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Whose demons should we fight?

May 6th, 2011

Our part of the world is quite similar to a classroom where US is the aging class teacher who is desperately trying to control it’s students. Pakistan is one of it’s students who is obviously the bad boy of the class and India is like a self appointed monitor of this class who can only tell the class teacher of all the wrong doings of Pakistan but can’t do anything beyond that. The class teacher also knows all this very well but has not been able to reign in the bad boy  so far.

The bad boy listens to the teacher although only when he feels like but gives two hoots to the monitor since the monitor himself is basically a weakling. So much so, that despite the fact that monitor is much bigger to the bad boy in size he goes and punches the monitor when he’s not looking. Now, instead of doing something about it the monitor in turn goes and complains to the teacher hoping that he’d do something. The teacher sermons the bad boy but feels that he cannot punish him beyond a point because he’s scared that the bad boy may become a complete rebel. So the teacher tries to talk/coerce/explain to the bad boy about what all this might lead to. He even tries to lure him with candies, chocolates, ice creams and stuff. The bad boy, in return, promises to behave himself, but just about, till he’s caught doing something nasty again by the class teacher or the self appointed monitor or someone else in the class or from other sources in the school, after which the entire routine is repeated all over again.

Though the way things were, it was not exactly a happy situation but everyone found it to be an acceptable one, basically because they were scared of going too far. But things have changed now. And quite drastically at that. The bad boy has been caught red handed by the class teacher hiding a known criminal in his closet. Though the criminal has been taken care of it is the bad boy who is in deep trouble now. He doesn’t know how to explain to the class teacher as to how the criminal got into his closet. He tries to give some vague excuses that the criminal sneaked into his closet on his own and he didn’t know that the criminal was hiding there but no one is impressed, least of all the class teacher. The monitor, on his part, is less happy about the criminal being taken care of since it was not of any direct consequence to him, but more than happy about the bad boy being caught with the criminal. He again goes to the teacher and says- I told you so. Please do something about it. The bad boy has more criminals in his closet.

What India, as the self appointed weak monitor, does not realize is that it is not the job of the class teacher (US) to ensure that the weak monitor shares a good relationship with the bad boy (Pakistan). His primary job is to ensure that there is discipline in his class even if two of his students don’t like each other. And therefore, if India wants to improve relations with Pakistan or wants to make the Pakis mend their ways the onus is on India itself and not on the US. But here too there’s a catch. The monitor fails to appreciate the fact that the bad boy is beyond reproach, as of now at least.

The roots of extremism sponsored by Pakistan have got so deeply intertwined with the very fabric of the state that it now affects their society as a whole. This dangerous fact of life was amply demonstrated by the hardliners when they killed Punjab governor Salman Taseer and minority affairs Christian minister  Shahbaz Bhatti quite recently over the proposed amendments to the blasphemy law. Not to forget that hatred towards India is one all pervasive feeling which is used by successive flailing powers that be in Pakistan to effectively deflect attention from it’s own crimes and shortcomings. And therefore, given the internal compulsions and contradictions within the country, it is absolutely ridiculous to expect Pakis to come out clean and shake our ever so outstretched hand of friendship. Also, it is not India’s job to try and resolve internal contradictions within Pakistan.

It is therefore high time India realized that we cannot keep oscillating between our two contradictory approaches to the problem, the first one being the ever complaining, ever whining “I told you so” approach and the second being “I’ll try and talk it out with the bad boy even as I keep saying ‘I told you so’ “. Mind you, as any class teacher would, US too is sick of our whining and complaining. They want us to take care of own problems on our own. Just that that they do not want us to upset the whole applecart and disturb the complete decorum of the classroom.

After the killing of Osama Bin Laden in plush and secure surroundings of Abottabad just next door to a huge military establishment, whatever little doubts anyone on this planet may have had about Pak army’s and ISI’s involvement with terrorists have now been completely removed. Pak’s claim of they themselves being engaged in fighting terrorism is quite hollow because they’re only fighting those who are out to strike terror inside Pakistan only, primarily Tehreek-e-Taliban which comprises of Pakistani Pashtuns. The others, who are engaged in terrorist activities in India or anywhere else in the world are their friends, guides and instruments to further their own political agendas.

