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Why aren’t we talking about Ketan Desai?

April 29th, 2010

We all know that Ketan Desai, President of Medical Council of India, has indeed been arrested for corruption. What most of us don’t really know is the amount of recovery made by authorities so far from him. Hold your breath folks. The amount recovered from him is Rs 1800 crore in cash and 1500 kgs of gold. HOLY CRAP!!!! 1800 CRORES and 1500 KGS OF GOLD!!! You can imagine the scale of corruption perpetrated by Ketan Desai. While all our news channels got besotted with Lalit Modi for allegedly having accepted 80 million dollars ie roughly Rs 350 crores but it pales in comparison to what this guy has made, and still no one feels like talking about it!!. They also say in hushed tones that recoveries from him could go upto Rs 2500 crores. It is also alleged that Ketan Desai demanded Rs 15 crore for every medical college that he sanctioned.

If that be the case why the hell aren’t the news channels talking about this? Why aren’t the newspapers flashing this on their front pages? Have they been told to keep their mouths shut because there are very influential people involved in this? I very seriously have my doubts about our media on this one. It is so very easy for each one of them to run down Modi but why do they lack the gumption to talk about something as big as this? And what is our principal opposition party the BJP doing about this? Why haven’t they spoken on this? Leave aside the BJP why hasn’t anyone brought up this issue in the Parliament? Are they all too scared to do what is right?

I did a google check on words - MCI KETAN DESAI 1800 CRORES. And below is the screen shot of my results. Now why do I need to give a screen shot of search results? That’s because most of those links which cropped up do not work anymore or the web pages from those links have since been amended, including the one of Hindu newspaper. Now, Google has this beautiful habit of keeping caches in it’s memory of original content written and therefore even if the pages are amended later on the cache gives you an idea of what was there initially. And you can read this quite clearly from the cropped screen shot below. Also, please note that none of the main newspapers like Hindustan Times, Times of India and Indian Express which normally should appear on top in such search results do not actually figure anywhere in it. Why? I don’t know for sure but I’m forced to believe that these pages have either been removed altogether or just that that this news was not posted at all by them. And it shows the kind of media that we have today in our country.

Pertinent to mention that the link to does indeed work, as I write this at least. Check it out if you wish to because I do not really know till how long will it continue to work. It is for this reason that I produce a screen shot of Sulekha as well.

You will appreciate that you cannot really amass so much ill gotten money without the connivance of higher ups which Ketan Desai must have bribed to keep himself safe. The man himself may be in jail for corruption but there are others too who are freely roaming around with their share of the booty. It is for this reason that I say that a Joint Parliamentary Committee (JPC) probe should be conducted on this one for sure to expose all those who are guilty. BJP and Left parties need to do what is required of a credible opposition.

I very well know that I’m treading on very difficult grounds here but I believe GOD is with me and I have full faith in him. AMEN!!!!

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71 Responses to “Why aren’t we talking about Ketan Desai?”

  1. 1
    Pious John:

    GOD BLESS YOU SUSH! Don't worry about anything. We are with you. Nothing bad can happen to honest and straight forward person like you. GOD BLESS YOU ONCE AGAIN!

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  2. 2


    Earlier reports are 'Hype' as usually done by our Media,

    You would have probably missed the News given by CBI:
    "There are reports that cash and gold worth crores had also been seized during the raids but CBI officials refused to confirm the reports."

    If you are a Medical Professional,immediately join the 'Signature Campaign'against MCI amendments, which is becoming bigger and bigger!

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  3. 3
    The NRI:

    Great Expose!

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  4. 4

    Hey ksunder, welcome to my blog!!
    Well although it is entirely possible that was just media hype I somehow very seriously doubt that it was.
    If it was then CBI needs to come out with a clear statement giving the amount of actual recoveries made by them.
    @Pious John, I can't tell you how good those words felt. Thank you so much!!!
    @NRI, thank you so much!!!

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  5. 5

    i can tell you why it is happning. MR KD have eyes and everywhere(he never forgives anybody Bigest names in medical education like TA PAI, Dr. Rangbasa, Dr rajsekharan can vouch for it).all poltician are quit (except for MR. D Raja of CPI) because most of them are either having medical college or one in pipline including our MR Azad.earning of MR KD cannot be under estimated because a simple calculation will tell you that. he collects 25-75Cr per collges, keep his share as 6crs .there are 150 private MC and the number is growing every day.MR KD is in runing the how for past 15 years-now got the figure fro 200cr???
    all the state govt. are also scared because if they make any noise their Govt collges will be scraped in next inspection, and they have to answer ther public about it. one very important question is if MR KD is in jail why pepole stiil be afraid of him ??? simple answer they have not got all of them (the right hands of MR KD likes of Dr.setalvad and Dr keshab kutti nair are still at the helms of affaires in MCI).there is aa svere doubt about our Minster of healths words and deeds. one hand he ask everybody to report him about curruption in Medical colleges(through lettter in feb 2010 available in MOH website) on the other hand his first reaction to the arrest is "govt cannot remove MCI chief " nothing else after two days he constutes a small comitte, which will investigates the medical colleges not the MCI. Now about our media (like NDTV, ajtak, starnews etc excpet for timesnow ant TOI), they go to anybodey's house for few lakhs and covers the raids (remember the IAS couples of bhopal, recnt official of MOH afaires, babus chaprasis, traffic hawaldars ) but not this news.forget about accuracy of news about 2000 cors icertain that it runs into coreres .thank you pls spread the news

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  6. 6

    Corrected one –sorry for the mistakes

    i can tell you why it is happening. MR KD have eyes and everywhere (he never forgives anybody Biggest names in medical education like TA PAI, Dr. Rangbasa, Dr rajsekharan can vouch for it).all politician are quit (except for MR. D Raja of CPI) because most of them are either having medical college or one in pipeline including our MR Azad. earning of MR KD cannot be under estimated because a simple calculation will tell you that. he collects 25-75Cr per colleges, keep his share as 6crs .there are 150 private MC and the number is growing every day. MR KD is in running the how for past 15 years-now got the figure fro 2000cr?? and that to without eve investing a single paisa
    all the state govt. are also scared because if they make any noise their Govt colleges will be scraped in next inspection, and they have to answer ther public about it. one very important question is if MR KD is in jail why people stiil be afraid of him ??? simple answer they have not got all of them (the right hands of MR KD likes of Dr.setalvad and Dr keshab kutti nair are still at the helms of affaires in MCI).there is a severe doubt about our Minster of health’s words and deeds. one hand he ask everybody to report him about corruption in Medical colleges(through lettter in feb 2010 available in MOH website) on the other hand his first reaction to the arrest is "govt cannot remove MCI chief " nothing else after two days he constitutes a small committee, which will investigates the medical colleges not the MCI. Now about our media (like NDTV, ajtak, starnews etc excpet for timesnow ant TOI sahara samay), they go to anybody’s house for few lakhs and covers the raids (remember the IAS couples of bhopal, recnt official of MOH afaires, babus chaprasis, traffic hawaldars ) but not this news, forget about accuracy of news about 2000 cors it certain that it runs into crs .thank you for spreading the news

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  7. 7
    Krishna Chaitanya:

    Not sure what went wrong but I found these on the first page when I searched for "ketan desai mci" on ( had different results)


    Some of the articles are very detailed and some others are very superficial.

