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Where is the integrity of Caeser’s wife?

March 4th, 2011

As far as PJ Thomas is concerned the real question which we need answers for is that why the hell did Congress invest so much political capital on someone as inconsequential as him. I mean what was the big deal about Thomas which made them put at stake the credibility of an already beleaguered PM and the Congress party as a whole? Even if we assume that Manmohan Singh indeed only committed a ‘legal error’, as Abhishek Manu Singhvi would like us to believe, why wasn’t Thomas removed as CVC even after a case had been filed in Supreme Court against this appointment which carried on for months? If this was only a ‘legal error’ which was not corrected for months on end, the chief of law ministry Veerappa Moily needs to go home before Thomas. But let me tell you that there is much more than what meets the eye. Things don’t work that way and Congress is not so stupid to forsake their own PM for someone like PJ Thomas.

To put things in correct perspective, we need to first appreciate the fact that all this chaos is not PJ Thomas’s fault. It would also be correct to state that he’s not yet guilty of conspiracy in Palmoleim case of 1991 and 1992. He has only been charge sheeted and the case is yet to be decided. The question is why did Congress insist on Thomas only when there were two other officers, namely  Bijoy Chatterjee and S Krishnan, who were comparatively much cleaner than him?

Well, the answer to that question came from none other than Janata Party president Subramaniam Swamy on Twitter. Take a look at this screen shot.Due to constraints of space I’ve cut and pasted it so as to fit in this space. If you want to check the veracity of this tweet you can check Swamy’s tweets here. Just scroll down to 30 Jan and you’ll find it there, that is if Swamy does not delete it. In case he does you can check the tweets of avinashbhat01 here. Hopefully, he won’t delete it. In case they both do you guys will just have to take my word for it. I’ve not made up this picture out of my imagination.

Now what does avinashbhat01 ask Swamy? He’s reffering to Vincent George who is a close associate of Sonia Gandhi. In fact they say that he’s the one who runs Sonia Gandhi’s political ‘empire’. And Swamy coolly replies that George is also closely associated with Muthoot Finance. There is a very deep meaning here, if this is correct and I’ve no reason to believe that it is not (you can check the list of board of directors of Muthoot Finance here). As CVC, the CBI would function directly under PJ Thomas. Now why would Muthoot Finance want to exert influence over CBI or CVC? Quite possibly because they have skeletons in their cupboard which they do not want to come out. They might have some illegal/ underhand deals which CBI may lay their hands on which could expose or even ruin this company. Off course, you may question the credentials of Subramaniam Swamy himself but given the situation as it exists today I’ve no reason to believe that Swamy is pulling a fast one or is just bluffing. Therefore, along with removal of Thomas, there may well be a case for investigating Muthoot Finance and it’s financial dealings.

Please note that the stock price of this company jumped more than 15% in the months of Sep- Oct 10 from Rs 175 to 211, when Thomas was appointed as CVC and it came down to Rs 179 on 01 Nov 10 immediately after a PIL had been filed by JM Lyngdoh, Prashant Bhushan and BR Lall against Thomas’s appointment as CVC. The stock price is now languishing at Rs 123, coinciding with sentiments of the traders who felt that removal of Thomas was a foregone conclusion. Yes, the movement of the stock price could well be due to other extraneous factors also but there definitely is more than an iota of doubt in the way the stock has behaved, quite perfectly in sync with appointment and removal of Thomas as CVC.

Now whether there is a financial consideration or arrangement between all these stake holders in this game is at best a moot point. After all, when is there not? Suffice to say that it surely does not appear to be a ‘legal error’, as Congress would like to put it. On the contrary, it appears more like a conspiracy than anything else.

Another thing which we need to consider is the clean chit given by Thomas’s predecessor Pratyush Sinha when, in fact, there indeed was a vigilance case pending against Thomas. Pertinent to mention that according to Arnab Goswami of Times Now the whole file which contained the noting sheet leading up to this appointment has gone missing from govt records. Quite convenient, I’d say. It is quite obvious that the name was chosen before hand and the noting sheet was prepared in a manner so as to project Thomas as being the most eligible candidate amongst the three officers when he was not. What emerges from this is that the govt wanted a weak and a pliant CVC which would result in amicable solutions in ongoing vigilance ‘problems’ and further appointments of ‘amicable’ people in such positions. An ‘amicable’ Pratyush Sinha leading to appointment of ‘amicable’ Thomas and so and so forth.

Yet another issue which merits consideration is that while Thomas may well now be unfit to be a CVC he was considered fit to continue serving as a bureaucrat for the last twenty years or so including the post of telecom secretary when the 2G scam was conceived and executed by A Raja. All this chaos which has now happened has primarily been because of the fact that the case against Thomas has dragged on and on for more nearly two decades now. Had our judicial procedure been prompt and had successive govts in Kerala and center not interfered one way or another the situation would not have come to this when we find the central govt to be at loggerheads with judiciary, or words to that effect.

