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Should India attack Pakistan?

January 5th, 2009

I had initially written this post on 22 Dec 08 after Mumbai attacks. Ever since this post has been the most popular post on the blog. Also, its still a very relevant subject given the fact that not much has changed after this. And so I decided not only to renew it but also add my thoughts as I feel today. So here goes-

“My heart says YES. Pakistan is one country who has been sponsoring terror not just in India but throughout the world. The Pakistani govt may deny it’s involvement in terror attacks but the fact of the matter is that there are people within it’s establishment who sponsor terror, at least the ones directed against India. I had amplified on this aspect in my post ‘Can we trust Asif Ali Zardari?’ wherein I had said that it is their army chief and their corps commanders who will not let the govt of Pakistan to do anything which might make India more secure against terrorism. One may argue about the hardliners in Pakistan also being against any such move but the fact remains that if the men in uniform support such actions there is very little which the hardliners can do except protest and take out some rallies. Agreed they have some weapons also but so do Al Qaeda and Taliban against whom the Pak govt is already fighting and which are off course, much more powerful terrorist organizations than any of the other hard line factions. If that be the case it amply brings out the fact that if the people in uniform want to do this they can. But clearly they don’t want to do this. Doing something which helps India is absolutely against the very basic teaching which they have grown up with. And most definitely not if it involves killing the creature(s) which they created themselves. So it would be stupid to expect them to do anything which might be considered worthwhile against these terrorist organizations who are responsible for terrorist activities in India. And therefore it has to be India which has to act. American pressure be damned. It will not work. Even now the Americans are giving all kinds of aid to Pakis, which off course is being used against India also, among other things. Had Americans been serious enough they would have squeezed this resource which Pakis use with impunity.

And so, I say again, India has to act. I know I had mentioned earlier that we should bomb ISI headquarters and the training camps. But unfortunately the time for such surgical strikes’ is over. There won’t be any militant in those training camps now. If destruction of camps is the aim then it should have been a continuous policy wherein we could have done this covertly or overtly. But it’s too late for that now. As far as bombing ISI headquarters is concerned this too would not fetch any worthwhile result. It is the ‘will’ of Pakistan to hurt us which has to be broken, if you guys know what I mean. So, if this ‘will’ is to be broken we have to launch a full fledged attack. Yes, that’s what I’m saying. Attack Pakistan. Some of you may not agree with this. But unfortunately for us there is no other option.

The next question is what happens then? Some of you might even say that they have nukes which they might use when they are on the brink of defeat. Answer to that is also quite simple. Well, don’t defeat them completely. Don’t push them to the wall. Do something like launch a war and encircle a major city like Lahore which is very close to our borders. Don’t capture the city, just encircle it and cut it off from rest of Pakistan. And then use it to ‘blackmail’ Pakistan into doing what we want them to do. We can even bargain for POK in return for Lahore. With the kind of force superiority we have we can do this. It just might work. And even if it doesn’t work to the extent we want it to, our goals can be achieved. The terror network and the chief terrorists can be destroyed or taken into custody. With the infrastructure gone it would be pretty difficult for Pakistan to start from scratch all over again, especially in these tough economic times. Also, it’s not the eighties anymore when India was not alive to this kind of threat.

That’s what in my opinion is the way ahead for us. Aggression and balance. Those are the key words here. Right guys?”

What has changed between 22 Dec 08 and today is America’s response towards the whole issue. Just think of it, as far as Israel’s aggression in Gaza Strip is concerned America will not even condemn it. They are only saying that Hamas should learn how to co-exist with Israel and give up violence even when hundreds of Palestinians are dying in these attacks by Israel but for India their attitude is the absolute opposite. They say that ‘India must exercise restraint’ and ‘Pak must cooperate’ and words to that effect. But they are just that, ‘WORDS’. Because Pak govt is not doing anything about them. America has to do something more concrete than just talking crap. We’ve heard enough of it. If they don’t make Pakis mend their ways and hand over the culprits of these attacks Indians will soon run out of patience. And patience is one commodity which we are running pretty low on.

How long do you guys feel should we keep waiting? Its been more than a month now and not one idiot has been arressted by Pakis despite all the international pressure. Don’t you feel that we should be taking things in our own hands now?

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75 Responses to “Should India attack Pakistan?”

  1. 1

    Attacking Pakistan may be an option but please do remember that once a war breaks out it is not very easy to control the way things turn out. You just may be overestimating their threshold for using nukes. Once a city like Lahore is encircled they may use a low intensity nuke to prevent it from falling. They may then claim that they have used it only within their own country and that too to defend themselves only.

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  2. 2

    Do you people really believe that Pakistan is behind these terror attacks in India. Actually it is the people in your army like "prohit" and other RAW members with extremist Hindu thinking who are doing these kind of activities. Don't you know what is the agenda of bajrangdal and RSS. The extremist terrorist organizations in your country who killed thousands of Muslims in Gujrat, christians in Orissa. And what your slogan "Hindustan main rehna hai to hindu banke rehna hai". is this what you call secular India. Why kurkure was murdered in just first hour after the attack. The reason is simple he was very close of identifying the terrorist activists in your own army and intelligence agencies who do things like that to destabilize Pakistan.
    And if you still think that Mumbai attacks were carried out by Pakistanis, then u should be very worried. Only 10 people
    engaged your highly trained commandos (+Israeli commandos) for 60 hours. How will you handle the entire Pakistani army and 16 crore people of Pakistan. And you are saying that you will encircle Pakistan. You don't have any idea about Pakistanis yet. First we don't want any war, because its not the solution, second if war is imposed on us, we will fight till the last shed of our blood.... And finally if still something goes wrong " Hum to dooben ge sanam tumhen bhi le dooben ge". So be careful...

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    Comments on : Do you people really believe t....

    Comment By : Sush

    Haris, I do not blame you for feeling so bad about this. But personally speaking I do not have anything against civillians in Pakistan. It is not your fault that there have been so many terrorist activities in India. It is actually the govt and the army of Pakistan which is to be blamed. As for 'Purohit' and the others who have been involved in Malegaon blasts, suffice to say that they are under arrest and are being prosecuted for their folly. And this is being done because in India such activities are not permitted, Hindu or no Hindu. And mind you nobody asked us to do this. We are doing it because this the correct thing to do.

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    Another Comment on : Haris, I do not blame you for ....