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  8. 8

    @youngdoctorsindia, firstly, thanks for giving the breakdown as to how the figure could be as high as 1800 crores. Secondly, there is little doubt that there are so many others including doctors who inspect these colleges, other officials of MCI and govt officials and possibly ministers as well who get their share in this bribe.
    Will this issue ever come out in the open? Well, only if BJP and Left parties want it too, ie if they themselves are not guilty of being party to this scam.
    @Krishna, thanks for giving all those links but may I did not clarify my point properly. What I wish to say is that the scale of this scam is not being talked of. All those links indeed tell you that Ketan Desai has been arrested but only for accepting Rs 2 crore as bribe. They are not telling you that Rs 1800 crore in cash and 1500 kgs of gold has been recovered from him. Why?
    And that's my whole point.

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    Comments on : @youngdoctorsindia, firstly, t....

    Comment By : dr naman

    sush ur an idiot u know this entire episode was a political game just to change man in power not the system just see nothing would change congress wanted to takeover the mci n it succeded thanks to mr gandhi now sibal would have his way and the idependence of docters is gone as now medical faculty has finally come under the government and we all know things can only be worse if any goverment is involved rit.........thing realistically

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    Another Comment on : sush ur an idiot u know this e....

    Comment By : Sush

    Dr naman, I wonder how talking about the corruption in MCI and that on the part of Ketan Desai makes me an idiot?
    Having said this, I'd agree that it may well be a political move to shift power from KD to Kapil Sibal.

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  9. 9
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    [...] Why aren’t we talking about Ketan Desai? « by Sush Jaitly [...]

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  10. 10
    Pious John:


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  11. 11

    Tamil newspapers still carry the news with the information that 1.5 tons of gold and 1500 crores were recovered from him.

    We are not supposed to worry about this when we are least bothered about the 90,0000 crore rupees spectrum scam. A.Raja is still the Telecom minister. Even when it came to light it was an issue only in TN. In TN it was a big issue during last parliamentary polls but the issue was not raised at all outside TN. This week 10 ADMK MPs again raised the issue and stormed the well of the Loksabha for which Mr.Pranab Mukherjee said that their behaviour was 'disgusting'! Jayalalitha now asks "Is it one rule for Shashi Tharoor and one rule for A.Raja?".

    The media keeps silent all along. The media is now controlled by many foreign countries. Hindu is controlled by China through Mr.N.Ram. It is openly acknowledged by many important personalities in TN who know the happenings inside the CPI(M). N.Ram is an important power center in the CPI(M) today. It was under his pressure that Mr.W.R.Varadharajan a veteran CPI(M) leader was expelled from the party on false charges, due to which he committed suicide. They also say that Prakash Karat is digging the grave for the CPI(M).

    Some media houses have links with the Americans. Some are pressurized by the government. Others are bribed.

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  12. 12
    Hare Ram:

    You are right that nor media nor the TV are not showing this man's deeds, some of the possible reasons are
    1.Ketan desai may have given admission to children kins of editor /editors in chiefs aor people related to media, thus by revenging Ketan DESAI ,our Ketan will hit them back and so they thought to keep mum-"just for the sake of their own careers or their children's career."
    2.Ketan Desai have money power, if any loud voice can be kept silent by money ,and probably can be kept silent by money, Ketan Desai et al has used it.

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  13. 13
    India Savers:

    Thanks Sush for your daring brave initiative,remember no one can stop us we all since anger against MCI corruption is there against each and every house of India.We need to continue to spread by all means to spread this message of corruption ,the media silence, the politicians and mass media silence over Ketan desai's corruption.Is the media too a part of our corrupt society-that our media too is "managable".If yes then what is the type of country we are living in so called the largest"pseudodemocracy" of the world with probably biggest corrupt systems in the world.You have done a great job raising this topic, we all middle class Indians too are talking at our homes about this media silence over Ketan Desai and MCI officers corruption.If times of India , Hindustan times , Indian Express editors are reading this blog , then I tell you guys that u editors should be ashamed of covering people like Ketan Desai and Institutions like MCI.Shame shame BJP for not talking about it in parliament, shame shame Vinod dua and NDTV-u are supposed to a big exposer-today you are mum, AND BRAVO FOR CBI.

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  14. 14
    deepak vak:

    1500 cr hot cash!!!! :-O bug bucks... i wish i see just 1 cr in my cash...

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  15. 15

    @shaan, quite frankly Congress is not really concerned if this comes out in Tamil Nadu. As long as the national media is not talking about it they're just fine.
    About D Raja I'd indeed written a post in Oct 09- Please check it out.
    Your point about media being controlled by foreigners is also pretty valid. Unfortunately, we don't really have any proof of this. Not yet at least. But yes, we do need to keep this thing in the back of our minds.
    @Hare Ram, both the things that you have pointed out are good but it is the second point of yours which is the deciding factor.
    @India Savers, firstly, a great name!!! Secondly, I like the phrase 'pseudo democracy'. In many ways we are just that or worse, a 'banana republic'.
    Lastly guys, thank you all for your support. I would not have had the courage to write this if I did not have this kind of support. Thank you once again!!!

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  16. 16
    K.P. Prashanth:

    That is one wonderful piece of investigative journal you have put out Sush. As you said, most of the links on the subject have become passive which clearly indicates involvement of very high level recipients both in the ruling and opposition parties.
    What is perplexing is how on earth such a corrupt official, indicted and reprimanded by the Delhi High Court in year 2001 for his huge earnings and corrupt practices go on to become the President of MCI! Isn't it contempt of court! And where was the Judiciary from 2001 till now when he was imparting his authority in spite of the strictures imposed upon him by the Honourable Delhi high Court? Even the Court Order stripping KD of his MCI Presidentship was not only ignored by dared. Isn't it amazing!
    And the Media - forget it. They go by scoops that are silly and affecting the common man. Reputed they are for treading safe parameters. What is called media dharma is absent in them for want of commercialism. As rightly pointed out, some if not all of them would have benefitted from the KD Syndicate by way of admissions and endowments!
    And lastly the Opposition - Hmm! I had great respect for BJP sitting in that seat. But lately none of their decisions has been comforting. The cut motion, JMM, IPL, NCP, DMK, Naxal so on and so forth issues were and are being very badly tackled. There is a drain in their think tank from the look of it. This issue is a clear case for pulsating agitation, yet, all we get to see and hear is soft murmers of discontent.
    All we can expect is that our interest in the scam, however few we are, can garner some interest in the public eye!

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  17. 17


    This is the worst part in our country. The visible illegal income goes uncounted every month. Let me describe what I'm referring to: -

    On an average one police station in Delhi reaps around 20,00,000INR per month. Delhi has around 200 police stations. So the total income every month is
    2000000X200 = 40,00,00,000 INR.
    If we calculate on a national level we have around
    200X28 = 6500 police stations.
    If we calculate monthly income via. police stations on national level then it stands at whopping
    2000000X6500 = 13,00,00,00,00,000INR

    Out of the above booty, atleast 50-60% is sent to the home ministry which handles and controls these police stations.
    (Please note this is only a rough estimate and a personal observation and does not constitute any objection and/or contention).

    Are we still serious about 350cr. of Lalit Modi or 1800cr. of Ketan Desai?? I don't think so!

    Now I know why India was called "sone ki chidiya".


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  18. 18

    Mr K.P.Prashant
    We are not a few,a few people may have written on this blog but sush blog is being popular day by day, thanks to media passive reporting, not covering the matter appropriately.You just go to google and write ketan desai ans MCI and see it is on of the most frequently visited blog/ webpage.Sush a million dollar opportunity to negotiate with Ketan Desai syndicate!!-joking(hope you dont take it seriously).