As I mentioned in my previous post Did Pakistan know about American plans? it is an absolutely no-brainer that if these terrorist organizations are flourishing in Pakistan they surely enjoy the confidence of their chief of army staff Gen Ashfaq Kayani because if they don’t, then he’s either the biggest nincompoop on this side of pacific or is a complete fool. And I’d like to believe that he’s neither of the two. Actually, he’s pretty smart. Smart enough to have fooled the Americans in particular and the world in general about his real intentions and modus operandi. Well, the Americans have become much saner now after this killing. We, on the other hand, may take a while to come to our senses and realize that talking to this gentleman or his successor or anyone else from the security apparatus of Pakistan is absolutely foolhardy. If we still want to court these people it’ll only prove to the world that we’re not only weak in our resolve but also pretty stupid as well.

Not just this, we even need to stop all other efforts of so called bilateral talks and Aman ki Asha etc which have no meaning whatsoever, especially after this episode. We’ve to realize that there’s no point trying to talk to the bad boy till such time he continues to keep company of or work with criminals. I mean, is it too difficult for us to appreciate a simple fact that if Pakis won’t give up the world’s most wanted man even to a power like US, it surely won’t give up lesser mortals like Hafiz Saeed, Dawood Ibrahim, Tiger Memon, Zakiur Rehman Lakhvi etc to it’s arch rival India? They just won’t. Period. So what the hell are we talking to them about? Importing onions or what?

As you guys would appreciate, neither the monitor nor the class teacher can change the basic character of a bad boy. They can only help the boy to a certain extent. In fact, the monitor can only make the bad boy behave and that too by using a stick or words to that effect. The monitor also needs to understand that since the class teacher is not around all the time he’ll have to learn to take matters in his own hand. It is for this reason that I say that instead of taking troops out of Kashmir, we need to move a couple of brigades into Kashmir, primarily on the borders, which’ll force them to undertake a complete redeployment of security forces within Pakistan. Or we can also undertake covert operations like the Americans did, as all news channels are talking about. That is what will shake the Pakis up while it won’t really upset the complete applecart.

Everyone has to deal with his or her own demons on their own. No one can do it for them. America also has to and is indeed fighting it’s demons, somewhat successfully. Pakistan is only putting up a facade of fighting it’s demons whereas they’re not. India, sadly, is neither fighting it’s demons nor putting up a facade of trying to. Instead, we’re trying to fight Pak’s demons to try and resolve their internal contradictions by efforts like Aman Ki Asha or reaching out to Kayani, efforts which are doomed to fail. We don’t understand that Pakis in general will not start loving India because some of us want them to. If anyone has the right and the capability to do that, it’s the Pak govt not us. If anything, it’s their job not ours. And that’s the most ridiculous irony of it all? We Indians want to fight Pak’s demons while we want the Americans to fight ours. Stupid, to say the least.

It is therefore quite surprising to see people like Dileep Padgaonkar of Times of India and Mihir Sharma of Indian Express say that we need to continue engaging Pak, may be even more than what we were doing till now. In his column Pak Discomfiture No Solace For India Dileep Padgaonkar says

“There is no alternative for us but to engage with that country with due regard for it’s own nationalist sentiment”

Sorry, Mr Padgaonkar but there are other alternatives. There always are. And why should we worry about Pak’s nationalistic sentiment if it involves undying love for hardliners? That’s their own demon, not ours, remember?

Mr Mihir Sharma too echoes the same sentiment in his column The House Next Door. He even goes on to say we should increase economic relations with Pak and accord each other Most Favoured Nation status. Though technically, it doesn’t mean much but saying that Pakistan is our Most Favoured Nation is repulsive to say the very least. And what impact will increased trade have in the immediate future? Will Pakistan stop exporting terror just because we buy their onions and spices? Crazy for anyone to believe that.