The third issue which I need to bring out is that according to judgement of SC this appointment was ILLEGAL. If that be so, where is the question of Thomas’s resignation, a question which is being asked on every news channel? Technically, if his appointment itself was illegal then he was not the CVC to begin with. Thomas does not need to resign at all. All he needs to do is pack his bags and go, unless off course, he has been told to stay put by powers that be. And this may well be the case which may signal a fresh round of confrontation between govt and judiciary.

What the Congress and PM need to remember is that never in the history of India has judiciary ever struck down any appointment by PM as ILLEGAL. By digging in their heels on issue of Thomas they’re setting a wrong precedent. The public opinion is already running very high against the Congress. They might try to brazen it out but it would not only harm their own credibility, or whatever is left of it, but also that of the national institutions of our country which are supposed to be the pillars of a flourishing democracy.

Last but not the least, the integrity and honesty of Caeser’s wife is very much in doubt now. It doesn’t matter what the Caeser’s wife aka Manmohan Singh has to say now.

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9 Responses to “Where is the integrity of Caeser’s wife?”

  1. 1
    Cheru John:

    Few things...
    1)Thomas was not Telecom secy when 2G happened. Search google and you will see that he was in Kerala as chief secy. He became Telecom secy a full 9 months later. Media unduly dragged him into 2g to fit a story.
    2) Thomas prevented another loot by Raja by managing 3g. Extent of 2G scam came out because of the efficient manner he conducted the business..has one channel given thomas credit for saving the country from another loot which would have cost 1Lakh selectively tweaked that news and hid facts here making him 2g guy
    3) Look at the assets of Thomas

    It is well known in Kerala about the austerity of this man has enuf contacts in IAS circles to find truth but they haunted him and chose not to report stories like this one widely or report with questions raised over it
    4) Thomas name was added a full 2 years after palmolien chargesheet was first presented..why did it take 2 additional years to find fault with him and what really was the fault itself that they could not find initially? That is why many believe Thomas would be exonerated if court fast tracks a 20 year case.
    5) Now I liked your muthoot analysis. But I went ahead and has been increasing since May 2010. How do you explain that? And remember there are other market factors such as this
    "Muthoot Finance Stock hits upper circuit as it raises Rs 157cr from Baring,Matrix India"

    6) Lastly I can categorically state that Thomas and George are not relatives. There was a twitter account called wikiindleaks which was fake which started this rumor originally and kept bombarding this tweet. After I reported abuse, it disappeared or was removed.

    Thomas' case is really a sad case of media have blown a case to tweak to the truth to a version the masses would like to hear. Your article sounded logical but I can rebut with facts and politely tear down each statement there. But the question remains: to quote former Cabinet Secy TSR Subrahmaniam " Will media call him "untained" if he is exonerated by the courts? Let your power of pen be for the truth. Good luck

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  2. 2

    Few things-
    1. If you notice I haven't said anywhere that Thomas is guilty or corrupt. I'm no one to judge that. That'll be decided by the courts.
    2. If whatever you're saying is correct then can you explain as to why has our PM and Congress got stuck with Thomas? What was so special about PJ Thomas? Why couldn't they pick someone who did not have a case pending against him?
    3. As far as Muthoot Finance is concerned, well, I'll reserve my judgement till such time Thomas/Vincent George do not come out and clearly say so.

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  3. 3
    Cheru John:

    1)Agreed that you did not directly cast aspersion on Thomas and even went to the point of highlighting Thomas has not yet been proven guilty. But the direct link to Muthoot casts an aspersion on Thomas-which is where I disagree with you.I even shared with you how this false twitter account(WikiLeaksInd; my twiter account on Jan27 shows links to this account which has since been shut) bombarded this false news.You have picked on it further with a very interesting analysis I should agree and therefore piqued my interest... but flawed by what is termed is statistics as "correlation does not imply causality"

    2. Completely agree PM need not have given him CVC post; should give clarity on that; It is well know in Babu circles Thomas did not lobby for it. I have also heard (but have nothing to confirm) that our PM specifically brought in Thomas to check mate Raja after 2G scam. And our PM succeeded in the sense 3G was done with roaring success under Thomas supervision.