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  19. 19
    Sumit Jhamb:

    This is really commendable, this is really great initiative take by u, but still we have a long way to go, untill we eradicate this whole mess out of our country.

    I hope it would kindle a fire among us to bring about the great revolution in this country.

    Nothing to worry "God helps those who helps themselves".

    God Bless U.


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  20. 20

    @KPP, thank you so much for those encouraging words. And given by the response which this particular post has generated I sincerely feel that people are becoming more and more aware of goings on in Ketan Desai's case. Thank lord for that.
    @Monaul, I'm sure that the kind of money that yoo are talking about is indeed being exchanged as bribes. Problem is that it is really very difficult to get proof of such give and take. And mind you, that too, has to be dealt with on a case to case basis, as and when such cases crop up.
    @DKTR, you are indeed joking, right? Thank God for small mercies!!!!
    @Sumit, thank you for those words. My faith in God and support from people like you are really my driving force.
    Thank you guys once again!!

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  21. 21
    Sush admirer:

    Yes Sush, indeed a daring initiative from your side.We are with you ,yes many of us Indians who feel that press, media ,newspaper editors,mass media probably have their piece of cake from huge Ketan DESAI corruption money.Also with this Ali BABA there are his chalis chores(40 thieves) like Setalvad Secretary MCI,Dr Nayyar,Vice presidentMCI,babus and other officials who had made a fortune sitting at MCI (people like Jagtar Singh, Assistant secretary MCI,Dr Arora whom the times now spy camera exposed but still in MCI,a section officer,Ramesh Chand-bloody babu but bahaves no less than vice chancelloe of some university-a torture instrument of Ketan desai mafia at MCI-he used to harass people, young people just for the sake of brible,probably.If you go to MCI office at dwarka, YOU WOULD FIND MIDDLEMEN IN FRONT OF THE DOOR(probably now disappeared from this scam-for a while!!).Also the gatemen(security guard)at the door is a good source of information of this corruption mafia.If our authorities does not do anything to clean up MCI we would REVEAL some more facts in public.Thanks Sush creating your blog a platform against Ketan desai and MCI officers.India needs more people like you.I too say as one of the comments here said before SHAME SHAME MEDIA, SHAME SHAME NEWS CHANNELS OF INDIA, SHAME SHAME NEWSPAPERS LIKE TIMES OF INDIA for covering this man Ketan Desai and MCI officers,SHAME SHAME BURKHA DUTT,SHAME SHAME MR CHAWLA OF INDIA TODAY,SHAME SHAME MR VINOD DUA- you dare not pose next time an exposer of corruption next time;SHAME SHAME MR VIKRAM of NDTV..ALSO SHAME SHAME BJP for not taking this MCI scam properly at parliament.But still we are here, middle class average Indians-it's from here the revolution will start- Ketan desai and other corrupt MCI officers ,we will be watching you.

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    Comments on : Yes Sush, indeed a daring init....

    Comment By : sanjay dewal

    Dear Sush,
    I have been following your excellent blog, but I noticed one ill informed entry. One Dr Arora was tortured by KD to the extent that he was not given promotion, and when he filed his case in court, he was demoted ! It did not stop here, because he supported the General during 2001-2002. Dr Arora was framed in a false case, suspended and was reinstated by court orders. This was an insult to KD & his stooges. So he framed him in bribery and suspended again. But Dr Arora wrote immedietely to the CJI, PM, CBI etc that he was being conspired aganist by KD, Setalvad etc. This was suo moto taken up as PIL in 2005 itself, but Justice Katju due to technicality advised him to file a proper writ. This is also pending in the Court and KD & Setalvad were dead scared of charges of having conspired against Dr Arora. The matter is being investigated by CBI. If he had complianed now, it would have been a different story and no body would have believed him. But he wrote immediately after expose' and this proves his innocence. Moreover arrest of KD itself is a proof enough of Dr Arora being innocent and victim of conspiracy. I had known this all along but was keeping quiet. No more now since the culprit is behind and his terrorised victims may get some relief now.

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    Another Comment on : Dear Sush, I have been follow....

    Comment By : Sush

    @Sanjay, thanks for the complements. As for this entry I can't really say for sure because I do not have details of the case you are talking about. Having said this, I feel that if you feel so strongly about this issue there must be some truth in it. I can only wish you and Dr Arora ALL THE VERY BEST!!!!
    Also, I very sincerely believe that finally truth will prevail. It always does!!!!

    You cannot comment on this comment
  22. 22


    Just a ramification in your line that it's not only the bribe but a regular "hafta" being reaped by these cops from the regular shop owners, road side vendors, criminals, settlements in various cases etc.

    I'm being very reasonable in the amount and not lavishing an underestimated figure. If this is the amount cropped by only police deptt., think about other Govt. deptt and the totality of the situation.

    In my view, if corruption alone is curbed could restore "sone ki chidiya".


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  23. 23

    Dear Sush,
    I have been following your blog since once month and read all the blogs till date.
    You are awesome. Your blogs are so informative and you explain even the most complex of scenario in such simple plain mix of words.
    i just could not help complementing you. Long way to go Sush.
    Please carry on with this good work. We are all with you.

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  24. 24

    @Sush admirer, MY GOD!!!! I can't tell you how good that name sounds.
    Well, to be candid I'd no idea that you guys have specific names of corrupt officials who are making money at the cost of guys like you and me. Now I do and so do thousands of others who have read this. Incredible on your part to have given out these names.
    @monaul, 'sone ki chiriya' we sure are. We are the largest consumer of gold in the world. And most of it is because of people like KD.
    @sankalp, thank you so very much for the encouragement. And let me also say that it is my sankalp to write about what I feel is correct, like this one.
    And thank you all, once again!!!

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  25. 25
    dr cv:

    Don’t worry, boys, he’ll be back!

    Remember he’s been arrested before.
    He got away then. He’ll get away now.

    want to have a good laugh?
    Here’s his website

    and their ban on gifts from pharma companies

    Ever wondered how a doctor arrested for corruption twice gets himself re-elected again and again to the supreme regulatory authority of medical education, ethics, and practice in India?


    Just see to it that each and every one in the council is one of your own men!

    Yes. Out of members of the council, majority are ketan desai’s own men.
    Equally corrupt, greedy, and without conscience. His painstaking work over the past seven years

    The process began in 1996 when he was first elected. Every honest member was slowly replaced with one of his thugs.

    And now Indian shtyle corruption goes international!

    So if you think that his arrest ends things, and medical education in India is back on track, you’re sadly mistmaken.

    The whole council has to be replaced.
    Every single one of them.

    it’s difficult.
    But we have to try.

    In case you haven’t noticed, no news channel is taking up this news in a big way.

    Please contact the national news channels that you can.
    Try to convince them to do a full talk show on it. We can at least take away his political support.

    Dr CV

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  26. 26

    @Dr CV, There is little doubt that the entire council has to be corrupt for KD to have accumulated so much wealth.
    As far as national news channels are concerned I really don't think they will do a debate on KD because his political support stems from the money that he must've paid to these people. And that will be exposed in a debate.

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  27. 27

    great post as usual!