Before I sign off let me just say that given the way the bad boy is fast embracing doom, we may not need to go to war with Pakistan at all. Pakistan may well soon be at a full scale war with itself. That’s the way the cookie crumbles..

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16 Responses to “Whose demons should we fight?”

  1. 1

    Americans did not know the location of OBL in 10 years! Very strange. We have strong belief that Americans are super human beings. But we have such false notion. The whole truth is that they are over confident of their superiority. They have thinking that all are inferior to them so they did not try to correct themselves. But in fact they should have been more alert and wise as they have tasted defeat in Vietnam, South Korea and iraq.Now they are going to be defeated in Afghanistan and Pakistan.They don’t want to know or don’t know who are their true friends or true enemies. In their war against terrorism and 9/11 culprits they had befriended Pakistan, the most notorious nation in world for their treachery and betrayal. They have been forced by Bush to support in their war on condition that USA would give them ransom of 2 billions of $ every year but they were fooled as the same money was spent on feeing the same jihadist who are against USA and India. It is the policy of USA to feed the snake who bite them. So it is America who is now facing the truth again but still they did not learnt any lesson. They have to stop all types of aid to Pakistan, Get the UNSC to pass resolution declaring Pakistan one terrorists country, condemn its activities, stop world support and make it alone in world with china harbour of its activities. China may support it and may put veto in UNSC but that would be counterproductive to china as he would also be subjected to
    criticism by world nations.If Pakistan would change its attitude for all it can progress well but with a mentality for ill will for all it can go down hill.Now also time is for Pakistan but the fact is that it is one epicentre of terrorism and its fraud mentality drown it.Although it is having a close relation ship with china but it has failed to understand that china is abusing Pakistan for its expansionist activities.China has double standards and double speaks.It helped Pakistan but take away a large chunk of land from Pakistan in karakoram region.So Pakistan which harbours animus relation with India always even if our PM going down on his knees to appease them,They are abusing the holistic approach of our holier than thou PM.In Egypt’s Sharm-El-shaikh they had made him a fool by dictating all their condition in a agreement and later published it in the media to downgrade him.

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    Comments on : Americans did not know the loc....

    Comment By : Sush

    I sincerely wish Pakistan realizes that the way they're headed means a civil war in not so distant future.
    Also, I really do not see America giving up on them. They need Pak's help to be able to leave Afghanistan which is of prime importance.

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  2. 2

    Americans have been fooled by Pakistan since 9/11.When they declined to assist USA in their war on terror Prez Bush threatened Mush that either he would be for or against USA. So mush out of fear accepted all conditions of USA but started playing hide and seek game with USA and bush. Bush did not understand the game .He just allowed mush to LOOT USA by billions as aid for his help. Although usa was allowed logistic support to USA on attack over Afghanistan in 2001 but that is against huge money. Since then Pakistan is looting USA by falsehood and cheating. They had assured that they would provide all the terrorists to UA but they fooled USA.PAK army and ISI are fully involved in the terrorists activities all over world with the USA MONEY.First they driven the Russians from Afghanistan and later occupied Afghanistan through Taliban chief MULLAH UMER.MULLAH UMER is now in Pakistan and enjoying state guest facilities. But America is silent on him.The Taliban chief is the most crooked man.But ISI and Army helped the UMER and its cadres.When the USA drone skilled some Pakistanis that day the ways were closed and all the tankers of USA forces were burnt in pakistan.USA should know that Pakistan is the most dreaded terrorists state in world and ISI is the most dreaded agency. So there is nothing wrong if USA take steps to declare Pakistan a terrorists state and also get it approved in UNSC.The day would be the golden day for world peace and last for Pakistani frauds and cheatings.

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  3. 3
    Shailesh Tinaikar:

    Good one. Thanks

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    Comments on : Good one. Thanks....

    Comment By : Sush

    Thank you so much.. Appreciate it.

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  4. 4
    Prashanth K.P:

    Sush, as always....the best. Like the maxims used - student, monitor (apt), class teacher.