    Comment By : Haris

    You are write about it Sush. It was the right thing to do that was being done by kurkure and his team. But your government and intelligence agencies didn't like it thats why they murdered Kurkure. (By the way don't you know that kurkure's wife refused to take anything from your government as she believes that it was your government and intelligence agencies who murdered him). 65 Pakistanis were killed in the samjhota express incident, did Pakistan asked Prohit as he was involved in these kind of activities. Then why India is continuously increasing pressure on Pakistan without any proofs. It's only a drama created by the extremists in your country with the help of Israel to destabilize Pakistan. Think it logically it's not Pakistan who is creating the trouble, its your own people who can't tolerate any other ideology in this region and world. Useless and chilidish activities from your country will result in a great uncontrollable war and we will see to it that the idelogy and borders of Pakistan are defended

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  3. 3
    Lakshmi Nambiar:

    Its easy said than done when we actually have to do it attacking Pakistan would be like opening a Pandoras box giving an opportunity for all thoe Jihadis to come under one flag and to fight an open battle for which they have been waiting for long we will provide a free battle ground for settling all the Islamic issues. Remember attack on India was a part of a bigger warfare that is been fought in different parts of the world.We would stake a lot if the open battle start our ecnomic and financial status.More importantly our inner core that is our infrastructure the management of Indian power within is very feeble,beurocracy,curruption has made our system very fragile and vulnerable.We need to make ourself internally strong before getting into any kind of external battle.I donot want India to be scape goat so all the decisions should be taken keeping into account the consequences and also we should be in control of all our decisions

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  4. 4

    Attacking Pakistan may be an option but we should exhaust all options before we resort to this one. We may have numerical superiority but its not just about numbers. What will happen when we attack them? The terrorists and the camps will vanish. Even after winning the war we may be doing the job of pak police to catch these militants. So, its not that simple. Every step we take has to be a measured one.

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  5. 5

    Attacking Pakistan is very good idea, we are in similar situation like Israil and Hamas conflict!! here entire Pakistan representing Hamas. Pakistan is a failed state! they have nothing to loose but India is near becoming super power so India should how handle and control small countries like Pakistan.

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  6. 6

    Attacking Pakistan is not d right thing to do. This is exactly what terrorists want. If we attack Pak, Pakis will have to move forces from northern areas towards eastern borders. When Baitullah Mehsud said dat he will help Pak army if India attacks, he was actually intended for dis purpose only.
    It seems Taliban and Al Qaeda have connived with LeT for Mumbai attacks. Either way they r winners. Unfortunately, Pak does not understand all this. They do not appreciate d fact dat if they do not eliminate terrorism, then terrorism will consume Pakistan. Even yesterday they lost 30 lives in a terrorist attack.

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  7. 7

    So what do we do Vicky. You seem to have forgotten, we are suffering for nothing that we have done. Whereas Pakis are being bitten back by their self created, nurtured monster.I say that we strike these terror camps and ensure that they lose much more lives than what their atrocity has resulted in , and we do it everytime they dare to raise up their heads.

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    Comments on : So what do we do Vicky. You se....

    Comment By : Abbas Khan

    I am Pakistani, and I totally condemn the terrorist attacks appearing not just in our nations but all over the world. Terrorism is not only Pakistan's problem but is also seen back in India with tensions boiling over in Eastern and Southern states, Hindu fanatics trying to kill innocent people has been covered up very well by Hindustan media.

    Although war is never a good choice, we Pakistanis are waiting for that blessed day when we will indeed be fighting the radical state of India. In Pakistan if you want a single name or nation which gets all Pakistanis together and hungrier, just mention India, and see what we do. India has been an embarrassment doing nothing about the attacks in Mumbai, three times bigger than us, army is larger than ours. Do something to us please, remember one thing, the Indian people lack and that is HEART, we Pakistanis will go down in the war against India, we might lose at the end, but one thing's for sure India will come down with us, NO DOUBT ABOUT THAT! We also have nuclear, latest air technology and mujahideens desperate to invade India and turn it into Afghanistan.

    Peace and long live Pakistan
    (P.S still waiting for Indians to do something)

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  8. 8

    Oye....pakistan has already suffered defeat 3 wot more do u want..this time we will wipe ur name off the world map....I ndia has got the guts to do everythng..abi to ladayi ka sirf naam liya hai..tumhari pehle hi fat gyi...bloody pakis...losers...najayaz aulaad hindustan ki..

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  9. 9

    Oye Gary Oye! Aidan na kar. Changi tarah gall karni hai. Loki nu gallan karan lai phaltu wajah nai deni.

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  10. 10
    R.Alamsha Karnan:

    Pakistan is on the brink of collapse and their jihadi's are eagerly waiting to nuke India, because they know that they will loose in a conventional war. They will happily die as long as they know that India has been nuked.

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  11. 11

    Now Pakistan has rejected proofs given by us as insufficient. They have not changed their position at all. They will not act unless we do. You are right when you say that Americans are only interested in their own welfare. Pakis diverting attention from Afghan borders is not in their favor and so they are trying to keep us silent. But we need to act and act soon.

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  12. 12

    Oye Sush:...tu Paki hai ya pher hindustani...mai lokan nu sach dass reha haan..te pakistan da response vekhya?Tu das mai kedi faltu gal kiti hai..sab sach dassiya hai..!!!
    War is the only solution...diplomacies can continue life long..but end result would be zero...I believe we should go in for surgical strikes...We wont reach anywhere thru these talks and handing over proofs..pakis are jus wasting or i must say wiling away time thats it...WE MUST STRIKE...

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  13. 13

    Gary! Surgical strike is not the answer. Surgical strike means hitting precise targets. And in this case the precise targets are the training camps which would be absolutely empty. The terrorists would surely have gone into hiding. The time for such strikes is over. So, what actually can be done now? I have talked about this in my post 'India should learn from Israel' which I wrote on 29 Dec 08. Please have a look at it.

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  14. 14

    Sush veere i agree with u that surgical strikes at this point of time wont giv us anythng...but veere i'm talkin bout the element of surprise..which could be effective...Veere tainu gussa nai aunda??assi aider fuddu bathe han?..oh sale sadda fuddu khich rahe ne...sannu full scale attack karna chahida hai..cum wot mwy..let the international community goto hell...they wont get us merely admitting kasab to be pakistani,pakistan hasn't solved the bloody issue...this is our time to reply...

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  15. 15

    The only bloody problem with us is that we think toooo much about the consequences in solving a certain problem..but in the end never act upon that problem..we start doing work for those short we move away from the problem...
    In 1971 our forces had gone upto peshawar...but india to achchai ti tope hai..we withdrew our forces upto loc!!!That was one of the golden oppotunities to take back our own land from the pakis...
    Anyways that is only point here is that atleast this time let us not think about the international community..let us do wot we need to do..thru these so called diplomatic talks pak is jus wiling away time..Pak army and the ISI should be uprooted as they r the only cause of talibanization and terrorism.
    Pakistan is a two faces crook nation...we must learn from our past..forgive but donot forget has been the wisemans call...

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  16. 16
    Bilal Afridi:


    "Do something like launch a war"

    Ridiculous , are you insane or what ? war is not a child's game, you would have to sacrifice your entire nation in case of any war against Pakistan. You're inviting an Armageddon, destruction of entire nations, there would be no India or Pakistan. 10 Atom bombs are enough for India as well for Pakistani major cities. In 1945 American used 1 atomic weapon on Hiroshima ,which yielded 2 kilo ton power(1 kilo ton = 1000 tons)which resulted in destruction of 5 square miles completely leaving nothing but ashes and effected up to 15 kilometers area. Just think for while that was only 2 kilo ton, can you image what would be the destruction of a city like Bombay/Mumbai, Delhi,Calcutta etc.. if ever happened to be used an 30 to 50 kilo ton device? or 5 to 6 device in row? I pray to God, that never happens!