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  28. 28

    As media again has been passive on Ketan Desai I thought of seeing the other sites , sush your blog has information which is not there even on news channels.Further would like to contribute

    1.As has been shown in some news channels that KD mafia at MCI gave registration to persons after having had completed arts,yes that was the case where honourable supreme court said in an appeal that if somebody has completed medicine but did not have the required qualifications , then too registration should be given.Afterwards there came the provision of the so called "eligibility certificate",that any Indian national who would like to study medicine abroad has to have an eligibility certificate."
    2.Also the honourable supreme court formed the so called "ad hoc committee" to decide the cases as per the guidelines set by it in certain previous decisions.This committee was set for speedy justice ,for not taking precious time of judges to solve similar cases.

    But........what happened was
    1.Many candidates who could not pay bribe, there cases were either not solved,or solved years after for eg a doctor completed his internship in let's say 2000 ,and decision of the executive council(KD mafia )came in 2009 , so if anybody did not pay his career was ruined.Remember doctors need to specialize and if somebody does not have internship or registration he cannot go further in his career."This was modus operandi no 1."

    2.MODUS OPERANDI NO 2-Faulty decisions or decisions by manipulating laws or delayed decisions :Now if somebody paid these corrupt officials just gave registration certificates by whatever means-the executive council used to modify,interpret and used to do everything under the patronage of Dr Ketan desai, dr Setalvad and ofcourse under the stamp of the "ad hoc council appointed by the supreme court".And those who did not pay even after having had shown their competency for eg by passing screening test for medical registration were debarred registration on many grounds which were worthless like "games of dates" -your application came on this date and this law came on this date and thus.....".The most striking thing was that supreme court appointed ad hoc committee was not reacting,they used to nod head to everything thus justice was debarred to many candidates.People used to go to supreme court for justice, supreme court reffers case to ad hoc committee( as the case was similar to the previous case and already guidelines were set) and ad hoc commitee does nothing but nods heads to whatever KD mafia used to decide.

    Hope things would change in this Banana Republic of our's.I wish Mr Gulam Nabi Azad and other health ministry officials are reading this blog of yours.Mr Gulam Nabi -go ahead with your ordinance to remove KD ,Keshav Kutti-with whom we all are "kutti"(angry),Setalvad etc.Remember Mr Gulam Nabi Azad,our honourable health minister "removing only KD would not help at all,along with him everybody there has to be removed."If you leave one cancer cell the tumour will grow again,so total cleansing of MCI is the only way to restore credibility of MCI."Thanks.

    Comment on this Comment
  29. 29

    Hey Doctorsaheb, from what you've written I'm truly amazed that these things were going on for such a long time. I believe this guy has been in MCI for two decades now. No wonder the organization was a mafia operating in cahoots with medical colleges, officials and politicians as well.
    Thank you doctor for giving out their modus operandi in such clear words!!!! I only hope our political masters are listening.

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  30. 30

    Its a fight against all odds and nobody seems to be on our side at present but I am sure god is watching from somewhere.
    Somehow we have to try to get the media cover this entire event on one of the popular channnels , maybe then the opposition will take some note of it. Its almost impossible but at least there will be one honest person in media out of so many , at least one. I am keeping my fingers crossed.
    He has been suspended today from BJ medical college after almost 3 weeks . everyone is quiet. Its a nexus but remember if a system rots so much it will automatically disintegrate or destroy itself, thats the law of nature and KD and company are not above it. Howmuchever impossible it seems now, its just a matter of time. we should not lose hope.

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  31. 31
    Gujarat govt suspends MCI chief Ketan Desai | free-personal-injury-lawyer:

    [...] Why aren't we talking about Ketan Desai? « by Sush … [...]

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  32. 32

    @sai, firstly, welcome to my blog. Secondly, as much as I'd love to see a debate on some channel but let me tell you that it is quite improbable and even if does it will not go into all the murky details. It'll be a farce and that's because the details are too dirty and may involve some very powerful people.
    Lastly, like you I also have full faith in GOD and hope that things will improve.

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  33. 33
    Gujarat terminates services of Ketan Desai | Personal services:

    [...] Why aren’t we talking about Ketan Desai? « by Sush Jaitly [...]

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  34. 34

    Everyone seems to have conveniently forgotten about the scam.

    Well, I happened to google up 'Ketan Desai MCI' when the disclosure was made earlier (to get more details on the news) and the first page to come up was Ketan Desai's official homepage! -which of course, glorified his achievements as a doctor! *facepalm*
    A disgrace to the profession he is!

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  35. 35
    Loud Speaker:

    As per today
    1.Ketan Desai is president of MCI,still the information is there on MCI website.
    2.Dr Nayyar,Dr Setalvad and their babus are still there in MCI .
    3.No change in exective council members/pg committee-so it's business as uusual.
    4.CBI which did such a big ,brave job questioned in our democracy -by our judiciary which was blind all these years when Ketan Desai was minting money,when he ruined lives of thousands of young doctors asking bribe for registering them.
    5.Ordinance to come ,but MCI functioning remains as usual,so it's all the same as before -NO CHANGE!!!!.
    6.No Concrete proposal/plans forwarded by our health ministry/PMO to clean up the mess in MCI.
    7.DOCTORS , MEDICAL FRATERNITY and general citizen of India losing faith in system as a whole and in Congress government.BJP has shown to be clearer party as it did not accept the resignation of Ketan Desai and TERMINATED him.Narendra Modi really has balls to stand against corruption,has proved himself as an efficient ruler.Same is needed of the central government.
    8.If we continue to write about the developments on Ketan DESAI and pass on this blog to all our friends , no way Ketan Desai and friends can passify the news as probably they have done this time.
    9.Today Ketan Desai got the Bail,and suspiciously,it's a very little news for our mass media.No TV covering release of this man from court,nobody now talking about him.

    Friends write on this blog as frequently as you can ,this blog now is a platform against Ketan DESAI MAFIA, WE WOULD BE REGULARLY VISITING THIS BLOG.

    Write about any irreglarity that MCI/MCI officers do or have done to you.

    Thanks a lot SUSH for your regular encouragement,we will all remember you, would visit your blog as frequently as we can.Thanks once again.

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  36. 36

    @Arps, that's exactly the reason why I haven't given a link to that ridiculous site.
    @Loud Speaker, first of all let me thank you from the bottom of my heart for such encouraging words.
    About Narendra Modi, despite all the allegations of Gujarat riots all I wish to say is that this man really has what it takes to be the next leader.I only hope BJP has the courage to bring up this issue of Ketan Desai and MCI, in parliament.
    And lastly guys, welcome to my blog!!!!

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  37. 37

    At last kETAN Desai has resigned,a big relief in medical community.Also the need to dissolve this corrupt organisation is felt by our cabinet,another positive step.Now the damage that Ketan Desai mafia did has to be repaired.So
    1.We demand to give all doctors registration who have passed the screening test(and thus have proved his competency to practice medicine in India).Our country needs doctors and competent doctors from abroad are welcome-may it be undergraduates,postgraduates,or highly skilled specialists.

    2.Derecognize all the medical colleges which have substandard facilities,the students from these medical colleges e transferred to government medical colleges or else the college governing council be given ultimatum that either you upgrade standards or else we will derecognize them.(I think they will upgrade since they now do not have to pay Ketan Desai)

    3.Whole of the executive council be removed-they do not represent the medical fraternity of India,all of them are just Ketan desai chamchas- beasts who learned only to lobby in their medical schools,most of them themselves are the worst of the medical fraternity.

    4.Change members of ad hoc council apppointed by the supreme court as this committe did'nt pass the exam of being an honest,independent who would monitor the functioning of MCI,it itself became a "comittee of yesmen of Ketan Desai"as was executive council.