    Yes, a befuddled Pakistan has been reduced to ridicule by the Globe. While 'ifs' and 'buts' do remain behind the American crusade, fact of the matter remains that a much wanted, rather the most wanted criminal since Hitler has been eliminated. That he was fed and nurtured by the Pakis is needless to say. They owe the Americans as well as the international community a bloody concrete justification defending their innocence. But for the moment, they have been caught with their pants down. Let us be jubilant of this fact and say - screw them.

    But, as you rightly said, what next for India? Whine and drone to the Americans that there are more in the take away list and please help? While we have a clueless Government of India perhaps not even envisaging probabilities of consequence that might emerge post OBL saga, the Pakis are pretty much determined to take the next stride of diverting attention from international glare i.e. pressurize India at LOC. As I write this, there is increased mobilization of Paki forces along the LOC and simultaneously increased presence of Chinese troops at the Karakorum Pass (most probably a hand in glove ploy), just 61KMs away from Saichen Glacier.

    Will our political imbeciles support our fiercely competent defense establishment to a state of high alertness or will they exhibit their usual incompetence remains to be seen. While I go with the latter opinion, I would go one step further and say that in the midst of our borders being fired upon (not yet), Government of India would persist with bilateral talks. What Dilip Padagaonkar and Mihir Sharma has done is just vomit the intended words of our incompetent Government who now are particularly scared in assessing the post OBL period. The vociferous 'don't you dare' rantings coming from across the border will augment the unease in New Delhi.

    Why do we boast of being an emerging economic & military super power if we can't defend and when required decimate adversaries? I guess successive governments of both Congress and the BJP are squarely responsible for the dilemma we are faced with now. If we had redeemed ourselves from this glorified bhai bhai concept and stuck to our individualism, we would have by far become the 'emerging tag' we wished.

    My only reservation is to your conclusion. We may not need to go to war, but do you think they would not take us to it. They eat, drink, sleep and pray to the doom of India. That they are doomed is beyond anyone's contention. So why not take us along, especially when we have projected our frailty!

    Thanks Sush!

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    Comments on : Sush, as always....the best. ....

    Comment By : Sush

    Words of wisdom, indeed. I guess our powers that be cannot see the difference between tolerance and cowardice.
    Thanks for the kind words.

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  5. 5
    Pradip Doshi:

    According to a post, if U.S. failed in Iraq etc by going in war and will be defeated in Pak, what are the chances that our resorting to war tactics against Pakistan will give us desired results?

    We divided Pak into Pak & Bangladesh. Did it reduced our problems? How badly we were engaged in defending our state within and how much time and money costed us thereafter? Yet seperating Bangladesh could have been a necessary evil.

    Why are we forgetting that these Muslim countries have fanatics who wish to convert world into a Muslim state. The fanatics feel that Muslim religion is only true & supreme and it's Allah's wish that each one has to follow this religion. People who do not follow Muslim religion have to be killed. Giving one's life for the cause will give them heaven after death.

    Illiteracy, poverty and reverence for Maulavi's is root cause of growing Muslim fanatism. Assuming there is no one to enroll for Jehadi movement, how would there be terrorists?

    The people who feel giving life for protecting Muslim religion will take them to heaven - their desired ultimate abode, how much the threat of losing life reduce terrorism?

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    Comments on : According to a post, if U.S. f....

    Comment By : Sush

    Mr Doshi, fight against terror has to be fought at different levels. Our internal problems are our own and should be mixed with our problems with Pakistan. Both these issues have to be fought separately and have different solutions too. Believe you me it can be done or rather it must be done.

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  6. 6
    Happy Kitten:

    India cannot be accomodating anymore.. period!
    It is too dangerous and our leaders better wake up in time.. and India cannot afford to wait and see if Uncle Sam will give up or continue to hold Pakistan's hand. Since the US media continues to potray Pakistan being ignorant of OBL's sojure in Pakistan's soil for 5 years, I doubt if US is going to drop their game for the sake of India. and why should they? The least India can do is stop the talks.. Can one blame the super power for having selfish motives? their creation of Osama itself is a fact to see.

    Our borders needs to be tightened and look out kept for every Osama supporter.