    "Well, don’t defeat them completely. Don’t push them to the wall. "

    It makes me laugh, where did you get these ideas, do you think by invading a nuclear nation,there will be no response, mind it according to Fas, CSIS etc.. organization Pakistan contains more powerful and lethal weapons than India do.

    "encircle a major city like Lahore""
    encircle it and cut it off from rest of Pakistan"

    Read any credible source, India army had tried this in 1965 war but what happened they (YOUR SURMA ARMY) were not even able to cross the BRB line on Lahore sector.
    I advice you, don't forget " WE ARE NO MORE IN 1965, 1971 ITS 21TH CENTURY"


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    Comments on : FIRST OF ALL MY DEEP SYMPATHIE....

    Comment By : Sush

    Hello Bilal! Thank you very much for your sympathies for the people who lost their lives in Mumbai attacks. As for the rest, well, hear me out.
    Our nation and it's INNOCENT citizens are being attacked day in and day out. We've lost thousands of lives in the last three decades, much more than in all the wars we've fought since 1947. We've being trying to use diplomacy for the last so many years but it is just not working.
    You'll not believe this but personally I would like Pakistan to develop. A strong and economically vibrant Pakistan is good for India, again believe it or not. But you tell me, till how long are we supposed to keep dying a slow death? Do you expect us to wait till our entire country is consumed by this monster?
    Take the current situation, for example. The Pakistan govt is not ready to accept realities. They do not want to believe that there are people within the establishment who helped in these attacks. It is just not possible for anyone to carryout these attacks otherwise.
    As for the destruction that you spoke of, I hope it never happens. I agree it is bad for both of us. But I also very sincerely hope that your govt does something more substantial than what they are doing right now. Amen and all the very best!!!!

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  17. 17
    aam desi:

    We should have such good defence mechanism that they will fail if they try again. We should focus our energy possitively and ensure we build our defences and deterents. I am sure there a people on their own soil who will do what we want for a price - establish such links. No pre-announce discussed on media strategy. We have to be sly too.

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  18. 18
    Paul Andre:

    Thank you very much,your site is perfect


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  19. 19
    Bilal Afridi:

    @Dear Sush
    We are also victims of terrorism, you're well aware of the fact whats going on all over Pakistan, because of our military operations against the militants in the so called "War on Terror".Our mother land has suffered more than other country in whole planet by this plague.Every day suicide bombing,target killing etc..expire individuals in this bloody war etc...

    Regarding your saying that "Pakistan govt is not ready to accept realities", my brother even the world is accepting our view that there is no involvement of Pakistan government or its organization in these attacks.And it has been proven that actually were conducted by radical and extremist Hindus organizations and by CIA-Mosad for deterioration of Indo-Pakistan relations which were on booming day by day.For CIA like agencies every thing is possible.

    And you're right that "We lost thousands of lives in the last three decades, much more than in all the wars we've fought since 1947", however did you ever think about why? Because of Kashmir, which is core issue and a flash point between India Pakistan relations and that will move on until Kashmir issue resolves.

    Thanks for complements that you want to see Pakistan being a develop nation, same wishes and I invite you to visit Pakistan once in life to see things on your own eyes instead of believing on media etc..That would be an honour for me to serve any Indian as my guest.

    Bilal Afridi

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    Comments on : @Dear Sush We are also victim....

    Comment By : Sush

    Thank you so much for the invitation Bilal. I too hope that the issue of Kashmir gets resolved at the earliest. And I also sincerely hope that terrorism in all it's ugly forms is eliminated, both from India as well as Pakistan.
    And wait for my post wherein I will discuss at length why a prosperous Pakistan is good for India.

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  20. 20

    Take Pakistan...Its ours anyway...Besides u get Kashmir as bonus....My view... WAR RULES in this scenario.We are anyway suffering so wdf? I love Israel man...Wish I were an Israeli..Being Indian though I must admit, I am proud of Israel.Take no shit from no one...Israel U rule...Wonder if some Israeli blood runs in any Indians who are into active politics?

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  21. 21

    Pakistan = comedy of errors n terrors :-)..The world is much better without it in it.Only Indians reply..I choose to boycott anyone else.No more bhaichara.Totally undeserving of any sympathy..

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  22. 22

    yes it should

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  23. 23

    75 thousand Kashmiri's killed in Indian administered Kashmir. India calls itself a democracy but denies the Kashmiri's their plebiscite, as promised in 1948. Kashmiri's are kept prisoners in their own country by the occupying Indian troops(500,000). I hear a lot of Indians crying foul and how innocent their country is, yet you have no qualms in killing Kashmiri's who demand freedom. Your response to Kashmiri's demand is to accuse them of being Pakistani agents. This is because India is doing the same as the USSR, it was an evil empire and so is India.

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  24. 24
    swami www ji:

    Intelligence warfare will be the future of war!!!!
    not just bombarding a country but carefully pinning out key ppl in the enemy country/system n eliminating them. Take the heads n the system collapses....

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  25. 25

    Believe me when I say IT is the top priority for Indian defence forces. We are way way ahead of most of our contemporaries, even China. You'll see the effects if and whenever the next war takes place.

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  26. 26
    swami www ji:

    I already saw it in the recent SL'n war lol.... was pretty impressive ;-)

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  27. 27

    Bye for now. Great chatting like this.

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  28. 28
    swami www ji:

    Buenos Noches.... Dulces Suenos :)

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  29. 29
    swami www ji:

    It is highly likely that the new govt in India will launch a military offensive against paki in their 5 year term at least for a performance stunt. It may happen pretty soon in their 5yr term like this year(2009) itself.
    wot say?

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  30. 30

    Hi, Congratulations to the site owner for this marvelous work you've done. It has lots of useful and interesting data.

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  31. 31

    Pretty nice post. I just came across your site and wanted to say
    that I have really enjoyed reading your posts. Anyway
    I'll be subscribing to your blog and I hope you post again soon!

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  32. 32


    All we Indians,feel proud of ourselves (don't know for wht)holding a cup of coffee,sat infront of computer and started writing bout religions,countries,war strategies n don know wht.....Did anyone of you ever thought of joining defence forces?We are all cowards just looking for opportunities to go abroad or find some easy money making profession.Do you know in our defence forces nearly 30000 officers positions are vacant.Now do you really believe we can win a war against any country?.......think again and lets not talk bout least till these 30000 positions are filled.

    Every nuk n corner in India you will find experts giving suggestions on war and war strategies and no one ever thinks WHO WILL FIGHT?

    Please challenge me for what I'm saying.Would love to respond.

    BTW,I'm also a coward like you working for an MNC and making easy money,never thought of joining defence forces but......I never advocate war.For terrorism we have to improve our internal system rather blaming pakistan.YOU PROTECT YOUR HOME FROM BUGS BY APPLYING PROPER DEFENCE AND NOT GO CHASING THEM AT NEIGHBOURS.