    Anyway folks congrats once again,now we can see a light in the tunnel.

    Good job Naredra Modi and Union Ministry(a bit lethargic).

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  38. 38
    doctors of india:

    Thanks sush for your contribution in the eradication of corruption frm India.There is a chinese saying-"Long distances are started by moving a small step first."

    In today's world we doctors along with awakened citizens like you have shown that even if media passify any news ,if we try we can move ahead on our own.Anyway we have to say one thing that cnn ibn was the only channel who was with us,CNNIBN regularly showed supported us,thank you CNN IBNfor your support,we all doctors now trust you guys more than NDTV,AAJ TAK and others who kept mum on Ketan Desai issue or were doing passive reporting.

    Media guys-Today's India is well educated and can't be befooled,you cannot supress any news,remember .

    Thanks again sush we need more housewives like you who are jhansi ki rani's against our crussade against corruption in this country.Bye and take care

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  39. 39

    Good news for all of us. MCI has indeed been dissolved. YAHOO!!!! Also, let me add that this is surely not because of Rs 2 crore as was being splashed around by media houses. Rs @ crore is pocket change for these people which they blow up in one evening of cards.
    Now let's hope that the other guilty guys get punished.
    @doctors of India, I guess we can thank the internet for this awakening.
    By the way, I'm truly humbled by Jhansi Ki Rani sobriquet. Thank you so much!!!!

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  40. 40
    Sandeep Rana:

    :) Public Notice :)
    All the bloggers are informed that this lady Sush is a nuclear bomb and we have just seen a small blast which has exploded MCI.
    Hats off to you Sush.
    You have enlightened the hope in every Bhartiya that together we can and we will get rid of MR. KD and alike terrorists and will have a corruption free, peaceful living.
    You have done a marvelous job Sush, and hope you keep this tornado named SUSH progressing which will blow away all the evils from our country.

    I request each and every Bhartiya to become a part of this. And to make this become successful we need to change ourselves first, change our buying habits. Switch on to Bhartiya products only as foreign companies and products are a major source of Income to these corrupt politicians and govt. officers. So we need to blow their back bone to demolish them. I have started to use only indigenous products and hope you people will too.

    Great going Sush, (no doubt you are Jhansi ki Rani)
    Jai Bharat

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  41. 41

    Hey Sandeep, welcome to my blog and what did you call me? NUCLEAR BOMB? Ha Ha Ha!!! It's really amazing the way you guys are addressing me. But I don't really mind it. It feels good for sure. Thanks a lot.
    About the other comments of yours give me some time and I'll reply to those.

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  42. 42
    Foreign Medical Graduates:

    Dear Dr.Venugopal

    You are a respected medical doctor,an eminent cardiologist,a person with cristal clear image, who the world knows to have dedicated his life to medicine.Have saved a lot of lives on just a meagre salary of AIIMS professor however you could have earned an astronomical figure salary or could have earned millions in private practice,but you opted to serve the millions of India.

    Sir, now you are a governor of the panel replacing MCI, we doctors from India are looking forward to you for solving our problems which till now no one heard at present MCI.We had no hope, but now we have lot of expectations,we have hope, we believe that in India too medical regulatoring agencies can work in a honest,efficient and citizen-doctor friendly manner.

    A request on behalf of our competent(who passed the screening test)FMGs.

    Registration of FMGs, there are many FMGs which were denied registration or were said to do additional internship of 4-5 years even after passing screening test and completing medicine in a medical school listed in World directory of medical schools listed by WHO .The reason said by the executive committee was that part of their curriculum was in non recognized colleges .But these candidates passed screening test just because of this reason, that part of their curriculum was in non recognized colleges.The executive committee said that these candidates should do an additional internship of 4-5 years depending on the tenure spent in non recognized colleges by stating that supreme court has laid guidelines on such matter and such was the decision.Not true at all ,supreme court decided the cases of candidates who had degree from a recognized by MCI college but part of the six years was spent in a WHO listed but MCI non recognized college AND THOSE WHO DIDNT PASS THE SCREENING TEST.No comment by the supreme court was given for candidates who passed the screening test,had a MCI recognized degree and did part of the curriculum in WHO listed but MCI non recognized college.

    We request you Sir to re-evaluate this decision of the executive council taken and grant registration to those candidates who have proved their competency to practice medicine in India by passing screening test.Screening test after all should be the main criterion for registration.

    Hoping that this public request on behalf on dozens of FMGs whose life has been ruined by such decisions of the Executive Council ,would be read by you and other governing council members which is replacing MCI.

    Thanking you

    On behalf of Foreign Medical Graduates.

    Comment on this Comment

    Comments on : Dear Dr.Venugopal You are a....

    Comment By : A Sufferer FMG who passed the screening test

    I suppose this request is for the new panel that has took over the MCI, a positive development.Thus this request is on behalf of all of FMGs who have suffered from faulty executive council decisions to
    1.Dr S.K. Sarin,Head of the panel
    2.Prof Ranjeet Roy Chowdhary
    3.Dr Sita Naik
    4.Dr Gautam Sen
    5.Dr Devi Shetty
    6.Dr R.L. Salhan

    We have a lot of expectation from this new panel,we hope your decisions would be India Friendly,doctor friendly.We in are in need of doctors and if any medical professional has passed the screening test and has completed his 6 year curriculum in a medical school listed in World directory of medical colleges published by the W.H.O. , then why create artificial hassles .In principle we should support such doctors for their patriotic attitude,if somebody can pass screening test he can pass also PLAB,USMLE and get himself registered in medical profession in US or in UK.A lot of FMGs have left our country after being having had a hopeless attitude from MCI.

    We hope the new administration(panel) would be different and grant registration to all FMGs who have qualified the screening test and had completed the 6 year medical curriculum in a WHO listed medical school.

    We do not support the stand taken by IMA which has probably doctors who are long time friends of Dr Ketan Desai.IMA has opposed the stand to dissolve the MCI stating that the autonomy has to be retained,we say no unless and until there are really honest candidates in the election process and system is made fool proof(no lobby element,no harassment for opposers etc..)there cant be a honest and efficient MCI having elected members.MCI has not proved itself,it has not represented the interest of doctors as a whole(the medical fraternity).

    Hoping for things to change.Thanks Sush for allowing us to use your blog to disscuss our problems.

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  43. 43

    I really hope the FMGs get their due. All the very best to you guys!!!

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  44. 44

    MCI Panel report card

    Wanted time for checking all the recognition of medical colleges-marks 100/100

    Cleaning MCI from it's corrupt officers like Secretary MCI,Dr Arora,babus like Mr Ramesh Chand and others--marks 0/100--- but time can be given to this panel as it is still too early ,to recover marks.

    Reviewing the registration matters where too a lot of corruption was done by this corrupt bandits. 0/100 ----time given again to recover marks in this field to the new panel.

    We meical fraternity would be watchdods for this new panel too.Would not let the old era come where babus and MCI officers did what they wanted.

    Thanks Sush for creating this blog.Your blog is still alive in the fight against corruption.

    TO the new panel-we want results ie
    1.We want a cleaned MCI so that no corrupt officers remain in MCI.We want DR ARN Setalvad,Dr Nayyar,Dr Arora,babus like Mr Ramesh Chand-just out of MCI !!!!.

