discuss and debate the formation of an effective Lokpal bill, the very thing that you say is necessary. The draft that you quote is not what they are demanding. It is their suggestion and open to debate in a forum which has equal representation from both sides.

    I think you made a good point about multiple investigating agencies, and it would be even better if you could also point it out directly to the people who matter. You could probably write to the India Against Corruption movement.

    On the point of the Lokpal/head group (like you suggested) being accountable to someone, I guess since the independent Judiciary of our country, despite corruption within itself, is by far the most trustworthy of watchdogs, the Supreme Court can take that responsibility.

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  16. 16
    Dinesh S:

    Hey even if you have reservations against his past. Supporting him is the right thing to do.

    The way i see it is wat odr motive does he have to do this. He is 72 i dont think he wants to start a political career now.

    We students at IIT Bombay had a protest march yesterday for this cause. It felt good to be part of huge movemnt.

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  17. 17

    The people as usual are rejoicing not using their thinking power,any bill before becoming law will go under lots and lots of scrutiny prior to becoming a law,till then many political parties and rulers also will try to gather brownie points for getting into power to rule the country.The frenzy created by biased Media whose credentials are well known are no fools to make enemies of ruling classes as they are also controlled by corporates and by economic considerations as constituting a media base and there after spending in coverage is not for free,there is a saying that you can not fool all the people all the time but you can fool enough of them
    to rule a large country.The sudden Intervention and zeal of Anna Hazare sis itself a concern of suspicion,the missing of Ramdev from scene for sometime and sudden appearance points to this,immediately after his utterances on stage the GOI relented without delay and also the agitating supporters like Shanti Bhushan,Agnivesh and Kejriwal were overtly eager to go for compromise.Anna only went behind Sharad Pawar with all available guns but did nothing to bring to book the corrupt in congress,they stated that they will not accept any leader who is alleged of malpractices in their draft commitee. Let us also be sure that Anna being a Gandhiwadi will never go against Congress part and Mahatma Gandhi`s most favoured Nehru Dynasty.Something is missing from this Anna endeavor ,we the people irrespective of sentiments or political mindset will have to watch every going ons from here with utmost vigil because this is our last chance to unite after JP movement and for carrying out something constructive to fight this menace ,let us also try to build leaders of selfless tracts from within the society,as Annas like JP will not be available for decades to come,we should not let anybody repeat the history of post Gandhian and JP era,which is cause of all miseries we facing at present,China is spreading its tentacles around us and we do not have enough time left.We have to unite and vote in bulk come next election by using that best knowledge which hides within our self for selection of Parliamentarians.

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    Comments on : The people as usual are rejoic....

    Comment By : Sush

    Thanks for the good words. You're the only one who agrees with me. Thank lord for small mercies!!!

    Comment on this Comment

    Another Comment on : Thanks for the good words. You....

    Comment By : krishna

    Lord is sarwavyapi so is the greed of humans,the corruption in India is the gift of civil society itself,it is very difficult to believe that somebody or someone somewhere is honest to the core.We have to tread carefully and hope for the best,that is the only Beggar`s Choice left with us.Moreover corrupt leaders are prone to blackmail by external forces,we can say that this and this leader is most powerful as quoted in some magazine survey or other but it is only in public domain that a leader with dubious credentials can be powerful but covertly the power behind his or her brave face has to be vested interests maybe a Foreign Power, any or many with their own agenda,surrounding such a projected great and powerful Leader.

    You cannot comment on this comment
  18. 18

    Phew.... So much criticism. WOW!!! I must be doing something right here. LOL!!!
    But on a serious note I must say that I admit that issue here is not Anna Hazare himself, and I said as much in the blog as well, but corruption. I'll also admit that people's support to Anna may well pave the way for something good for the nation, which is more important than Anna's past.
    However, I also wish that we do not get a Lokpal that Anna wants who, in my opinion, would be against the very tenets of democracy. And we also don't need a Lokpal which our govt wants who would have no powers at all. What we want is something more than what our govt wants but less than what Anna wants.
    Happy guys?

    Comment on this Comment
  19. 19
    Prashanth K.P.:

    Well Sush, as can be seen from the comments above, yes, it is a delicate subject under the circumstance to be taken up for debate or discussion. I admire your courage for it. The flak you are subjected to with certain commentators are but understandable considering the fact that the past one week was nothing but a Anna Hazare week.

    It is a skeptical subject to be mused, pondered and thought about much before deriving upon a conclusion. But conclude we must, if not, there will arise another monster in the making by the name of of Lokpal Bill. Your observations and research are not without substance. Our twitter friends have been discussing, exchanging and sharing our views on this subject, some of which you perhaps must have seen. What better than to refer to the brilliant Article written by Sandhya Jain. Here is the link:

    It closely strides along the lines of your views.