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    Comments on : Hi All we Indians,feel pro....

    Comment By : Sush

    For your information Raja I'm a serving army officer's wife. Read my post......

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  33. 33
    Salman Asghar:

    sush... do u reli think dat coments like above me are good fr ur site????


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  34. 34
    Naresh Thakur:

    PESTHAN (P akistani EST ablishment) should be the name all sane people should be using when referring to Pakistan, How sad, that the word PAK has degenerated into NAPAK, the brits knew what they were creating, though in their wildest dreams did not foresee todays reality, enter americans, go one up, consumers galore in India, use strategies to feed american MNCs.

    The Developed, and United Nations, should enforce internationally supervised referundums, instead of military action, to unite all south asian countries along with Tibet, this will truly turn out to be a blessing for Mother Earth.

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  35. 35

    the most ironic thing about the indo pak issue is that 99.99999% of the people who express their opinions do not have a clue about the ground situation! they form their opinions based on what the papers tell them. most have not been to PoK. None would have been to pakistan!

    and to add to the irony is the bandwagon of bloggers like all of us, who mix up patriotism, nationality and war and us-israel sentiment to this!

    guess we should blog about our lives and leave decisions like these to the experts!

    Comment on this Comment

    Comments on : the most ironic thing about th....

    Comment By : Sush

    @edsley, I guess you are reading too much in my posts which are rather old. Whatever I said was more than relevant when I said it. That was the time when Mumbai had been attacked and Indians were rooting for blood. Yes, things have changed a lot now but one more terrorist attack in India in future and you will see similar outpourings. And this time our govt may not be able to restrain itself.

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  36. 36

    "A war never decides who is right; it only decides who is LEFT!"
    Having gone through most of the comments here, i dont think war is a very popular option for either sides; though Sush, being an Indian officer's wife wanted people to talk about it anyway!

    There are fundamental impediments to lasting peace between Pakistan and India, such as..
    1. Division of mother(land) India in 47 is almost unacceptable to most hindus, thus the very creation of Pakistan has sown the seeds for a very long (ever-lasting?) animosity by India against Pakistan, and hence vice versa.
    2. As already pointed out, india promised kashmiris a plebisite, and has ended up killing, wounding and raping thousands of them over the years; theres no Pak media there, (and alomost no western media is allowed, not even the india-friendly ones) The so-called infiltration has stopped (at least dropped to near negligible levels) as per indian govt statements: and yet take the pain to GO THERE and ask any ten kashmiris what they want. Whats happening now is purely indigenous, and you still claim kashmiris want to be with India!? (The moon is square, i insist!)
    3. India is cutting down water flow for the Pakistani rivers that originate from Kashmir, only accelerating the happening of a possible water-war!
    4. Not heard many of this in world media?? Guess what percentage of the world's media is pro-muslim?
    5. The US today openly accepts that it used jihadis from around the world against USSR, the US war resulted in 300,000 Afghan refugees influx into Pakistan, besides giving rise to the taliban!
    6. 9/11 has been PROVEN to be the biggest lie by a government to its people (and the whole world). It was an inside job by the then US govt, who used a few Arabs (great Arabs, who have been proven to be fond of drinking/strip clubs!!). Needless to say it requires deep-rooted faith and a lot of self discipline when one is on a mission to undertake such a HUGE and IMMENSELY IMPORTANT task!)
    Yes, agreed, the US has never been a country liked by the Muslims, and yes there IS something called Al-Qaeda, but Muslims did NOT do all this. You wont believe it till u keep believing what the 'credible' western media tells u. (BTW, credibilty reminds me.. what abt Iraq's WMDs? Saddam exported all WMDs outside Iraq, now Iran almost has a nuclear weapon.. blah blah)
    6. The "option" USA gave Pakistan after 9/11 was the famous "u're WITH us or AGAINST us", which pulled us into the US Afghan war. Pakistan's mere dis-owning the Afghan (Taliban) govt was not enough. Pakistan was forced to be part of the "war", we attacked them first! You'll never come to know what carpet bombing means to CIVILIANS/HUMAN BEINGS (may it never happen to you!)
    7. Its pretty simple what USA wants India for. (A) huge market; (B) countering china (C) keeping Pak under pressure (D) skilled/semi skilled Indian labour
    8. In the 80s and 90s there were series of bomb blasts happening simultaneously in Pakistan and India in which both sides claimed the other country's intelligence agencies (RAW and ISI) to be responsible. So we r pretty much even as far as our record sheets are concerned!!
    9. India's involvement in Baluchistan has been proven without doubt. All pakistanis, and many Indians know it!
    10. India's indirect (i'd prefer to call it direct) involvement in bomb blasts in Pak, by training 16-18 year old youth in so-called diplomatic centres in Afghanistan. BTW till date no madrassah or Muslim Imam etc in Pakistan has been found/claimed by the army as the training site for any of the suicide bombers caught till date!! What the Indians fail to realize is not only do people in Pakistan KNOW India is behind this, but also that if it were to actually turn into a reality some day, India would be a favourite target for such people. I dont see the point of hastening the digging of its own grave by India.
    11. Ajmal Kasab. How difficult is it to get a young Pakistani guy, brainwash him and use him in the Mumbai attacks? How come he was not killed? We'll never know the real people who trained him, even inside Pakistan. For me, the attacks were an inside job!
    12. Finally, if i were an Indian citizen, i'd realistically (not be mere words!) urge my govt to do the right thing for once; ie to accept Kashmir to be the core issue, having immense religous, sentimental and strategic importance for the Pakistanis; And resolve it through any reasonable way acceptable to the kashmiris; hoping the olive branch (extended hand of friendship) would ultimately turn the 2 countries into the real great nations that we deserve, and have the potential to become!
    Wish the 2 countries can settle disputes and unite against the US expoitation of the world. (enough of colonialism, enough of white is better, enough of all muslims are bad, enough of Pakistan vs India)!

    Comment on this Comment
  37. 37

    @Tabreize, what I would say is that the issue of Kashmir can be resolved only after terror attacks inside India are stopped. To expect anything before that would be rather naive.
    And please, if 9/11 and 26/11 were inside jobs by Americans and Indians respectively, I'm the queen of England.
    Be realistic about Kashmir. See how people are participating in elections there. See the kind of development taking place. As for plebiscite, there's a precondition to it in the UN resolution. Forces have to be withdrawn to pre 1947 borders. Like I said both India and Pakistan will never agree to this.
    Don't take this impression home that entire world is conspiring against Muslims because it's not. Yes, US did all that you said but things are indeed changing.
    As for Iran, there's no doubt in my mind that it is indeed well on it's way to acquire a nuke. Check out my post
    Lastly, about Balochistan. I don't know how you are so sure of India's involvement there. Has any Indian been caught doing this?
    Both of us can go on and on but instead of fighting or arguing with each other I suggest we forget the acrimony. Let's stop all violence and start talking.
    Also please read my comment on what Edsley(35) had to say.

