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Why do I hate Delhi

September 25th, 2009

P Chidambaram was being very decent when he recently said that Delhiites need to behave themselves. What he actually meant was that most Delhiites are one hell of a crude self centered lot who need to be taught a few lessons in good behaviour. He is dead right. They are indeed all that and more. And most Delhiites don’t just need lessons in good behaviour but a few kicks on the backside. As they say- laton ke bhoot baton se nahin mante.

Actually, he is not the first person to say so. In Feb 08 Lt Governor of Delhi Tejender Khanna had set off a storm when he said something similar. Off course, he was given a shut up call and he had to take his words back. But it’s a fact. Anyone who has been to Delhi will vouch for this fact that most Delhiites are quite rude and quarrelsome in their beahviour. They pick up fights at the drop of a hat, for as minor issue as just looking too intently. The number of road rage incidents that take place in the capital only confirm this harsh truth. Another indicator is the number of deaths caused by Blueline buses which run into hundreds every year. It clearly shows that these drivers and the bus operators would do anything for money. They couldn’t care less if they crush a few pedestrians in their quest for more passengers by speeding around the city.

The filth and poor infrastructure in terms of power shortages, poor roads etc which result in long traffic snarls and frayed tempers further compound matters. Although the govt is doing a lot on infrastructure but a lot still remains to be done. As far as filth is concerned things are pathetic to say the very least. Delhiites too on their part have no problem in spreading filth around the city. Quite a few of them defecate any and everywhere. Although the govt has banned polythene bags in the city but it continues to be used freely by everyone thereby further contributing to the filth in the city. Apart from this the upkeep of local streets, parks and lights etc is non existent in most parts of the city. Just recently there was this report that MCD has nearly 45000 bogus employees on it’s roll. Can you people imagine the kind of fraud which has been perpetrated by MCD? God only knows how long this fraud has been going on. But this is not the worst part. The worst part is that Delhiites are taking all this crap. They tolerate every kind of crap which the administration throws at them. Not only do they tolerate it but contribute wholeheartedly towards making this place an absolute nightmare to live in.

Any of you who has been down south or is living in southern India will vouch for a fact that people are not so rude and callous there. Whenever I’ve been to other places like Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, Port Blair, Bangalore or Goa I found people to be very friendly and helpful. Some of my friends and relatives living in those places openly say that they prefer not to come to Delhi if they can avoid it. They say that Delhiites are uncouth and unreliable people having no sense of traffic (read my post Traffic sense of Delhiites) or courtesy whatsoever. High crime rate of this city is another very important factor in this judgment. They also say that women are not safe in this city at all. And they are all correct. But for Delhiites it just doesn’t matter. They don’t care what people feel about them. Do you know why? That’s because there is hardly a handful of people whom you can call actual Delhiites. Most of the people from Delhi are outsiders, essentially North Indians comprising more than 50% of 1.38 crore of total population. And because they are not from Delhi it doesn’t hurt them. Because of this attitude of these people original Delhiites have also over a period of time become like them only, rude and unfriendly.

Any North Indian reading this need not feel bad because I too am a North Indian and not originally from Delhi. So I know what I’m talking about. Other Delhiites also need not feel bad about it because that’s a plain truth. If they indeed feel bad they should start being good to others in general and to this city in particular. Be the change that you want others to be.

Oh, by the way please don’t tell me to leave Delhi if I hate it because I won’t. Not till the time my husband is posted here at least.

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61 Responses to “Why do I hate Delhi”

  1. 1
    swami www ji:

    u cud change the title frm Delhiites to Indians cos every big city in India has the same friggin story... stuff abt friendly ppl am not sure(ain't u frm delhi n friendly sush? :-p lol)

    I have observed a pattern in my life... things originate in New york then come to delhi in a few years from there to mumbai in a few yrs n frm there to chennai in a few months n to other big cities in a few years again...

    so its the same story everywhere in india only that it takes time to trickle down to other states but its there to come...

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    Comments on : u cud change the title frm Del....

    Comment By : Sush

    @swami, are other metros of India like this only? Are you sure about this?

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    Another Comment on : @swami, are other metros of In....

    Comment By : swami www ji

    in fact much worse than delhi...