    My personal differences to the crusade comes from the involvement of Swami Agnivesh, Medha, Bhushans, Sarabhais etc. All of them along with some of the others too have a past and an ongoing present contradicting mine and a million others' political views. That some of them have found their space in the 10 names nominated to constitute a draft of the Bill is far fetched. Their political affinity to UPA2 comes from the fact when Swami Agnivesh, that very evening, spelt out in no uncertain terms that "UPA Government cares for the concerns of the people", goes through you like a dose of salts.

    Moreover, a few kilometers away, Baba Ramdev was showcasing a huge anti-corruption gathering where an estimated half a million or more had gathered, but was totally ignored by Main Stream Media whereas they all swarmed in to Jantar Mantar where hardly a few hundreds had gathered; an atmosphere that became undeniably sinister. Baba Ramdev had impeccable stalwarts on his podium in comparison to Anna Hazare's, yet the MSM chose Anna. Makes your eyebrows fogged, doesn't it.

    Besides, there are umpteen situations emerging now that would require all level headed citizens to marshal their thoughts in a pragmatic and sensible manner rather than get carried away by a Media assisted crusade.

    Let us wait and watch. Meanwhile, forget the flak and carry on with the good work.

    Comment on this Comment

    Comments on : Well Sush, as can be seen from....

    Comment By : Sush

    @KPP, Thanks is the least that I can say to you. Yes, one does get affected by criticism and when it is so stark and direct it kind of makes you feel really pathetic. Nonetheless, I know very well that when you are in public space it's going to be a regular affair. And therefore, I've no option but get used to it. Let me also add that even before writing it I knew I'd be criticized but still I took my chances. Was it daring or just plain foolishness? I don't know. All I know is that if I feel strongly about any issue I'll air my views. Period.
    Lastly, the observations with regard to Swami Ramdev and Swami Agnivesh which you've mentioned about makes me feel that there is definitely much more to it than what meets the eye. It raises doubts about this whole affair being a charade in connivance with Congress or may be it was hijacked from being a people's movement to something entirely different mid way through the week. I'm not sure as yet. But there surely is something much more to it than what we all know.

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  20. 20

    It is always carried out in known ways to subvert a popular agitation,first you project a leader,create a mass movement around him through Media generated frenzy.The best part is yet to come the voices of dissent and the greater mass leaders around the projected one will be methodically decimated from the scene of the fight and everybody going to be lynched otherwise will live happily thereafter continuing with their own agenda as before with more and unopposed impunity.

    Comment on this Comment
  21. 21
    ahmed .i:

    Hi, where was anna hazare's fast when many lives ends at the time of gujrat riots. it's not being good it's being human . you are wrong anna

    Comment on this Comment
  22. 22

    Hello, I had a look at the Janlokpal bill & here are my two cents : -
    1.) No mention of prison sentences for corrupt members of Jan Lok pal bill including the chairperson, members & the employees & confiscating any recovered wealth as a result of corruption ? Why not, why the double standard?
    The bill seeks prison sentences for convicted public servants, politicians, private bodies & it seems that the court can also send a false complainant to 1 year prison sentence in case of malafide intent. However ironically nowhere in the bill & also from what I have seen on TV, the Jan Lok pal members only mention dismissal of corrupt lokpal members/ employees within 1 month. Why the double standards? Why does it not lay down equal punishment - If they seek prison sentences for others they should hold themselves to the same standard of punishment including seizure of any ill gotten wealth.

    2) No esteemed private citizens like Mr Narayan Murthy who have volunteered their services or new members of the civic society from outside have been appointed. All the people who are already connected to the Jan Lok pal bill have self appointed themselves as members of the committee in leading positions. On TV I have heard few of the Janlok pal members say that they are the most competent people to handle the bill., I don’t believe there are no other competent people in India besides themselves. If they had taken 2 new people from civic society it would send a signal that they are not interested in appointing only themselves!

    3) The chairperson , members & each employees of the Jan lokpal bill also should be made to declare their assets. There is no mention of this anywhere which is surprising considering that members who drafted the JanLok pal bill are mostly ex public servants & judges themselves.

    4) Why can’t anyone sue Jan Lokpal in a court of law? Again from my knowledge ( I agree limited & I may be wrong ), even the CBI can be sued so why is the Jan Lokpal seeking immunity – if their own workings are transparent & honest what do they fear. It seems Jan Lokapl members are happy to have double standards again when their own workings are put on a scanner – if their own workings & member / employees are found to be corrupt why can’t they be sued ?