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  38. 38

    1. Well, i never said i 'expect' India to do what i think it should do; i did say i 'hope' it does. Like i said (& i REPEAT) you should take the pain to GO TO KASHMIR and ask the FIRST 10 kashmirirs you meet what they think about India, despite the 'development' your govt is now offering them! (Somehow i am convinced you already know the answer! And please dont mention those elections here!)
    2. Ok so Indians want to keep believing Pakistan is a problem, much the same way that Pakistanis want to keep hating India. You have pre-conditions, we have pre-conditions. So i dont see the situation changing anytime soon.
    3. Well, if u'd read my piece carefully, u'd find the answer why india could claim to capture ONE Paki and Pakistan has not claimed capturing an Indu. I repeat, it coz right next to us in Afghanistan is the place where India has so many of these so called special 'diplomatic centres' where all they r actually doing is carefully brainwashing and preparing 16-18 year old AFGHANI boys to spread terrorism in Pakistan, many many of whom we have already caught and who tell about these centres! So its not 'terrorists' from india directly, but trained so-called Muslims from Afghanistan that r hitting us. Our patience is already being tested to the limit now! But if it is going to be 'India is good, no matter what; Pakistan's bad, no matter what' then i'm afraid we wont ever get anywhere.
    4. Ah, 9/11! A recent survey shows more than 70% 'technocrats' (scientists, engineers, builders, terrorism experts) in USA find their govt's version of 9/11 AT LEAST doubtful! There is a GROWING number of truth-seekers in USA who are entirely dis-satisfied and skeptical about their own govt's inquiry into 9/11 (mainly the 9/11 commission), but whats important is even if democracy truly prevails and 9/11 story is reversed, who is going to compensate the carpet bombed innocent people (includint children). We want OUR children, OUR cities to be fear free, damage free, what about the others? Anyways, you can just google and go through the stuff about 9/11 for a few hours with an open mind, and the logic would probably convince you too, if you are not eternally satisfied with your own point-of-view, that is!
    I do BTW, have many friends in the US who 'KNOW BUT DONT CARE' about it coz it would disturb a lot of things that better be left undisturbed! But no problem, u wanna blame Muslims for terrorism? by all means, keep doing so. How does it matter now anyway!?
    So,.. we cannot convince each other.. GOOD! We anyway cannot change the way crores of Pakistanis and (many more) crores of Indians think about each other's countries! We have had war in the past, and if they want more war, believe me, we will have more war.
    However, like i said, the war will only decide who is LEFT, not who is RIGHT!

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  39. 39

    @Tabreize, Please read my post
    I guess we don't need to convince each other but instead we can try and create an environment wherein our relations can improve.

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  40. 40

    Ok, i'll go through that.
    & ok, agreed.. no more trying to convince each other.

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  41. 41
    Waleed Ahmed:

    Hy we Pakistanis are shaheen(hawak) no army can dare to stand in front of us so think indians before you come to take your death

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    Comments on : Hy we Pakistanis are shaheen(h....

    Comment By : Sush

    @Waleed, this post is nearly one year old. I wrote it after Mumbai had been attacked by LeT. The situation prevailing in India and the sentiments of people at that time were as I've reflected in this post. Things have changed a lot since then and we are not exactly talking of attacking Pakistan. Instead we are talking of saving Pakistan from the clutches of Taliban.

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  42. 42

    All wha these pakis claim here are nothing short of bull****. In the event of a war, so that our future generations do not suffer from these fleas, we should decimate pakistan once and for all, we may lose but the greatest joy for us will be that pakistan wil be wiped out from the map of this world, they and their future generations. I think we should do it if they exceed some limits , we will teach these people a final lesson , as it is they gloat in their false glory of bravado , as they keep drumming find their nukes and bomb them next they will retaliate, seek the worlds opinion silently and as it is they hav become a pain to the world decimate them. I think we should start mentally preparing silently to finish this menace once and for all .

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  43. 43
    Asif Zadari:

    India should attack Pakistan, because then we will launch our 200 nukes and wipe india out once and for all and then no more worries about watching what the kuta's are plotting over the boder.

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  44. 44

    @Asif, wake up. This write up was written eons ago. We have moved on and so should you. As for nukes, even as you talk of launching them I would suggest you take a minute to think of all the horrific consequences, for both our nations because there will be retaliatory strikes for sure. And mind you our politicians will not die in these attacks. It will be common people like you and me. So let's just cut this rhetoric out and be sane.

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  45. 45

    This is the letter I recently wrote to Editor Pioneer New Delhi


    Like a Muslim reading the depraved Koran again and again I had read William Schirer’s book “The Rise and Fall of Third Reich”. I could understand the horrendous carnage Hitler let loose on the earthlings and for all we know Hitler could have been a monster from another planet. But I never understood why Arthur Neville Chamberlain, who served as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from May 1937 to May 1940, had to resort to appeasement of Hitler when he headed a nation of daring adventurers . The very name of Chamberlain today signifies abject appeasement as he is best known for his appeasement foreign policy, and in particular for his signing of the Munich Agreement in 1938, conceding the Sudetenland region of Czechoslovakia to Nazi Germany. This emboldened the mad Hitler leading to crores of people being butchered – a true disgrace to mankind.

    Today I get the same eerie feeling when I see Manmohan Singh retracing Chamberlain’s footsteps. It has been rightly pointed out by the Pioneer edit ‘Misplaced Enthusiasm’ and by Sandhya Jain ‘Hindus ignored in Muslim J&K’ how Congress keeps kowtowing before the Pakistani terrorists watched by a bemused Uncle Sam headed by its Muslim President.

    What is the reason for this Stockholm Syndrome of Indian Establisment which kowtows after every intense terror depredations? The secret is that an adulterated Muslim family rules India . This Muslim family’s coterie wants desperately the loaves of office even if India dies, so be it.

    Firstly, grandfather of Jawaharlal Nehru was Ghiayasuddin Ghazi (the word means kafir-killer!). Secondly Indira Gandhi, daughter of Jawaharlal Nehru became prime minister of India in 1966. She fell in love and married Feroze Khan, a family friend. Feroze Khan’s father, Nawab Khan, was a Muslim, and mother was a Persian Muslim. If Indira were to marry a Muslim she would loose the possibility of becoming heir to the future Nehru dynasty and so Mahatma Gandhi intervened and adopted Feroze Khan giving him his last name (family name/caste name) and got the name of Feroz Khan changed to Feroz Gandhi by an affidavit in England. Now Indira Gandhi, as daughter of Nehru and daughter–in-law of Gandhi (the father of the nation) secured her place in the future Nehru-Gandhi dynasty.

    Another story is that Feroz had a Parsi father whose surname was "GHANDI" not "GANDHI". That was made clear by an advertisement in a major English newspaper of Allahabad . It was Mahatma Gandhi who suggested to Nehru that Feroze's surname be spelt as "GANDHI" instead of the original "GHANDI". An RSS columnist wrote that "Ghandi's" mother was a Muslim, and since an offspring takes on the religion of its mother, Feroz ought to be considered a Muslim.