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  2. 2
    Naresh Thakur:

    I had high regard for this Ex Stanford Proffessor,was shocked at his backward psyche,after seeing the photographs of his Childrens Marriage, and bracketed him with jayalalita and mayawati, nothing amazing about his righteous comments, given his priviliged residency of ivory towers.
    Such Netas Babus and Judges should be ashamed.
    Nowhere else in the world do persons get status and oppurtunity like this, with access to reserves beyond compare to bring about door/borderless communities.
    The current leadership is wasting a enviable chance of immortality in serving the really needy as also a chaotic global society.

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    Comments on : I had high regard for this Ex ....

    Comment By : Sush

    @Naresh, I guess you are talking about P Chidambaram. Do you really mean what you say? Because if there is someone in the current political set up who can be relied upon to deliver I feel it's him. Yes, he's well educated but that speaks a lot about his caliber. Doesn't it? Why should his education and wealth be considered a drawback though I'll reserve my comments on the marriage of his children, for now.

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  3. 3
    priyam mathur:

    Well, Every city has its pros and cons.And the attitude of people cannot be only determiner of a good city. Delhi has the third highest per capita income in the country. Also its literacy rate is 81.82% which is again higher than many states in the country.Delhi is also one of the most cultural city with hospitable people. And we shouldn't forget that Delhi is highly influenced by Punjab and Haryana which gives its people an impatient and bold personality.
    I dont think Delhi is the best city but its neither the worst. Im sure you would love the city at some point of time in life.
    Jai Hind.
    Priyam Mathur
    Delhi Public School,Mathura road.

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    Comments on : Well, Every city has its pros ....

    Comment By : Sush

    @priyam, you would appreciate the fact that since I'm staying in Delhi the state of this city and it's people is closest to my heart. Also, I feel that given the way things are we really have to make an effort to make things better. It doesn't really matter who is responsible for it. What say you?

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  4. 4
    priyam mathur:

    Indeed..I completely agree with you.. We will surely make India a better place. I'm glad to see such a blog and hope that you inspire more people to be better citizens.

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    Comments on : Indeed..I completely agree wit....

    Comment By : Sush

    @priyam, Thanks a lot. I too hope so.

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  5. 5
    Alex Robin:

    I belong to the north-east. I have never felt more humiliated and despised by anyone anywhere in this country as much as I felt in Delhi. I have got friends and family in every metro in the country and I have never heard of them being alienated like I feel here. People call us "Chinese" and taunt us with "Momos" and "Chowmein".
    It is of course pertinent to mention the rash driving and unruly behavior of people on the road. I was once crossing the road when an over speeding motorist ended up applying the breaks and yelled "Ankhein check kar le chinky". It is not just strangers but even my own college friends make me feel offended. The worst behaved people I have ever seen are the people of Haryana.
    I simply cannot understand how such barbaric people not have the logic to understand the geography of India nor realize that all the people do not migrate to other cities because the town they belong to is backward.

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    Comments on : I belong to the north-east. I ....

    Comment By : Sush

    @Alex, I can understand the way you feel and I apologize to you on behalf of Delhiites who have been rude. I have some friends from the north east and they too have similar stories to tell. Hopefully, things will improve with behavior of Delhiites now becoming a concern of our govt as well.

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  6. 6

    Is it just Delhi? The South Indian cities are worse! You can't even communicate there and most of the locals are extremely rude and unfriendly to North Indians. There is a big divide in India on this. Also Mumbai is equally bad. The traffic sense and infrastructure is worse than that of Delhi.

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    Comments on : Is it just Delhi? The South In....

    Comment By : Sush

    @Anchit, I really wonder what South Indians and Mumbaikars would say to that.

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    Another Comment on : @Anchit, I really wonder what ....

    Comment By : swami www ji

    totally agree with Anchit!!!!

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  7. 7

    @Swami wwwji, I forgot. You possibly are from the south. Are you?

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    Comments on : @Swami wwwji, I forgot. You po....

    Comment By : swamiwwwji

    swami www ji== world wide not just north south east or west ;-)

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    Another Comment on : swami www ji== world wide webb....

    Comment By : Sush


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  8. 8

    While many things you said are true, I am not sure that is not the case elsewhere. In fact, Delhi has the least "insider", "outsider" phenomenon. Mumbai has SHiv Sena/MNS, and Bangalore's locals are a very unfriendly lot, at least to north indians. In fact, I have felt more welcome/comfortable in places like Munich, Vienna and Singapore than in Bangalore.

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    Comments on : While many things you said are....