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  45. 45
    Prof R K Sachar FAMS:

    I did not know that FMGs were being made to suffer.May be they should have studied in India so that KD could have got his pound of flesh (sic). KD did not like anything which threatened his kickbacks. He has made thousands of doctors qualified at National Board of Examinations (a statutory body set up by Ministry of H &F. W. MCI refused to recognize DNB qualified candidates in contravention to Govt. of India gazette notifications and rulings by Supreme Court & High Court.Such was the belligerence of KD and MCI considered it self above the constitution.Even very senior faculty like me were derecognised after 29 years of teaching experience. Reason National Board was diluting KDs moolah from PG seats which is many more times than MBBS. Interestingly PG training is outside the MCI mandate but MCI hijacked it.
    KDs modus operandi for new colleges... Send inspectors with instructions to the colleges to use every trick to find faults. The inspectors were hand picked by KD, all additional inspectors were from Ahemdabad (one has turned approver).The inspectors carried out surprise inspections and used every conceivable trick to find fault like not counting people who were on leave, conference sick etc. Thus an artificial shortage of staff would be created and the executive of MCI wold reccomend refusal of permission. There after a settlement would be reached and KD would order anoter inspection. This time no surprises are sprung aand it is a foregone conclusion that "ALL IZ WELL"
    One has to just peruse in chronological order the minutes of the executive committee and it will be apparent that in case where derecognition is to be recommended the minutes go into several pages but where "ALL IZ WELL" just a para is documented.

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  46. 46
    Abhijit Srivastava:

    Dr. Sarin is world authority on liver diseases. The guy is God. He has given years to dying people. His work on hepatitis, has probably saved millions of lives. I would blindly believe what he says. He is indeed god.

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  47. 47

    Guys I am from B J Medical ahmedabad, the hometown of KD. All the strikes and everything over there was run by KD. There were people who had by mistake oppose KD (just a little) and they never graduated.. some of them owns a business now.. Where as there were some people who didn't know how to write in English, but knew how to get air tickets for KD, when to call taxi for him etc and they finished ortho there (the topmost branch at that time).. No kidding.. I still remember their faces.. He had a lot of political connections.. beyond you can imagine.. He did not reach there.. he knew how to create and maintain relations with EVERYONE.. And anyone who doesn't fit in the picture will be kicked out badly.. What I mean to say is still the MCI is KD's modus operandus and putting all together, it would be magic if he gets punished..! No show in media is just a small part of it.

    Great blog Sush..! I don't know I am just not hopeful in this case.

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  48. 48
    Prof R K Sachar FAMS:

    A Delhi court today 6 July 2010 remanded former Medical Council of India (MCI) President Ketan Desai to 14 days of judicial custody for allegedly possessing assets disproportionate to his known sources of income.
    Desai was produced in the court at the end of his eight day custodial interrogation in the case.
    The court criticized CBI for filing an application for extension of Desai’s police custody by six more days, saying the accused had already been in their custody for 14 days which is maximum under the act. The CBI had booked Desai, his wife and mother in May for having assets worth over 24 crore rupees.
    The former MCI president, earlier this year was also booked under the prevention of corruption act but later granted bail for the same.

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  49. 49
    Doctor observer:

    Friends one more sucess here in cleaning MCI from it,s corrupt officers.Today just saw on MCI website that secretary, additional secretary and deputy secretary are to be replaced.At do not let again the old corruption game at MCI.

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  50. 50
    Dr Prakash Dube:

    I too was very much disturbed when television media people did not give any importance to news of Dr ketan desai being caught by CBI and such a huge amount of cash was recovered from him and they instead continously flashed news about Lalit Modi. But I would like to inform you all that aim of replacing & removing Dr Ketan DesaI (i.e. maintaining medical education standards) has been defeated. On one hand on Wednesday MCI(BOG) team visited KC Mehta Medical college Amargadh Bhavnagar Gujarat and found skeletal staff present at that time. But at Dr Ulhas Patil Medical college Jalgaon Maharashtra , a Medical college Permitted by the newly constituted MCI(BOG) there is no teaching staff at all, 90% of 117 college teachers are only on papers that to only for MCI inspection . Will the MCI(BOG) help the MBBS students at Dr Ulhas Patil Medical college Jalgaon or Will the MCI(BOG) bend to the political pressue of Ex MP Dr Ulhas Patil? At least the ketan desai team after coming to know about the only for inspection staff had not permitted Dr Ulhas patil Medical college to admit students. MCI (BOG) inspection team deliberately ignored the Bogus only for inspection teaching staff at Dr Ulhas Patil Medical college Jalgaon due to which the students are suffering. Now students studying at Dr Ulhas Patil Medical collge Jalgaon are in problem of whom to approach as the MCI BOG ( which was appointed for maintaining the medical education standards by removing Dr Ketan Desai ) itself has promoted these Bogus Medical college .According to the new amendment in MCI Act of curtailing the number of Medical teachers needed in a medical college implemented by MCI from these year just 1proffesor(MD/MS), 1 Associate proffesor(MD/MS), 2 Assitant professor(MD/MS) and 2 Tutors/ demonstrators (MBBS) Per Department are needed now(thus favouring Private medical colleges). MCI also has already reduced the experience criteria ( in years) required for promoting juniors to senior level too(thus favouring Private medical colleges). MCI has already now drastically reduced the number of Medical teachers needed in a Medical College. According to new MCI amendment just 100 Doctor in various capacities are now needed to teach and treat patients in a Medical college with a annual intake of 100 students. I am not talking of irregularities done by Dr ketan Desai(which is a past ) but the recent fraud at Dr Ulhas Patil Medical college Jalgaon supported by MCI under BOG. I am telling you the name of College where MCI BOG has itself supported the fraudulent practice of only for MCI inspection teachers .Not only the students are suffering but also the full time teachers are also suffering as this college management policy is to run Medical college with only one teacher per department and present the required number staff (by paying them on daily basis) on day of MCI inspection only. The MCI BOG deliberately ignored the fact due to which not only the students are suffering but the full time staff are also suffering. On demanding their unpaid salary of 14 months the full time staff are now asked to leave their job and informed they wont be paid their 14 months unpaid salary,as the college has and in future also can be passed during MCI inspection with help of only for MCI inspection teachers only. MCI BOG is directly helping in this fraud by not doing there duties of checking the facts on ground level . In India due to the above policy of Private medical college, forget about the advanced knowledge , the Private medical colleges are not ready to provide their students MBBS teachers who can atleast provide them with basic knowledge. Also the number of private medical college is thrice as compared to Government Medical colleges and what if standards are being manipulated and are unchecked in this Private Medical colleges. In government medical colleges as pay is good now there are no vacancies of teachers. There is no shortage of teaching staff in India. If Paid well there are teachers to teach . But due to the strategy of MCI to help the Private medical colleges an artificial situation of shortage of staff has been produced. If MCI BOG does its duties of keeping a check on fraudulent activities of Private Medical colleges without favouring the Private Medical colleges in its manipulations during inspection truth will come out. But who will talk with MCI BOG?

