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Watch your mouth, SRK

February 5th, 2010

Everyone has a mouth, including me. And we all talk. Nothing wrong with that. It’s meant for that purpose. The trouble begins when you talk without thinking. And that’s exactly what happened with SRK. The question which was posed to him was - Why didn’t IPL teams pick Pakistani cricket players in the auction? Quite innocently he replied that he would like to see Pak players play in the IPL. Well, to be fair to him it was the most correct response from a person who apart from being a team owner in IPL is also a movie star with an international appeal and interests. But he never realized that this line would be picked up by Shiv Sena to play politics not only with him but his films as well. It was quite natural for Shiv Sena to do so as they are looking to wrest their initiative back from Raj Thakeray’s MNS of being the sole representative of Marathi Manoos. Had they not done this you can be rest assured that Raj Thakeray would’ve grabbed this ‘opportunity’.

But you don’t need to be correct all the time. Do you? Actually, SRK should’ve realized that in the press conference this is going to be the most logical question which the media will ask. And he should’ve prepared himself for it with a reply like this one.

“We would like the atmosphere to be more conducive to allow the extremely talented players from Pakistan to participate in IPL freely without any fear or strings attached. We would like the BCCI to guarantee the availability of these players and we would also request the govt to resolve issues of visas and security of the players to enable them to participate in IPL”.

Now that’s a statement which no one can pull him up for. Nowhere in the statement does it say that he wants Pakistani players to play or not to play in the IPL. But I guess SRK is still learning the tricks of the trade, the hard way I might add.

Having said this I wish to add that the kind of support SRK has drummed up in the last few days is also not exactly to his credit. What his supporters have failed to appreciate is that what he said was absolutely inadvertent and at the spur of the moment. After having said this when Shiv Sena picked up those lines there was no way he could’ve retracted his statement without losing a lot of face not just in the country but abroad as well. And losing face means losing money as his movie My name is Khan is due for release shortly, which is anathema to a businessman like him. Pertinent to mention that Shahrukh’s Red Chillies Entertainment is also involved in this movie. Secondly, if he really wanted Pakistani players to play in IPL he would’ve bid for them in the auction but he didn’t. All these issues which are now being talked of are just an eyewash. I know I only used them above but that’s just an example to show you how English can be used for this purpose, ie an eyewash. But guess what? SRK has managed to fool his fans and supporters without having to use an eyewash, even though it is only by default as this situation was not of his own making. And his ’strong stand’ is only creating more publicity for his movie. Well, all I’d say is that he’s pretty smart to have realized his own mistake and converted it into his advantage. Good going, for sure.

Lastly, it would be in order to note that there is only one person in the entire industry who has come out openly in support of SRK, Amir Khan. No other Bollywood star or superstar had the gumption to take on the Sena. And that too when Amir is not exactly too friendly with SRK. It’s high time SRK thanked him for this support. But I guess that doesn’t really affect his ‘business’ of him being a star.

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13 Responses to “Watch your mouth, SRK”

  1. 1

    Well analysed hypothesis of the entire imbroglio that has been the talk of the town, of late, throughout the country, dear Sush!

    SRK indeed is an astute businessman more than being an intelligent actor and he has gained a lot more than what he might have lost due to the whole hullabaloo, without any qualms. ;)


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    Comments on : Well analysed hypothesis of th....

    Comment By : Jeremiah Duomai

    Great hindsight insight!

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  2. 2

    Hi sush!!
    well shahrukh sure is hot topic these days and I'm sure when he said the so called controversial words, not in his wildest dream did he think it'll bounce him to such worldwide discussion. and as you say he is doing all this to promote his forthcoming movie, well no ad co. could have done it better than brand "khan" himself..this you have to grant him that whether wrong or right, he ends up rolling in mullah and also gets public support one way or the other. as for principles..they be damned..who is gonna watch out for that when crores are riding on their names...right!!!

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  3. 3
    Paresh Talukdar:

    To me it seems like a well thought out controversy timed to perfection to coincide with release of MY NAME IS KHAN. SRK is a shrewd businessman and it will not surprise me if this was his baby. Wot say you Sush?