    5) What is the approximate estimated cost to Indian tax payers in setting up Jan Lokpal, paying salaries & hiring new employees for creating this huge institution & army of new public servants at centre & state level ? A clause in the Janlokpal bill even mentions that :-

    This clause in the bill states :-

    “ (5) There shall be a separate fund by the name of “Lokayukta fund” in which penalties/fines imposed by the Lokayukta shall be deposited and in which 10% of the loss of Public Money detected/prevented on account of investigations by Lokayukta shall also be deposited by the Government. Disposal of such fund shall be completely at the discretion of the Lokayukta and such fund shall be used only for enhancement/upgradation/extension of the infrastructure of Lokayukta.”

    Again will there be transparency in how they spend this money, they don’t mention anything. ?

    Personally I do not like the idea of Janlokpal bill in its present form. It seeks to create new public servants & bureaucracy with too much power in hands of few self appointed leaders with zero accountability. I also do not agree with diluting autonomy of existing institutions of democracy, how can the JanLokpal be above the parliament & Judiciary, it doesn’t make any sense.

    Comment on this Comment

    Comments on : Hello, I had a look at the Jan....

    Comment By : lakshmi

    Fully agree with your sentiments;

    The whole episode and its timing raise some suspicion of a sinister force brhind it,though Anna Hazare may be a genuine activist,
    There are very powerful International/Transnational Globalist power elites constantly looking for opportunistic foray into sovereign nation states to get control by causing a rift between the citizens and their Government
    These power elites (international Bankers /check out "Bilderberger group" ) have the Government by their throat in any case through corrupt means of buying key Politicians and pushing them to enact laws that bankrupt their country [(MNREGA,SarvaSiksha Abhayan,Povert Alleviation Project, Food Security Bill etc) that cause huge financial debt to the country),and also providing opportunities for huge fraud and corruption]
    They also dangle carrots of placements for beuarocrats in UN agencies and International Financial Instituitions like World bank IMF ADB etc;
    in return for their service to them at the expense of our country
    The Power elite have lately through the charitable foundations of Ford foundation, Carnegie foundation ,Rockefeller Brother foundation,McArthur foundation have manged to capture the NGO s which are now labelled CSO s (Civil Service Organisations)

    we need to be cognisant of the possibility of Global Power Elites meddling in our Polity through the CSOs whose leaders like Kejriwal and Bedi may wittingly or Unwittingly allow themselves to be used in this way

    UN agencies , and International Financial Instituitions (Bretton Wood insttn) are the most corrupt and effective way for the power elite to overrule sovereign Nation States (check out Supra National Governance Structure)

    The Global power elites, finance and induce Govts to act in corrupt ways against their own people and then finance and induce CSOs to decry their govts' actions Thus, The power elite,Now gain control of the country :-both the rulers and the ruled through this mechanism
    This is not a new phenomenon; has happened in Europe with Monarchs in the past French Revolution for example

    I think we the people should beware of these machinations and help the Govt unburden itself from the weight of these Foreign Power Elite who try to CoOpt certain elements of our own citizenry (Beurocrats,Businessmen and Politicians) in the formation of the TransNational Capitalist Class

    It is therefore very important at the least to include ALL CSOs under the purview of RTI Act and Jan LokPal bill (whether Govt funded or not as most of them receive substantial money from the Foundations mentioned above and therefore are obliged to carry out the agenda of the Foreign Power Elites) ;

    UN agencies like UNDP UNEP Climate Change Panel all now have Country Offices and even stste level presence
    Many of our policies are initiated by the UNDP as MDGMillenium Development Goal Projects and presented jointly as UNDP-GoI drafts to the Parliament such that the UN beurocrats have more input into our policies than our own duly Elected Parlimentary Represntatives

    Therefore it should be made necessary for UN Country offices to be brought under the purview of RTIAct and Jan LokPal Act

    Jai Hind

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  23. 23
    hemen parekh:

    Who works How long ?

    Times of India [ 14 April,2011 ] reports following findings of a survey carried out by Organization of Economic Co-operation and Development ( OECD ) :

    Total average daily work-times [ paid + unpaid work ] of people in different countries are :

    > Mexico …. 594 Minutes

    > Japan …. 540 “

    > China ….. 504 “

    > New Zealand 498 “

    > USA ……. 496 “

    > India ……. 486 “

    > Korea …… 484 “

    > Australia … 481 “

    > Italy ……. 474 “

    > UK …….. 473 “

    > Finland … 451 “

    > France …… 448 “

    > Germany … 445 “

    > Belgium …. 427 “

    Now, OECD defines “ Unpaid Work “ as Cooking, Cleaning, Shopping etc.