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  51. 51
    Dr Prakash Dube:

    If only criteria that you are a Doctor of Indian origin and permit you to teach MBBS students in a Medical college in India should not be allowed by MCI.BAMS , BHMS Doctors will also ask for permitting them to teach MBBS students as they are Indians and they can also definately provide some additional knowledge to MBBS students i.e. additional knowledge which is outside the Indian University syllabus & curriculum for MBBS course. Indians doing foreign Medical degrees/diplomas while opting for admission in these foreign Medical degrees/diplomas are already made aware by MCI that they will not be eligible for teaching profession in Indian medical colleges after completing their foreign Medical degrees/diplomas . Then why not these Indians instead of doing foreign Medical degrees/diplomas opt for doing MBBS,MD/MS degrees in Indian medical colleges if they wish to do a teaching job in Indian Medical college in future . Our Indian MBBS, MD/MS degrees are not recognised outside India, so why allow foreign degrees/diplomas in India .Also how can & why should we trust the standard of these foreign degrees/diplomas as they are not monitored by our MCI . As Indians we have self respect and we trust our MBBS,MD/MS which is monitored by MCI. Further kindly note that according to our Indian University Syllabus & curriculum we are not to teach any advanced medical knowledge to MBBS students but we are to teach Basic Medical knowledge (according to our Indian University syllabus & curriculum) to our MBBS students which our MBBS, MD/MS Medical teachers are well qualified to teach our MBBS students. After getting basic medical knowledge (according to our Indian University syllabus & curriculum) an MBBS graduate for getting further advanced knowledge in a particular medical field has to do MD/MS/MCH/DM for which various postgraduate institutes/Medical colleges and super speciality hospitals are available in India .Thus to teach basic Medical knowledge (according to our Indian University syllabus & curriculum) to our MBBS students we do not need any body calming to be able to teach any advance knowledge(outside Indian University syllabus & curriculum for MBBS course) and whose degree is not monitored by MCI. MCI BOG has to tackle with the real problem of manipulations being done during MCI inspection which are actually causing a hurdle in imparting Basic Medical knowledge( according to our Indian University syllabus & curriculum) to our MBBS students . MCI BOG should not allow any Foreign degrees/diplomas as Medical teachers in India as MCI BOG cant take any action against them for any of their fraudulent activities ,on the other hand as per new circular of MCI dated 16th April2010 for any of their fraudulent activities MCI BOG can even scrap the MBBS degree of MBBS,MD/MS Medical teachers . Also for higher post like lecturer/Associate Professor/ Professor consider only MD/MS teachers and not DNBs nor any other Diplomas should be allowed . DNBs & other Diploma holders with basic MBBS degrees under present MCI act can now also teach MBBS students in capacity of Tutors/ Demonstrators . Allowing officially Foreign degrees/diplomas or DNBs or any other Diplomas as lecturer/Associate Professor/ Professor is not a solution to current problem as by doing so MCI BOG is not addressing the real problem , off course but this will solve the personal problem of these foreign Medical degree/diploma holder , DNBs holders & other Diploma holders . If MCI BOG allows this Foreign degrees/diplomas or DNBs or any other Diplomas as lecturer/Associate Professor/ Professor then it should also allow BAMS,BHMS doctors to teach MBBS students. By permitting foreign Medical degrees/diplomas , DNBs & other Diplomas as lecturer/Associate Professor/ Professor MCI BOG will only increase variety of Doctors available in market for Private Medical colleges for MCI Inspection purpose only without a solution to the real Problem. Real problem in India is MCI BOG not able to check manipulations of Private Medical colleges during MCI inspection. If MCI BOG without falling prey to any pressure takes strict disciplinary action against Medical colleges doing manipulation during MCI inspection then only will MCI BOG be able to maintain Medical education standards. As payment is now good and regular in Government Medical Colleges there are now no vacancies of Medical teachers in Government Medical Colleges . In India number of Private Medical Colleges is thrice as compared to Government Medical Colleges. Inorder to save their money the Private Medical Colleges are running their medical college with only one staff per department which is the real problem at ground level. Godavari Foundations Dr Ulhas Patil Medical college Jalgaon has since long back already implemented MCI BOG Three tier strategy of A)outsource teachers from the private sector,B) employ retired teachers and C)even draft distance education programme to meet their own personal policy of saving money by not spending money on Medical teachers. On the day of MCI inspection in its Pathology Department all teaching staff shown as Medical teachers are all Private Practioner Doctors who run their pathology labs at Latur(HOD Dr N R Patil ) , Jalgaon and other cities .Dr G B Toke is taking two pathology lectures per week and charging Rs1000 per lecture. Thus in a Government Medical College all minimum number of Teaching staff (needed as per MCI)of Pathology Department would have to be paid a total amount of Rs 3,55,000/ month while in Godavari Foundations Dr Ulhas Patil Medical college Jalgaon total amount being spent on all teaching staff of pathology department would be just 8,000 Rs/month, what a big saving? Also as Dr Ranjit Patil (shown as HOD of Biochemistry during MCI Inspection) is busy with his Biochemistry Lab in Pune , after hue and cry of students and their parents that there is nobody to teach Biochemistry and students are not able to understand what the two MSc tutors(Rs 5,000/month) are teaching them, Dr V T Surve (MSc,Phd)who has superannuled due to crossing 65 years age limit has been reappointed back on a subsidised salary as an actual acting Professor & HOD but he is not shown as Medical teacher during MCI inspection as he does not fit MCI’s Age limit criteria. Thus in a Government Medical College all minimum number of Teaching staff (needed as per MCI)of Biochemistry Department would have to be paid a total amount of Rs 3,55,000/ month while in Godavari Foundations Dr Ulhas Patil Medical college Jalgaon total amount being spent on all teaching staff of Biochemistry department would be just 75,000 Rs/month, what a big saving? All the part time & only for inspection staff are being paid money as agreed as it is very little amount, But the Full time teaching Staff (who comprise just 10% in number)who actually work in Godavari Foundations Dr Ulhas Patil Medical college Jalgaon are not being paid salary for last 14 months? If a student of Godavari Foundations Dr Ulhas Patil Medical college Jalgaon has any doubts regarding his/her Medical subject then he/she can contact on mobile of the concerned Medical teacher who is 200-500km away from Jalgaon and get his doubts cleared by discussing their doubts on mobile itself-Distant Medical education?
    MCI should take back the amendment of curtailing the number of medical teachers needed in a Medical college and also take back the amendment of promoting the medical teachers in less time to higher grade, both of which are being implemented from this year. Both this amendment where made during Dr Ketan Desai tenure in order to favour the Private Medical Colleges.MCI during inspection should not allow the 5% deficiency liberty criteria in a Medical college. Also MCI BOG should increase the age limit of Medical teachers from 65 to70 years as approved by DCI for dental teachers. MCI BOG should strictly check for the regular monthly payment of Teaching staff (paid in their nationalised Bank account) working in Private Medical College.MCI BOG should also check whether each of the Teaching staff in a Private Medical colleges are Paid at par level as their counter parts in Government Medical colleges. Also MCI should check & confirm whether these teachers daily come for their duties and are not part time or only for MCI inspection teachers & It should not be as in Godavari Foundations Dr Ulhas Patil Medical College Jalgaon where teachers normally stay in Latur,Mumbai,Pune, and other places 200-500 km away and are present in 100 % attendance only on the day of MCI inspection . MCI BOG informed Godavari Foundations Dr Ulhas Patil Medical College Jalgaon when they are coming for inspecting their Medical college well inadvance which gave a chance to Godavari Foundations Dr Ulhas Patil Medical College Jalgaon to inform all the only for Inspection teachers and part time teachers to be present during MCI BOG inspection. MCI BOG has failed in its aim of maintaining Medical education standards by permitting Godavari Foundations Dr Ulhas Patil Medical College Jalgaon to admit students on the basis of presenting only for MCI inspection teachers during MCI inspection. MCI BOG should also look for various local news paper adds given a few days before the MCI inspection by Godavari Foundations Dr Ulhas Patil Medical College Jalgaon falsely informing and welcoming the poor patients to visit their hospital and they will be provided free treatment ,food etc. What happens with these patients after MCI Inspection is over is another story. MCI BOG should initiate disciplinary action (according to MCI circular dated 16th April2010) against Resident MBBS doctors doing various Clinical diplomas (CPS,DNB,Dawn) who during MCI inspection fraudulently also presented themselves as Tutors/Demonstrators in nonclinical & para clinical subject Departments of Godavari Foundations Dr Ulhas Patil Medical College Jalgaon . Medical colleges(permitted to admit students by MCI BOG) with only for inspection teachers and only for inspection patients are not only producing half baked MBBS graduates but also a batch of Bogus Medical Teachers with valid teaching experience certificate without doing any real teaching work.