    Comment By : Sush

    @Rohit, maybe you have a valid point there but fact is that since I live in Delhi I get to face the attitude of it's citizens pretty often. And even if other cities of India also have similar or worse problems I guess it is high time we woke up to this very important issue. We need to think of the country first and then anything else.
    Being courteous and nice to others is basic decency. Also check out my post and you'll see what I'm talking about.

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  9. 9
    Tassaduq Hussein:

    These morons whom we are referring to here, unfit to even be called human beings are not Delhiites at all. They primarily are Haryanvis. A vast majority of the crude drivers of different contraptions like tempos, matadors, autorickshaws etc are the uncivilized people from nearby villages of Haryana and to an extent UP also. The foolish pedestrians who jump the dividers on busy roads and streak across the road are Biharis. If lets say 95% of taxis, autos, bluelines and other commercial vehicles are run by semi-human beings, only 10-20% of private car owners follow such rash driving. Most motorcyclists are also uncivilized people of neighboring states only.
    The goverment should enforce strict measures to prevent ruthless individuals from entering the territory of Delhi. Drivers who are challaned for rash-driving must not just be asked to pay but should be asked for their identification and other documents. Atleast a city like Delhi that has a smaller boundary can maintain a biometric database so that the second time or third time defaulters can be given stricter punishments or their licences scrapped.
    Coming back to the behavior of Delhiites, I cannot say anything because I personally haven't faced discrimination (or perhaps because I know how to deal with it). I have been once to Calcutta and to Bangalore as well. Even loafers, paan walas make an attempt to speak something in English or Hindi when I ask for directions. I don't know why many people talk about the residents of Bangalore being rude.

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  10. 10

    @Tassaduq, You have brought out very valid issues though there are a lot of people here who do not agree with you and me.
    The issue of licenses is also worth talking about. A few days back when I went to get my license made a tout approached me and said that he would get it done for Rs 1100/- bucks. He added that there would be no tests or anything of that sort. Just the money and I would get it in fifteen days. Off course, I shooed him away.
    If the authorities cannot ensure a fair system of simple licenses I really wonder if they can do anything more than that. Nonetheless, I hope that the govt initiates a major educational drive for our citizens particularly auto drivers, richshaw pullers, vendors etc.
    And yes, I completely agree with you that Delhiites are more rude than anyone else.

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  11. 11
    Tassaduq Hussein:

    Disagreement lol.

    Well, everyone who is from Delhi may disagree with you. We have all seen Delhi growing from a semi village to being one of the most beautiful cosmopolitan cities in the country in may be what - A decade perhaps?
    Secondly we seem to have little or no knowledge about any part of our country except the states surrounding Delhi. I have hardly come across a Delhiite who can point out, even approximately the location of any city in the country. I had an argument with over five people a week ago when all of them got together and disagreed with me when I said that Hyderabadis speak Telugu.
    The news channels create unnecessary fear and rumor. MNS is not respected by any decent Mumbai resident. We cannot regard the attitude of a Mumbaikar to be based on MNS ideals. is just the affection towards one's hometown that is making everyone turn a blind eye towards the bitter truth about the city. It is like if some foreigner points out a hundred bad things about my country, I would still say "I am proud to be Indian". lol...but one needs to apply logic and not blindly disagree with the foreigner.

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    Comments on : Disagreement lol. Well, ev....

    Comment By : Kartik

    Everyone's opinions here are so black and white. And the overall tone so hateful, you'd think they're Pakistani trolls.
    Delhiites are 'evil monsters', 'subhuman', Punjabis and Haryanvis are 'regressive people who behead their women'. There's 'nothing of worth' in Delhi, there's 'no community life'. If you're a Delhiite 'no questions asked, you're disqualified for business dealings'.