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  4. 4

    I agree with you absolutely. Hence I have concluded-MY NAME IS NOT KHAN and I will not watch MINK.

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  5. 5
    K.P. Prashanth:

    Hello Sush,

    Well pointed out - thank you. Yes indeed - it is a well timed stunt by a master businessman. Imagine a scenario where the public shuns his movie, which was most likely to happen given the reviews, SRK and his enterprise would have to file bankruptcy. By stage managing a combined conflict with Shiva Sena and Marathi Manoos, SRK has managed to keep himself in limelight perhaps more resounding than his filmy glory or popularism. And some of the electronic media has put respectable citizens to shame by propagating SRK as a national icon! It can not get more ludicrous than this, can it? But has servied SRK's intentions just the way he wanted it to be - damn!

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  6. 6
    Shailesh Tinaikar:

    A media inflated story where none exists; comparisons to Art 370,destruction of the idea of India, Maharashtra declaring unilateral independence and more utter nonsense. All the TV anchors fed on this utter rubbish idea and captured eyeballs through sensational journalism.. They played into the hands of the Sena, who partenered the TV channels in profit,SRK, who knowingly /unknowingly gained substantially. But the hero of the story was ofcourse Rahul Gandhi..

    The central issue however remains.. the urgent need to improve the infrastructure of Mumbai, address local concerns of employment and make the city liveable (honorably) for all. Mumbai belongs to India but will the Government (Central/State)give the city and its people, its due, a city, in so many ways a microcosm that showcases India.. 40% of tax revenues are contributed by Mumbai.. Why should the country not plough back greater monies and enhance the quality of life of Mumbaikars.. travel by a local,anytime day/night and you will know what i mean...Or are highways, flyovers and Metros only for the capital city of India

    There are serious issues which a local train ride by Rahul Gandhi will not resolve. But his was a masterful stroke.. He has defused the media hype and earned himself loads of goodwill from mumbaikars.. hope he cashs in on it and delivers..the effect in real and romantic terms would far exceed his dimpled smile!!

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  7. 7

    SRK is a brand...We all knew that. In this case, he has even increased his fan base in Pak by his words on Pak players in IPL. Nice move SRK. He has been turning around to be one of the "very smart" bussiness man. :P

    My latest 55 fiction is A'run' runs...Have a read :)

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  8. 8

    I love reading your posts... you are frank and so honest.

    I am not much into bollywood movies and do not own a TV at present. I have seen SRK change so many colors in his career.... but have to admit he is the smartest business man around when it comes to getting publicity for his movies...

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    Comments on : I love reading your posts... y....

    Comment By : Sush

    @Farida, believe you me, you are not missing anything by not having a TV. Good going. You'll have so much more time for your family and yourself. And thanks for the compliments. I try to be honest and as frank as possible. Remember the character of Sharman Joshi in 3 Idiots? I guess I should thank GOD for this attitude of mine. And so here it is- THANK YOU GOD!!!
    Also, I need to thank you too for making me realize this. THANK YOU FARIDA!!!!

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  9. 9

    Hi Sush,

    As I understand SRK also said in the interview that 'Pakistan is a good neighbour'
    How a nation which has inflicted many wars on India and constantly supporting terrorist activity against India can be called by SRK as good neighbour? he should refrain from making such statements. On the other hand as a muslim celebrity he should be making statements which will make muslim community more open and free, he should talk against burkha, he should talk against fundamentalism which some of the Muslim religious leaders try to spread.

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    Comments on : Hi Sush, As I understand SR....

    Comment By : Sush

    @Ajit, Very well brought out point but fact is if he does try and do what you are suggesting it's not going to help his 'businesses' positively. If anything it will have an adverse impact with fundamentalists opposing him or some such stuff. Moreover, he is not into movies and cricket because he wants to spread peace and love. He's into this to make money and become a star. To expect him to do anything more than that would be a bit too much.

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  10. 10

    You made some first rate factors there. I regarded on the internet for the problem and found most people will go along with together with your website.

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