    Rajiv (Khan) Gandhi was born to Indira and converted to Christianity to marry Catholic Italian Sonia Miano. The Nehru-(Khan)-Gandhi dynasty now rules India with a bevy of sycophants who crave for destruction of India’s soul to enable an easy control of the Indian polity so that Sonia rules (either directly or indirectly). This Sonia aura suits the coterie well and to the innumerable Congress lackeys. AND THAT IS THE REASON WHY THE INVIDIOUS QUOTAS ARE DOLED OUT PERIODICALLY UNDER COTERIE PRESSURE AS BRIBES TO SAVE THE MUSLIM DYNASTY! Congress' craven toadies are made to kowtow by the coterie before Sonia to reaffirm that all is well with the dynasty. This coterie comprises four or five well-known destructive thugs for whom dispensing quotas is godsend and has become sine qua non for keeping the Sonia-Muslim dynasty afloat at all cost.

    As the Congress sultans owing allegiance to the coterie are making it a fetish to worship the Nehru-Khan-Gandhi dynasty by kowtowing to Catholic Italian Sonia Miano (Khan) Gandhi, the Congress party is forcing the Indians (both Hindus and Muslims) to hail Sonia Khan Gandhi as a great example of Indian secularism!

    The Nehru-Khan-Gandhi dynasty toadies like the owlish Digvijay Singh, who reminds me of Chamberlain, goes to the doorstep of terrorists to commiserate with them thereby bringing disgrace to our judicial system. But what is forgotten is that this brazen, calculated attempt to woo the minority votebank is destroying the pride and self-respect of Indians and the Indian Army to face challenges from puny countries like Pakistan or Bangladesh. It makes the Indian Establisment’s knees flutter at the slightest terror attack making them kowtow to the likes of Gilanis and Qureshis.

    I am shocked by the likes of Digvijay Singhs and Mani Shankar Aiyers in their brazen attempt to justify the indefensible. Incidentally the latter is a Brahmin Aiyer who once wrote glorifyingly in what had made him “uniquely” secular. “I removed my sacred thread, started eating beef and married a Punjabi woman,” wrote Aiyer. In other words to be secular this Brahmin totally destroyed himself from being a Hindu! Can a Muslim do likewise to become secular by throwing away his skull cap, his evil & nauseating Koran and marry a kafir? This is the secularism as propounded by The Nehru-Khan-Gandhi dynasty. Unfortunately when Pakistanis spit on our face for showing cowardice in tackling their viper nests of terror in PoK, the depraved lot like Aiyers, Abhisek Singhvis and quota-mad Chidambarams defend the nefarious, cowardly action of pursuing talks with our deadliest of all enemies without showing the slightest facial cramps even though Mumbai and Pune carnages have taken place and more are yet to come. I wonder what is there to talk when the need of the hour is for quick surgical strikes on terror camps as Israel would have done it. Will our foreign secretary ask his counterpart whether the poor terrorists in bleak training camps in PoK or elsewhere in Pakistan are getting proper food, sleep and rest and if they are properly paid TA/DA?

    With a face so grotesque like a fat pig, Pak PM Gilani rhetorically asked journalists after six dossiers on 26/11 had been sent, “Where is the proof?” These inimical Islamic monsters everywhere and whose genes flow directly from the infamous, virulent Prophet Mohammad put into action the Prophet's deadliest of all beliefs without even a trace of remorse in this day of enlightment. They then follow it up with surfeit of denials which they have fine-tuned into an art after having mastered over the centuries the art of subjugation. Congress traitors will continue to rule India as the Muslims know well that it is a Muslim dynasty that is ruling India and use their votes to keep it in the saddle . The Babri gaffe has been forgotten and forgiven by the Fifth Columnists Muslims. But Pakistan ISI knows well that The Nehru-Khan-Gandhi dynasty will not oppose continual bloodshed of innocent Indians as a quotaised Hindu-Indian polity is too weak to stop the Indian Muslims from backing the Congress coming back to power again and again. With so much Muslim backing for the Congress and a silly BJP becoming a beggared clone of the Congress there is little that a beaten and a subjugated nation can do to stem the rot. Sadly, a Muslim US president looks on smugly without helping India wanting us to pull his chestnuts out of Afghan fire. I would not blame Barack Hussein Obama as I recall poignantly Condolezza Rice when she said soon after 26/11: Every nation has the right to defend itself and whatever it is best for it. Rice was replying to a question if India should destroy the terror training camps in PoK. And as Indian politicians squeal after every major terror strike the world looks at us with open contempt and disgust. Indian Army looks totally castrated and the expenses incurred on maintaining this behemoth can at best be doled out to poor Indians on daily basis so that they could get a square meal a day.


    Vedanta Rao

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    Comments on : This is the letter I recently ....

    Comment By : Sush

    @Vedam, All I can say is that it is good to love your religion no doubt, but not so much so as to start hating others. Hindus are no KAFIRS and Muslims are not untouchables.
    As for the Gandhi family, though I'm not their biggest fan it would be ridiculous to talk about Nehru's grandfather or Feroz Gandhi/ Khan for that matter. What would be correct is to handle the issues at hand more practically, namely Maoists and Jehadi syndrome. Lastly, it would be in order to say that this is most definitely not a Hindu versus Muslim issue. So lets keep it that way.

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  46. 46

    If I hate the Koran it means I have some sense of shame; some decency left in me! Have you read the Koran? Sample this evil one among the millions embedded in Koran (2:223) - "Your wives are as a tilth unto you; so approach your tilth when or how ye will..." This is bad and shocking but wait. Sample this.
    • Sura (65.4) You can marry (and divorce) little girls who have not yet reached menstruation age. This is Allah teaching pedophilia to Muslim men to rape young Muslim baby girls.

    Following is a famous fatwa by Ayatollah Khomeini that defines sura 65.4

    "A man can marry a girl younger than nine years of age, even if the girl is still a baby being breastfed. A man, however is prohibited from having intercourse with a girl younger than nine, other sexual acts such as foreplay, rubbing, kissing and sodomy is allowed. A man having intercourse with a girl younger than nine years of age has not committed a crime, but only an infraction, if the girl is not permanently damaged. If the girl, however, is permanently damaged, the man must provide for her all her life. But this girl will not count as one of the man's four permanent wives. He also is not permitted to marry the girl's sister."
    Your naivety cannot be the ground for a seasoned debate.

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    Comments on : If I hate the Koran it means I....

    Comment By : Truth

    As for the hypocrite hindu above, this is when you known a religion has no so false when you attack other religion by twisting, hidding and manipulating the message.

    Write the verses before an after it too you fagg.
    These verses deal with matters between a wife and a husband. The verse 2:223 describes HOW a husband should approach his wife (through viginal intercorse). And they have nothing to do with "have sex with them whenever, where ever you want"!

    Here is the entire verse (that your trying to hide)

    Quran 2:223
    "Your wives are a farm for you; so come to your farm as-and-when you please (have sexual relations with your wives in any manner as long as it is in the vagina and not in the anus), and take steps for yourselves. And revere Allah; and know that you are going to meet Him. And give glad tidings to the Believers"

    Our wives our souls and we treat them better then even ourselves. So stop playing games with you pea of a brain.