    To start with, you can't stereotype over 15 million people on the basis of what some of them behave like. That's no better than 'all Indians are cheap and stink of curry' or 'all Muslims are terrorists'.
    I'd like to ask many of the Mumbaikars commenting here with impunity how their own city fares on the parameters they bash Delhi for. Face it, your infrastructure sucks, you've had mass agitations to evict Biharis and South Indians from your city, gangs of goons patrolled your city to bludgeon non-Marathi speakers. Your city has over double the population density of Delhi, in other words crowded beyond imagination. There are no green open spaces in Mumbai where one can go for some fresh air.
    I've been to Mumbai, and the first thing that struck me over there was how apart from Marine Drive and a few other affluent areas, pretty much the entire city looked like a slum. It reminded of Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh. That little industrial town with tanneries. Only the buildings were taller. I kept asking people 'where's the *normal* Mumabai? You know, the clean sort they show in the movies?'
    The kind of money that would buy you spacious accommodations in Delhi or ridiculously gigantic dwellings in one of the satellite towns would only get you a pigeon hole in Mumbai. The transportation system fails to come anywhere close to Delhi with its metro system. Overall, Mumbai scores WAY below Delhi on quality of life. In fact, Mumbai's like sub-Saharan Africa. You may go there to visit and look around the place once in a while; but sure as heck you don't want to live thre, unless you HAVE to. I know some non-Indian people. Among them a British journalist and a Pakistani lady married to an NRI pal. They drop in to India every now and then and vehemently concur that Mumbai's just Delhi's ugly little cousin.

    That said, Delhi's hardly an exemplary urban paradise. But so isn't any other city in India. Sure as heck not Mumbai, contrary to the condescending tone many denizens of that city have adopted.
    Bash my city all you want. But I'd much rather live here than in Mumbai, Kolkata or Chennai.

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  12. 12
    Suresh Kumar:


    I'm basically from AP and lived in quite some time in Delhi, Hyd and Bangalore. I don't have any feeling like SI OR NI. I'm giving my opinion based on my observations.

    1. I liked BLR bcoz ppl are so soft and good traffic sense.(though roads very narrow, they follow traffic rules). Climate is good.

    2. Hyderabad: climate is good except May,june. Infrastrucre is better than BLR. People are good except pure hyd locals. Ppl doens't have traffic sense.

    3. Delhi: I didn't interact with low class people hence I can't say about this. I interacted with IT people and they are so friendly and very helpful. NI doesn't like tamilians but they do like Andhras, Kannadigas and Malayaleese.

    Roads in imp cities:

    Delhi: 36000 kms
    HYd: 13000
    Blr: 9000
    Mumbai: 8000
    Chennai: 14000

    Delhi roads are good. But the basic amenities are poor. In SI you can see Breakfast centres, Juices centres, internet,std booths, xerox and other daily basic needs every nook and corner. But in Delhi & NCR it is very difficult to find these...hardly you can see them or they are confined to a common shopping complex.

    What type of breakfast outsiders can eat in Delhi ?? Nobody can tell...there is no breakfast concept in Delhi. May be ppl in their home ear bread related. outside we dont get any thing... this was a complain I heard from lot of ppl including mumbaikers.

    I can say Delhi doens't fit for capital of India.. Can you cite some points why Delhi shud be cap?

    No proper public transporation... Cities like delhi shud get metro and bus transporation 20 yrs back(not now). How many buses are needed for delhi popl and how many DTC is running??/

    Also in AP, you can find hitech buses.volve buses runs to remote village and they are well connected to hyd(even APSRTC is world biggest fleet service).. Where DELHI stands??

    Is there any evening spots(to enjoy with family in Delhi).. there is no sea/ no river( I don't think yamuna is a river, its just drainage)... Only India gate is there which is not a safe place at all.

    This list never ends..........

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    Comments on : Hi, I'm basically from AP a....

    Comment By : Anshul

    @Suresh: I believe you need to understand something. You pointed out about the transport system of Delhi. I guess delhi has one of the best transport system, but its the population of Delhi (the influx of people) which renders it useless (or it looks as if it is useless). Delhi is so small that you cant think of plying more and more buses, it would lead to even more chaos on roads. I am not against people migrating to cities but one must understand that it is the incompetence of other state govt. (esp. Bihar and UP) that most of their residents go to other cities. If thats not the case can someone please tell me that why dont hoards of gujrati or marathi or punjabi etc leave their cities and go elsewhere.
    Regarding breakfast... There might not be breakfast center at every nook and corner (I think its good else it leads to more jams etc) but you can easily get eggs (boiled, poached etc), paranthas too at many places near office complexes.

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    Comments on : Hi, I'm basically from AP a....

    Comment By : Sush

    @Suresh, breakfast in Delhi? That's samosa, which is available only by 11a.m. For people who need to eat earlier they'll find puri and sabzi at roadside vendors.
    You are right in saying that there is no concept of having breakfast outside.
    As for public transport, it is highly unlikely for car owners especially those having sedans to switch over to public transport. Though this may change when traffic becomes absolutely unbearable and transport system also improves in quality. For the moment Delhi is heading towards chaos for sure.
    And when you say NI and SI I believe you mean North Indian and South Indian respectively.