    3. Thomas came out and said he is innocent; did anyone believe it? In the US family trees are pretty well documented; unfortunately in India not; that would have been the best way for us to agree on this subject

    I am sure you should and continue to have an opinion; but this episode taught me something; we see the world in the eyes of the media which is owned by business house (e.g. 'Telecom' mittal owns share in TimesNow and hence Arnab Goswami has been on a roll). We all get super excited when a Kalmadi or IPL modi or Shashi Tharoor resigns. But what we need is judicial system that follows the case through. I wish the Palmolien case (which is root cause &)which has been hanging for 20 years was pursued with same vigor that SC showed on disposing the case of CVC appointment. It may have saved one innocent man.

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  4. 4

    @Cheru John, let me begin by saying that institutions are far more important than any one individual. That goes for both for CVC as well as PM among others. Nonetheless, if the PM was so convinced about Thomas's innocence and capabilities this is what he should've done BEFORE appointing him as CVC.
    Much before the previous CVC Pratyush Sinha was to be relieved PM should've ensured that the Palmoleim case was dealt with by the judiciary one way or another. I'm not suggesting that PM should've ensured that Thomas got a clean chit. All I'm saying is that law ministry should've fast tracked the case. This could've been done and should've been done.
    Secondly, PM should've identified other potentially capable officers who can do this job. I refuse to believe that there is no one else except Thomas.
    And then if and only if Thomas was cleared by the courts he should've been given the go ahead. No one could've faulted the PM then.
    As far as Muthoot Finance is concerned I still have my lingering doubts about their connection to this whole affair. Not to forget that one of their owner's sons was murdered in suspicious circumstances and the case has been hushed up for reasons best known to Muthoot and company.

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    Comments on : @Cheru John, let me begin by s....

    Comment By : Rightwingdian

    Fascinating exchange between Cheru John and Sush.

    1. Couple of points - I dont care (for the purpose of this controversy) whether PJT is guilty or innocent. The system should have handled the pending case better, and frankly, PJT himself could have taken it to CAT for getting teh case settled one way or the other, as it was casting an aspersion on him. Similarly, I dont care, if PJT was posted to telecom Ministry by PM to control Raja and if he was resp for teh success of 3G (Raja could also claim that in his defence right - should we absolve him therefore). As SC has said, PJT is not the issue here. The recent S Tel inbroglio goes to PJT's door!

    2. Why were the PM and HM so insistent on appointing him as CVC, even tho Sushma Swaraj raised the issue of the case. Given the fact that Chidu and MMS cant stand the sight of each other - who is the one person who could have forced them to work together to spike LOP and appont PJT to CVC position - only Sonia Gandhi.

    3. I have yet not heard anyone saying that PJT is not the cousin of Vincent George (the Secy to Sonia Gandhi). Does Cheru know for a fact that he isnt?

    4. The process was vitiated by the hurry - and nor like children they are passing the buck from MMS, to Chavan to Kerala CM! All of this implies that the buck stops with Sonia Gandhi, and that needs to be investigated further. Sush's question is valid - would Cong have invested so much political capital in defending PJT, if it was a decision only imp to the PM. Definitely not. To get a better idea about Congi culture, read my blogpost ("The problem I have with the Congress")


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  5. 5
    Prashanth K.P.:

    Dear Sush, very informative sharing of knowledge by the various commentators on the CVC issue.

    That the appointment was illegal is beyond doubt. Why should the government, in fact the PM, obstinately insisted on PJT's appointment when the entire country was in uproar against it? It is regardless whether he is implicated in the Palm Oil case or not, to be a CVC you should be one with an impeccable integrity. Since that was amiss, whether for real or otherwise, there was no need for this indignant appointment. It was more of a challenge to the nation that the appointment itself merited.

    There is more to a mere coincidence here when you look at vital appointments made by 10JP, the epic center of alternate Power governing the Nation. Sonia Gandhi appointed PJ Thomas as CVC to cover her loot of Rs 36000 crore siphoned off to Italy from the 2G scam. PJ Thomas was Telecom Secretary prior to his nomination as CVC, isn’t it, be it 9 months earlier or otherwise. 9 months is a long time to supplant evidence leading to Sonia Gandhi.

    With respects to all other commentators, you have written a very compelling narrative indeed!

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  6. 6

    from the article i understand that this blog too fell in the trap of media hype...
    if u know the career of thomas u will understand he was one of the most sincere corrupt free officers ever in IAS... the whole india is happy to crucify someone who was implicated in case just for the sake of it...

    as i commented out earlier, people are just happy with such silly cleaning measures.... every one knows how much of bribe and in what all offices it occurs...

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  7. 7

    and funny that one person commented he doesnt care if mr thomas is guilty or not....? who cares in india right....

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  8. 8

    Good question, Rightwingdian:

    "I have yet not heard anyone saying that PJT is not the cousin of Vincent George (the Secy to Sonia Gandhi). Does Cheru know for a fact that he isnt?"

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