    And your second lie, this is what verse is

    Quran 65:4 "And for such of your women as despair of menstruation, if ye doubt, their period (of waiting) shall be three months, along with those who have it not. And for those with child, their period shall be till they bring forth their burden. And whosoever keepeth his duty to Allah, He maketh his course easy for him."

    This is from Surah At-Talaq (Divorce).

    This is why hinduism is a joke. Always trying to prove others religion wrong by means of deception, instead of trying to prove their own religion right.

    Who the fuk is ayatollah komeni??
    Stop using a kafir to publicize ur own false cause.
    Bring examples from ISLAM if you are right.

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  47. 47

    @Vedam, Fine, may be you know Quran more than I do. I grant you that. But tell me, what should we all do? Start killing all Muslims we see? Or should we create an atmosphere where we can all live together peacefully in India? And please be pragmatic.

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    Comments on : @Vedam, Fine, may be you know ....

    Comment By : Truth

    As for the hypocrite hindu above, this is when you known a religion has no so false when you attack other religion by twisting, hidding and manipulating the message.

    Write the verses before an after it too you fagg.
    These verses deal with matters between a wife and a husband. The verse 2:223 describes HOW a husband should approach his wife (through viginal intercorse). And they have nothing to do with "have sex with them whenever, where ever you want"!

    Here is the entire verse (that your trying to hide)

    Quran 2:223
    "Your wives are a farm for you; so come to your farm as-and-when you please (have sexual relations with your wives in any manner as long as it is in the vagina and not in the anus), and take steps for yourselves. And revere Allah; and know that you are going to meet Him. And give glad tidings to the Believers"

    Our wives our souls and we treat them better then even ourselves. So stop playing games with you pea of a brain.

    And your second lie, this is what verse is

    Quran 65:4 "And for such of your women as despair of menstruation, if ye doubt, their period (of waiting) shall be three months, along with those who have it not. And for those with child, their period shall be till they bring forth their burden. And whosoever keepeth his duty to Allah, He maketh his course easy for him."

    This is from Surah At-Talaq (Divorce).

    This is why hinduism is a joke. Always trying to prove others religion wrong by means of deception, instead of trying to prove their own religion right.

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  48. 48

    You crazyyy indian aunty!
    are you off your pills or something?
    Attach Pakistan? encirle Lahore???
    lol wtf kinda glasses are you seeing the world through???
    retard, its Pakistan your talking about.
    Did you forget the past 3 wars?
    You nation of shit can't even touch Lahore much less encirle it.
    You faggs send a million to Lahore's boarder and then stay there shaking in their boots for months.
    If they had ANY courage, an attach would've taken place a longggg time ago.

    So goahead, attach with ur tinny dicks and pea brains.
    Nukes or no nukes indian will NEVER EVER dare to even TRY to cross into Lahore.
    Each n every Son of this sir zameen is a Mujahid.

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    Comments on : You crazyyy indian aunty! are....

    Comment By : manjul

    and this guy who has name truth is a very cool person he has a proud of loosing 3 wars true Pakistani

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  49. 49

    @Truth, I like the way you address yourself. And pretty strong reactions too, I must say. But may I remind you to check the date of this article of mine. It was written more than a year ago after Mumbai was attacked.
    The options that I mentioned were very real at that time and they may become real again if and when another major terrorist attack takes place within India. Do not get me wrong but the public opinion here in India will force the govt to take such steps.
    Thirdly, it would be prudent to see things in the correct perspective as they are today. Also, it would more than prudent to realize that this is not Hindu vs Muslim struggle. India has more Muslims than Pakistan. If you really see what I've written you'll realize that I do not endorse what Vedam has said.
    Fourthly, it is for these very reasons that we keep harping upon Pak govt to stop supporting terrorists, unless it is quite acceptable to all of us to fight another war, which may well be a nuke war.
    Fifthly, it is quite alright for you to feel good about Pakistan's fighting capabilities. Actually, that's what is expected of you. Like it is quite natural for me to be more than sure about our capabilities.
    Lastly, I'll request you not to use unparliamentary language. You are talking to a woman, I might add.

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  50. 50
    K.P. Prashanth:

    Hi Sush,
    Truly, it is not worth debating this issue anymore with the likes of 'truths' simply because they fail to nor have the intelligence to recognize what is hypothetical & what is reality. The essence of their language itself is testimony to their inherent culture. And they live in a self glorified dreamworld of wealth and power - just like a Frog in a well! Leave them to their dreams!

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  51. 51

    @KPP, I guess you're right. I think I'll just stop reacting to these kind of comments from now on.

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  52. 52

    Pakistan is making the world hell for humans.
    They are destroying peace all over the world.

    Complete wipe out of pakistan is necessary for world peace.

    only a pakistanless world could live in harmony and peace

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  53. 53

    well..we indians are financially poor,mentally poor and morally poor...wat can a poor state do..BEG!at war with pakistan means no solution..they blame have learnt not to blame us for mishaps but we blame them to hide our own excuses.

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  54. 54


    stop commenting with the name of a hindu...that reminds me of your kasab with hindu holy threads tied to his arm..

    first look inside your country before pointing a finger against india......



    and hey pakis every one knows about it...not dont get pissed off by the real comments...



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  55. 55

    No India should not attack pakistan,
    some extremist of both side-could not make fate to others,
    I think people should now understand, after almost 63 year of disputes what they gain,some people making benefits of their misunderstandings, people fought earlier having disputes of having small small things, now scenrio change,see the world around us,
    eroupe why eroupe,they forget what disputes between them(Noted: two world wars of their mistakes)but now they comes to unite whole europe,. euro the best example, why they success, cause the have honesty to resolve their disputes,
    Now times come to leave politicians behind,
    and make it peace-if we the people should think then we can.
    War/arms will not fullfill poverty,see inside deep to our countries, how behind we were,did we really need arms/war what for?
    I am watching for a long time these blogs posted from both country people,did we really need a war;
    think;;;cause we are people common people---