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  13. 13

    Ok, Thanks Sush.

    What about evening spots in Delhi???
    People say that NCR is a great place to live...I was there in both Noida and Gurgaon. These cities started devmpt 15 years back. I feel still they are backward. By seeing shopping malls we cannot say that these cities are well developed.

    Transportation::: its very worst. in AP, even small village has got excellent transporation(No rickshaws now a days)..

    Why can't govt introduce city buses with in Gurgaon and Noida?

    Noida is atleast we can get private autos. what about Gurgaon? Just to make a phone call or just to take xerox, for chai, I had to walk for 3 to 4 kms...

    Comment on this Comment

    Comments on : Ok, Thanks Sush. What about....

    Comment By : Sush

    Transport within Gurgaon is non existent unless you count rickshaws but they are making two metro circuits, though only for New Gurgaon.
    And it's really sad that you had to slog for such basic requirements.

    Comment on this Comment
  14. 14

    The people of Delhi are very conservative and orthodox besides being obnoxious and short tempered.Even though Delhi is filled with couples ,my house owner recently told me to stop bringing different girls to my independent apartment cause it gives them the wrong idea even though that is totally false cause they are my friends.Am i causing a natural disaster here? hello?look around people.What does he think I'm using my flat for?A strip joint?Its the false pride in them which makes them behave like that and the fact that they are always ready to start a quarrel is very true especially on the road.Another menace is how many youngsters are out there drunk and ready to cause problems for everyone around with a girl.You need bodyguards to walk around in Delhi after dark.Delhi is absolutely racist towards north-east Indians.Two of my friends are Indians from the north east and they are subjected to racial abuse almost everyday.Why?Is it because of their mongoloid features?I just cant figure out Delhi or the people of Delhi who care about nothing else rather than themselves.By the way,I'm sure the commonwealth games is heading for a total disaster with people like this around here and the authorities wanting a world class city,which is impossible to create unless the people of Delhi change first.Has the govt even seen or heard of what a world class city looks like?For example;New York.Well, I have and comparing it to Delhi is like night and day because the people of Delhi with their rude,obnoxious attitude and unswept lifestyle are nowhere near other people living in sister cities of Delhi.And also,The people of Delhi are uneducated and act like total looney birds.They prioritize non issues like race, money,sexuality and to people who speak English well along with Hindi and Punjabi, which is total nonsense cause they don't know squat about the English language themselves.Very often Sikhs are subjected to abuse abroad and over here they pretend to be the greatest race ever made.I guess they are getting a taste of their own medicine.The people of Delhi should learn to "live and let live".No wonder tourists describe Delhi as racist,filthy haywire and take the same opinion on India as a whole.You can always say you lived in Delhi with your head held up high but can you still hold your head up when inviting people here?Hope Delhi changes for the sake of India.

    Comment on this Comment
  15. 15

    @Hey Sid, welcome to my blog and sorry for replying so late.
    I really empathize with you on this issue of behavior of Delhiites. As you must've read in this post there are so many people from NE who have suffered here because of their features.
    At another level I just hope we do not mess up Commonwealth Games later this year because of our attitude.

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    Comments on : @Hey Sid, welcome to my blog a....

    Comment By : sid

    Thank you Sush.Great blog you got going here.I hope this blog can make a difference.

    Comment on this Comment
  16. 16

    How can anyone defend Delhi - such a cold, hostile, racist, unfriendly, misogynistic city... Delhi has backward attitudes towards women and anyone who isn't Punjabi. If you are a single independent woman over thirty, go to Delhi if you want to die - people are hateful. In Bombay, people are friendly, they believe in having a social life and they are civilized towards women and different looking people. Nobody from the northeast or south india would ever have problems being accepted in this city. I have worn tank tops and shorts and walked around Bandra at 2 AM and nobody bats an eyelid - the auto wallahs don't even care - that's how civilized Bombay is. Delhi? You walk around in a bloody salwar kameez and men try to grope you - wear less and they will just rape you on the street while everyone walks by.

    Delhi-ites are unfriendly, psychotic and perverted. I hope by some miracle Delhi's universities are moved to Navi Mumbai and Mumbai's Biharis are moved to Delhi.