    I have no idea how OECD defines the following works carried out by the Indian Legislators [ MP + MLA ], day-in and day-out :

     Speaking at Seminars / Functions ( topics are irrelevant )

     Inaugurating road-signs / park benches / toilet blocks

     Leading protest processions, after alerting TV Channels

     Waiting at airports to receive ministers ( especially foreign )

     Garlanding statues / photos of heroes ( Who was he ? )

     Joining Parliamentary Delegation to Libya to study the functioning of its vibrant democratic institutions

    How can you expect them to study the Lokpal Bill ? But then voting does not require studying !

    With regards

    Hemen Parekh

    Jobs for All = Peace on Earth

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  24. 24
    SP Sing:

    Ms Sush. Great findings. But should it stop a movement for anti-corruption. Mr Hajare at last and least did something for nation. Critics like you sit in AC rooms, writing blogs and splashing non-issues only. Why to sideline a core substance. Why none of the so called great leaders/govt have not done it before? Mr Sharad Pawar's name is included in many of the corruption cases, (which somehow are never proved) is member of anti-corruption body. You must understand the intent of govt/politicos to fight with corruption. Someone may not be clean through of his life, but can attempt to be clean and make the system clean. Why can't you appreciate it? May I ask you what you did for stopping corruption? It may be possible at some point of time your involved in to it by giving bribe too...

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  25. 25
    hemen parekh:

    Poll Statistics -- 3

    In the 4 Indian states where polls are under way [ April-may 2011 ], how many of the current MLAs are with ( Criminal Cases ) / ( Serious Criminal Cases ) ?

    Here are findings :

     Tamil Nadu……………………. ( 77 ) / ( 25 )

     Assam……………………………. ( 7 ) / ( 5 )

     West Bengal…………………….(45 / ( 30 )

     Kerala…………………………….. ( 69 ) / ( 18 )

    How about a special / fast track court in each state, exclusively for criminal cases involving MLAs ?

    With regards

    hemen parekh

    Jobs for All = Peace on Earth

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  26. 26

    why always look for people with ultra clear purity?... is there something like that?... a person who does only """RIGHT""" as in films. and wat if in case he gets that useless paltry pension>? ... instead of looking at tit bits...look the big picture and how it has to work. the system needs not critics but people who can work it. its easy to criticisr saying ur blog is useless. but would it serve a point? the point is u r posting things and discussing matters of next time a anna hazare or someone comes we know he has also whistled gals and masturbated and done all stuff that another person does..

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  27. 27

    Yes you are right. We don't want another unelected government over the elected one. Even information in the lokpal can be disclosed even if one betrays, and other countries like china, pakistan might try to influence the lokpal members and if they do it successfully, india is in ditch. We'll be more than helpless!!!

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  28. 28

    Well, is this concept of Lokepal actually applicable and will it really help. Prima Facie it seems quite impractical.

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  29. 29

    Please support Anna.This is last and final stage. I am anna.

    Warm Regards

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  30. 30

    we want uncorrupted India.So please support Anna.

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  31. 31

    we have to avoid corruption in India. so please support Anna.

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  32. 32

    Glad to see there's an iota of population that still places a rational and reasonable debate on important issues above anarchy driven decisions. We are fed up of corruption is a given fact. But let's not try to solve the issue by solutions that pose a graver concern than the problem (anti-defection law anyone?)
    I have some major issues with this sudden deluge. First is that people who are associated with this movement(that is to say majority of them? are not exploring the length and breadth of the issue. You have people who don't even know the difference between the two bills! There's nothing wrong in having an opinion but it should be well informed.
    The next is that we are constantly looking for checking the supply side of corruption whereas the focus has to be on the demand side. You have scores of such laws (read allocation of natural resorces to companies etc.) which have gaping loopholes which need to be plugged.
    The final point I make is that if democracy is going to be undermined and the will of the majority is going to be expressed via such undemocratic measures, where is that going to leave our minorities. Doesn't it set a scary precedent for them in the country?

    These concerns apart like you mentioned in some other post of yours, what is needed is a workable solution that should pick the best from both the sides and work within the norms of our constitution.

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    You don't have to be a rocket scientist to see that such large outpourings of support for Anna Hazare is basically a demand for a phone number, viz 101, which they can call up to register their complaint against neighborhood pandu havaldaar or the municipality clerk who ask for money to do their legitimate jobs. They want a number which is accessible to each and every one so that action is taken against offenders based on their complaint. Though everyone has heard of 2G scam, CWG scam, Adarsh scam etc etc (list is too long for this write up), yet they do not really associate much with it because most of these scams talk about astronomical amounts of money which they cannot relate with. They may have heard of 1.76 lakh crores which was lost in 2G scam but they relate more to that thousand bucks which goes out of their own pockets to corrupt babus and policemen. And if Congress cannot see this basic simple all pervasive demand all I can say is that they're downright stupid and naive. .....

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