    But then these are just wishes only :)

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    Comments on : India cannot be accomodating a....

    Comment By : Sush

    Completely agree with you. Only if our wishes were horses....

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  7. 7
    Pradip Doshi:

    Everyone has problems be it Individual, family, business house and nation & each one desire to resolve.

    There are problems which can be resolved and there are problems which one has to live with.

    While we talk about nations, Pak's vendetta against India has grown from partition. Eachone who lost their near & dear ones on both side of border wish revenge.

    Let's look in our neighbourhood, are our all neighbours co-operative and submit to our wishes? Do we submit to their suggestions? What approach we take, fight or request? Do we engage goons to make them submit to our valid suggestions? At the most we change our place if neighbours are not civil but we can't change nation.

    How in-different people/neighbours are when someone is assaulted, robbed or facing domestic violence?

    Crows are black everywhere. When it is not easy to resolve neighbourhood or family feuds, how could international problem resolve easily?

    Israel & Palestine are on war from years, do their problems resolve? Does issues created by our political parties ever resolve. Could families of Sikhs killed after Indira Gandhi's murder ever got justice?

    The resolving of process of international issues would be ongoing process. Before we can resolve or end problems with Pakistan, China is behaving in doubtful manner.

    If we go into war, I am sure, China will openly or otherwise support Pak. We are a grown nation and are in position to compete China in world market. Their interest is to come in the way of our growth.

    Beyond doubt it is essential that problems with Pak are resoved without delay but amicable settlement need willingness of both nations. If you expect Pak to agree now, Jinah would have certainly listened to Gandhiji.

    War can subside the problems till one side is weak and other strong. The moment, weak becomes strong, problem re-appears. Pak is going to ask for Kashmir and India is not going to give. The fact is known to both so whenever an issue with Pak is to be resolved like handing over of Dawood and his likes, Pak will ask to settle Kashmir issue first.

    I feel, there is lack of willingness on Pak side to be good neighbours of India. They want to see India as enemy than friend.

    Only today morning, I read an article by a Pakistani lady. An excellent article. She finds fault with Pakistan rulers. Like wise there may be N number of people in both countries who want peace & love amongst people of both countries. Pak's secret agency ISI and military should have the willingness.

    My whole hearted wishes for your dream to come true.

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  8. 8
    Pradip Doshi:

    Copy pasting part extract of an article

    Peaceful protesters on the streets of Cairo and Tunis toppled more autocrats than a decade of suicide bombings, thereby refuting bin Laden’s claim that only the most merciless violence could depose the ‘‘crusader and Zionist puppets’’, such as Ben Ali in Tunisia and Mubarak in Egypt, whom he railed against.

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  9. 9

    We and only We have to fight our own wars,but what about weakness and lack of Patriotism on part of our leaders.Corrupt leaders are not Patriotic to the cause and are easy prey to blackmail by Foreign Forces.We in India lack unity in name of Religion,Caste,Region and language and can not change the mindset of Corrupt,who are only interested in making money be it through war or any other covert operation,most of our Intelligence Agencies are engaged in chasing Politicians of Ruling and Opposition parties,soft corner towards Pakistanis Migrant Hindus from Pak who held and hold high positions in politics has stopped us from any concrete action against a rogue State like Pakistan.Now Nuclear threat perception is used as excuse for Armed inaction,whereas it seems both India and Pakistan have already compromised their Nuclear deterrent to United States,meanwhile people get killed in Skirmishes on borders,in terror attacks in cities.It is for sure that we have accepted indirect Colonization of our Countries to Western powers who are imposing it on us through Religious and State terrorism at their own will from time to time.India and Pakistan both are doomed Countries since their inception and nothing much will happen to improve the present situation,meanwhile people of this subcontinent will keep on suffering as they have been since last two thousand years.People who can not rise against Tyranny as united have no other option.

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  10. 10
    Amado Solum:

    I don't completely agree, but regardless a very well written post. I'll link back from my site in the archives, when I get time :) Cheers!

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  11. 11
    click here to find out more:

    electric cigar Whose demons should we fight? « by Sush Jaitly

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