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    Comments on : If only criteria that you are....

    Comment By : Dr Avadesh

    Dr Prakash Dube
    You were vomiting your Ideas on Hindustan Times ,yaha bhi pachuch gaye?Well.
    1.Indian doctor if will not practice in India then where he will practice,at Jhumritalya?Dear,you should recognize and appraise his effort,his patriotic sense that he wants to serve after completion of his degree,or after gaining experirnce.
    2.The bullshit you have written about private colleges,better send a copy to MCI rather then criticizing the BOG.If our beloved BOG can do anything they will no doubt do.

    3.There should be a provision for "MCI registration of highly skilled medical professionals" on the same lines as is there at the GMC.Our country lacks super-specialists and if our Indian doctors qualified at foreign countries want to serve our country and fullfill the shortage of teachers they should be given an opportunity.MCI should liberalize norms-I agree with this statement of our Health Minister.
    4.Every sensible doctor at MCI can differntiate the caliber of BAMS, Ayurvedic doctor and the one who had qualified at let's say the famous Karolinska Institute of Sweden,world famous but a MCI non recognized medical university.So MCI should not thin now as corrupt Ketan desai thought.In the interest of the nation we should welcome highly qualified Indian doctors to serve our motherland.Make laws citizen friendly, not Prakash Dube friendly who can lose his job 1 day because there is better candidate from abroad.
    Dr Prakash Dube you should not think that your MD degree is better then DNB-superspeciality/or degree of an Indian professional qualified abroad,gone are Ketan desai DAYS THAT YOU GUYS HAD FUN.

    Please, please dont leave a reply,because I amfed up from your rubbish here and on Hindusthan Times whatever you have written-TOTAL NONSENSE.

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  52. 52
    Dr BhimSingh:

    Shortage of doctors,
    True Dr Avadesh ,Yes there is a shortage not only of the teaching staff/the faculty but in fact of doctors as a whole in India.There is shortage of 600000 doctors in our country.The health system in our country is a total mess.Dr Ketan Desai all these years along only thought of his corruption thus he did not allow the foreign doctors who can contribute a lot to our society.We should welcome if physicians of Indian origin wants to serve our country.Always people like Dr Dube will oppose because they fear their monopoly for teaching posts would be gone.Always they will comment or question silly questions like why should we recognize the foreign degrees?Well the answer to that is "because our countrymen need doctors for better health of our nationals."

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  53. 53
    Dr Prakash Dube:

    Dr Avdesh & Dr Bhimsingh kindly first do your home work whether there is really a shortage of teaching job in Indian Medical Colleges. MCI(Dr Ketan Desai) has drastically reduced the number of medical teachers needed in Medical college from this year. You wont find vacancies now as the need of minimum number of Medical teachers needed in a Medical college has been drastically reduced by MCI. The only vacant posts in government Medical college are in subjects like Forensic Medicine as there is shortage of MD Forensic Doctors as Private Medical colleges are not permitted to allot MD Forensic Medicine Degrees . In Government Medical colleges post of medical teachers in other subjects lie vacant as they do not get Qualified SC/ST/NT/VJ/OBC medical teachers for reserved category posts of Medial teachers.MCI cant tackle this deficiency due to quota system as a reserved post of medical teacher is to be filled by the reserved category medical teacher only and so the college administration has to keep these posts vacant until they get Qualified Medical teacher from that reserved category. There is a deficiency of doctors to treat patients in India but in India there is no deficiency of Medical teachers (as needed according to the new modified MCI rule). Kindly first study the new MCI rule(Minimum Number of teachers needed for 100 admission) displayed on MCI website. To tackle with the problem of deficiency of doctors for treatment of patients in India, MCI(BOG) is starting a new course Bachelor of Rural Health Care(BRHC) .

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  54. 54
    Dr BhimSingh:

    Dr Dube ,at least we agree on the fact that there is doctor shortage in India.Now dont you think that allowing the specialist doctors from abroad by giving them registration can solve some problem of shortage of doctors.Do you see any sense in not allowing superspecialists /specialists to work in India ,when the country needs them in large numbers.Production of rural doctors no doubt would also be of some help.Agree.

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  55. 55

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  56. 56

    this entire episode was just to shift power from kd's hand to sibal's it went through just because of rahul just wait and see nothing would change in the system as the money taker's have changed not the system read this with practical and realistic view point

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  57. 57

    now if the amount you said was actually found it would have been national news but the truth is even the 2 crore bribe he was supposed to recieve plz read me he didnt get it but was supoosed to get was realy the money of mr robert vadra husband of priyanka gandhi its sounds strange but its the real truth

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    Comments on : now if the amount you said was....

    Comment By : doctor

    What bakwaas are you talking, at Ketan Desai times openly the babus there used to ask for bribe to name a few Mr Jagtar Singh , former assistant secretary used to ask 5 lakhs rupees for getting FMGs registered even after passing the screening test.Because this Ketan desai and gang used to create artificial hurdles ,many people gave bribe.It seems you are a Ketan DESAI MAN.Remember never we the medical fraternity of India will now allow Ketan DESAI.!!!!!

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  60. 60

    one can not open an Institution as small as an ITI even without having some big politician and or Babus involvement forget about big Institutions like Medical College.If we go through the Society or a Trust behind these Institutions we will find names of many Politicians from all Political parties and some spouse or any other relatives of Babus,ther are front guys as Directors ,Chairman etc.As for not touching this Desai amassed amount at political and Media level the above nexus clarifies it and each and every media house also have many Media Institutes and are also dalals of power that be involved in clearing such Institutions.None of these Institutes have proper teaching staff and many Medical Colleges do nothing for the poor and admit them by sending buses and money to poor show them as charity,at the time of Inspections.India as a nation isno more ,the country is finished it is only waiting for some foreign power to take over from foreign Dynasty ruling us at present,most probably it will be China in less than a decade from now.

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    You don't have to be a rocket scientist to see that such large outpourings of support for Anna Hazare is basically a demand for a phone number, viz 101, which they can call up to register their complaint against neighborhood pandu havaldaar or the municipality clerk who ask for money to do their legitimate jobs. They want a number which is accessible to each and every one so that action is taken against offenders based on their complaint. Though everyone has heard of 2G scam, CWG scam, Adarsh scam etc etc (list is too long for this write up), yet they do not really associate much with it because most of these scams talk about astronomical amounts of money which they cannot relate with. They may have heard of 1.76 lakh crores which was lost in 2G scam but they relate more to that thousand bucks which goes out of their own pockets to corrupt babus and policemen. And if Congress cannot see this basic simple all pervasive demand all I can say is that they're downright stupid and naive. .....

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