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  56. 56

    the war is the only option left but i don't think India should attack Pakistan because after a lot of hard work and struggle India is finally developing very fast and we have an image in the world now as the fastest growing country after china we are now ahead in many things not only in Asia but in the world we are about to be a developed country and we are about to host many games and what Pakistan has it has nothing to lose they are in the same shit where they were at the time of partition if the war happens it will slow down our growth rate and we will have to start everything from the starting
    and what Pakistan has missiles given by china and America and they don't have even there TV channels(hahahaha) they watch all the Indian channels and what image they have in the world a bloody terrorist country we have given many chance to them for being a friend by bringing them to our TV shows there cricketers even don't want to stay in there country then what else bad can happen and what my friend Haris has written ki(hum to dubenge tumhe bhi sath le dubenge)hahahaha abe 3 ladaian huin hain lahore tak ghus gae the 1971 main bangladesh alag karva dia tha kab lekar duboge jab pakistan ko khatam kar denge itne hi bahadur ho to loc par lado sale ye hijdo ki tarha chup kar kyun masoomo ko marte ho and what did you said that
    (Only 10 people engaged your highly trained commandos (+Israeli commandos) for 60 hours. How will you handle the entire Pakistani army and 16 crore people of Pakistan).listen how long will we be able to handle Pakistan we have already shown you in 3 wars and on that time when you people attack first just imagine what will happen if we attack first and what happened in kargil war at that time you guys were having full advantage na
    you were sitting on the top of the hill (tab bhi sale bhag gae vapas phattu sale ) and yes your 10 terrorist were only able to fight because they were hiding behind innocent people and that was the really hard work to find out who is terrorist and where is terrorist from this huge group of people and the fight was of 60 hrs because your terrorist soldiers where running behind at the time of firing (nahi to tumhari puri foj ko 3 baar hara rakha hai ) and don't talk about religion we have enough Muslims here then Pakistan and how many Hindus do you have in your country after partition yar ye Haris ne jo bhi bola vo is bechare ki bhi galti nahi hai ye log soch sakte hain to soch-2 kar khus ho lene do inhe kabhi jeet to sakte nahi good yar tum log socho or vahn pade rehna puri life kabhi develop mat karna your country is the 10th most failed state in the world i have only one thing for you to speak
    (batvare ki time tume 65 carore rupees die the tab jakar tumhare sir par tripaal are thi barsaat se bachne ki haseyat nahi or goli bari ki baat karte ho) hahahahah 10th most failed state will fight will the last blood and with 16 carore failed citizen who run towards india for better life hahaha bloody failure

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  57. 57

    @Manjul, let me just say that your anger towards the Paki establishment is very valid. Their sole aim in life is to create problems for India and thereby try to save their own position within their own country. Nonetheless, our govt too has to take the blame for being too soft towards them. And therefore, part of the problem lies with us too.

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  58. 58

    yes budy i agree with you that our govt has to take the blame for being too soft towards them you know what this country should be completely destroyed when we fought 1st war with them as we know that they are such kind of people who keep on loosing but don't stop barking because they have such kind off bread they will keep on barking this is there hobbies and you know what our govt and yes i am really proud that you girls have been arguing with them from last many times and now i have also joined you to teach a lesson to the people of worlds 10th most failed country

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  59. 59
    imran nazir:

    i am a pakisani.i know that behind mumbai attack there was the hand of pakistan and isi.india should attack pakistan as early as possible .pakistan should hand over whole kashmir to india.america should help india in this matter.india should also dispute its matter of arunachal pardesh with the help of america. pakistan and india both zindabad

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  60. 60

    This is in response to the Comment given By : Abbas Khan
    March 03, 2009
    You should realise that many of your fellow muslim people are here in india living in peace and harmony. Except in india, No where in the world, are muslims safter, including your own pakistan.

    Some Indian muslims are really patriotic towards india and while many are betrayers who want to see india in a bad shape and are supporting pakistan indirectly and by doing cowardly acts.

    Lets go back to history.
    Pakistan was created for the Muslims in 1947. In 1938 elections, 85% of Muslims of India voted for a seperate Pakistan and strangely enough only 15% of Muslims in India in 1947 left to Pakistan and the rest of them stayed behind in India.

    A blunder was committed in 1947 by declaring India a secular country.
    It should have been declared a Hindu Rashtra and all Indian Muslims should have been sent to Pakistan.
    Jinnah at that time was not demanding any seprate land for Muslims.
    At that time, there was a limited muslim population. Now, the population has increased like anything.
    In fact, Mr. Jinnah propounded his two nations theory because he knew that Hindus and Muslims cannot live together and this is very true.
    Hindus write from left to right while Muslims write from right to left. Muslims do everything in reverse order.
    In fact, the partition of the country was never complete and all the Indian Muslims who are Pakistanis at heart should have been sent to Pakistan.
    Now take the case of Kashmir. Every Kashmiri muslim wants to go to Pakistan and so does every Indian Muslim. Both the Kashmiri Muslims as well as the Indian Muslims would be happy if Kashmir is given to Pakistan.
    Inspite of all this, indian is wasting a lot of money on Kashmir by keeping a huge force there and giving so many benefits to the Kashmiri people. Yet they are not pleased with indian administration.

    We Indians demand to know why have the Muslims not gone to their demanded country?.
    We do not want to have the Muslims in India.

    When you are saying "Indians are like pigs", you must not forget that you are also addressing your fellow muslims as pigs on the whole.
    When you hate india so much, Please make a revolution in your country to take back your fellow muslim citizens from indian to your homeland Pakistan, where there is only blood shed and terrorism all around.

    Regarding military strength, Time alone will answer, as to who is stronger by all means.

    "Pakistan is like a A fish which is in a bowl, limited in its little boundry, which thinks, that it can eat up a shark which lives in a huge sea."
    India is a sea and you cannot imagine the impact when a Shark eats up the small fishes surrounding it. The small fish will be nowhere.

    So do not underestimate indian capabilities.
    It can be a messenger of peace.
    but if a enemy deliberately keeps troubling and attacking its unity and integrity, it can destroy the gruesome and troublesome enemy for ever.

    MSG compiled by a Partiot Indian

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  61. 61

    lmfao, i remembered Indian news channel aaj tak were showing how useless indian's weapons are just like their armies and they were to show superiority over pakistan? too bad too sad, it will still be their dream of overtaking pakistan because we have so called braveness and unity, which indians lacked full time. The tv channel showed that India does'nt even have missiles which can cross India itself while Pakistan can take down and reach every corner of India. Just 1 nuke is good enough to show what you are capable of and see these folks on their knees

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  62. 62

    I'm going to stop people from commenting on this post of mine which was relevant when Mumbai was attacked and not in the current context but both Indians and Pakistanis are unnecessarily getting carried away even now running down both, Hinduism and Islam, which is ridiculous to say the least.
    On the question of who is stronger, I only wish to say today that I really hope that we do not have to find the answer to this question, because when we do, we'll have deal with million dead bodies also. Are we prepared for that? I guess not. So take it easy folks, at least for now.

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  63. 63
    ipad tilbud:

    ipad tilbud...

    Should India attack Pakistan? « by Sush Jaitly...

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    You don't have to be a rocket scientist to see that such large outpourings of support for Anna Hazare is basically a demand for a phone number, viz 101, which they can call up to register their complaint against neighborhood pandu havaldaar or the municipality clerk who ask for money to do their legitimate jobs. They want a number which is accessible to each and every one so that action is taken against offenders based on their complaint. Though everyone has heard of 2G scam, CWG scam, Adarsh scam etc etc (list is too long for this write up), yet they do not really associate much with it because most of these scams talk about astronomical amounts of money which they cannot relate with. They may have heard of 1.76 lakh crores which was lost in 2G scam but they relate more to that thousand bucks which goes out of their own pockets to corrupt babus and policemen. And if Congress cannot see this basic simple all pervasive demand all I can say is that they're downright stupid and naive. .....

    August 22 2011     Read More [8]...

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