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  17. 17

    The Shiv Sena/MNS is one tiny aspect of Mumbai and hardly represents the views of the average Bombay-wallah. Bombay-ites have a certain humaneness and gentleness about them - they know life is hard enough and they don't try to make it harder for everyone. In Delhi people are manipulative to the core - there is no gentleness, no honesty and no authentic culture other than the regressive Punjabi/Haryanvi one! I love Bombay because there are so many authentic cultures here - everybody has the space. I love the community life among the Parsees and the Bohra Muslims and the Catholics and the East Indians and the Marathis. They actually have communities. Delhi is pseudo and backward and closed-minded. It has **zero** community life. Community in Delhi is the khap panchayat of Shahpur Jat beheading loose women. There is no friendly, warm notion of community - which in Bombay, there still is.

    Even in Chennai and Kolkata and Hyderabad, there is some authenticity left. Delhi is a sick, hateful monster of a city.

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    Comments on : The Shiv Sena/MNS is one tiny ....

    Comment By : ria

    hi sush. i enjoyed readin your blog and was especially amused to see that itsonly delhi's misogynistic men who have written so defensiveley against your post.
    i lived in delhi for 5 years and have also lived in other indian cities however mumbai has been my city since close to 3 years. i never realised how perverse and rotten a womans life was in delhi until i moved out.
    for all those dehli supporters out there read this:

    - in delhi, i had to drive with all car doors and windows locked. if i was alone in the parked car while my boyfriend had to pick up stuff outside a shop even for 5 minutes, i had to lock the car.
    Women od delhi! do you know this feeling?

    - in delhi, even venturing out at 3 pm alone dressed in a ganji and jeans would get the sleazy sedan/bmw/mercedes owners slowing their cars and assuming i was waitin to be picked up!! And this too in South Exe & Greater Kailash - the so called posh places

    - in delhi, couldnt read a book alone at ccd without the himbo's approaching me and asking if i wanted company. in Mumbai, its the norm for woman to sit alone with laptops, books or even people-watch.

    in delhi, there is no question of heading out alone after 6pm. in mumbai i travel alone by train, ricshaw and taxi at 2am.

    but you know whats the scariest part about delhi.. its not justthe poor migrants from up and bihar who women need to fearbut its mostly the foreign university -educatedh, chickna daddy's boys who are the ones who go around on sleeping and raping sprees with no fear of the law because of their weapons and connections. THIS IS THE REAL FEAR. Cowardly fuckin' dullards!

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    Comments on : The Shiv Sena/MNS is one tiny ....

    Comment By : Sush

    @supriya, first of all let me apologize for replying so late. As you can see I'm all alone working on this blog and sometimes I do get stretched what with my two little brats.
    On this issue, as you must've noticed I too have been very harsh in my observations. Sadly, the authorities are too safely ensconced in their seats. We North Indians will never do what is correct till such time we are forced to do so. Implementation of rules and regulations is so poor that Delhiites feel that might is right.
    The aim of this post was to make Delhiites feel bad about themselves and the way they behave and try and improve things. It will take time but I'm an optimistic person and am sanguine that things will improve in, hopefully, not so distant future.

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  18. 18

    One of my friend's father was a high ranking police officer in the Tamilnadu Special Police in Delhi. This guy went to Delhi for his holidays. One day he was walking in a narrow alley and he asked a man something in English. The man started yelling in Hindi "Tu Hindustani nahi, tu Pakistani...", etc. This guy got terrified and ran away from the place. Don't the people of Delhi know that the national language of Pakistan is the twin of their own language? Some educated people who know this call us 'Angrezi'. But I believe this attitude has changed in recent years as people of Delhi themselves have started giving more importance to English.

    Every city has its own problems. Mumbai has its slums, it is overcrowded and congested, Delhi has this kind of racist and sexist tendencies, Chennai is a problem for people who don't know English or Tamil, and pollution is an issue like any other Indian city, Kolkatta is too much filthy and polluted.

    It would have been better if the hundreds of crores spent for the Commonwealth Games was spent for improving the infrastructure in Indian cities. But our government does not know its priorities.

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  19. 19
    dilli meri jaan:

    what happens if ur husband falls in one of those holes... u should ask ur husband to leave and leave with him ... or u could leave him ... hes not a good husband if overlooks ur needs for his work . either way good riddance

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  20. 20

    Me too from Assam and working in a MNC in kolkata. though kolkata is dirty and polluted ,but they are not conservative and orthodox ,like you said those of Delhiites. Dehli needs a better sense of humanity towards there own brothers and sisters of their own country. I have never been to banglore and chennai but I must say Dehli as a capital of India needs more civilize people so that we should not feel ashamed while we say India to be united. what say????

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  21. 21

    Hi Sush,
    I really appreciate the way you have posted your blog, with every statement of your have a image as a proof. After reading through so many blogs about delhi negativities, arrogant and unsafe nature. First thing I woould like to clarify that there is nothing called delhites because Delhi is a city where 85% or more of the population is either from neighbouring or other states and rest are partition time refugees. The new generation which calls themselces delhites if try to look 1 or 2 generation before may find themselves belonging to UP, Bihar , Punjab etc. Delhi is arrongant and unsafe because of the people living here are of nuclear families and very much unsecure thats why everybody retaliates if provoked to safeguard himself from any threat. The other thing is that Delhi govt should stop baloming all the times the other neighbouring states for the rime in Delhi. All the major crime that has happened or is happening in delhi is either done by some high class person like Nandas or by somebody from delhi village. The other reason behind this arrogance and lack of culture in delhi is because govt has forced a large number of people to stuff in a limited area by only raising infrastructure and job opportunities in a very limited area city. I can bet if you provide this type of infrastructure in any other state there will be no discussion in the future about delhi other people remembering Delhi as only capital of India and nothing special. In this limited area city with such a high number of people having diversified culture rages are a common outcome. Everybody should respect its roots rather than loosing their identity by calling them as delhi wallas. I can also bet that a person from the Indias most backward areas like Jharkand etc will be living a better quality of life as compared to so called delhites. Quality of life is never decided by number of shopping malls, wearing branded clothes, speaking hinglish, or trying to show fake style, it can only be decided based on the peace of mind you enjoy everyday.... Vande Matram...

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  22. 22

    @Sant, thank you for your nice words. I only wish there were more like you in Delhi for whom peace of mind was all that they required.

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  23. 23
    chow lohan:

    @sush: First of all i would like to congratz u for such a great blog...
    I am from Arunachal... I am studyin in chennai... I would like to say that the people here r a little racist... They would talk only in tamil, which they r very proud of. And should b.. Bt not like sayin bad abt people from other states... They dnt know where Is Arunachal.. And mumbai, here also the condition is very same... The locals there make fun towards northeast as nepali (as told by my fren who is studyin there).. And the worst is, I dnt want to say but it is delhi... I dnt know why IS the govt of india is still fightin wit china for Arunachal... As almost all over india the people is racist against us... When I am there in Arunachal I am very proud to be indian but after comin out I am really ashamed... Sometime I feel like we are better to be a separate nation rather den hearin such a remark by other indians...
    Hopefully u got what I meant to say...

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  24. 24

    Hi Ria,
    I can understand your feelings on this issue. In certain ways it's like we're still living in goondaraj. Women cannot just step out of the house without being leered or jeered at. And the irony is that the CM is herself a woman.

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  25. 25

    CM belongs to congress & Congress has ruled this country for more thn 60 years & 60 yrs are more thn enough to change the fate of a nation. Congress has made this country futile every time it comes in power.

    y doesn't congress speak on biggest ever scam in CWG, Adarsh society or DDA flat scam?

    y is Congress not seeing deaths of Army people in J&K & Naxalite areas?

    y should Indian gov let Gilani organized meeting for J&K azaadi in New Delhi? If congress can start BLUE STAR operation against Sikh in 1984 then why this bloody government is so quiet on these fcuking Kashmiris it bcoz congress scared of loosing Muslim votes??

    y dont you speak on rising prices everyday?

    Do you know that China showing Arunanchal Pradesh in its map again & again??

    y Government is not taking action against illegal immigration from Bangladesh?

    Now, that's what my response was when Rahul compared RSS with SIMI & I now say Rahul is the biggest terrorist. This country will be blood shaded the day this crap comes in power, which i think is not going to happen ever.

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  26. 26

    Rightly said, I am from typical north india 100 kilometer away from Delhi, and watching Delhi from my childhood. After visiting India's 22 states in last 13 years, I can say you that Delhi is the most horrible city and place I have seen and people from this place are most corrupt and uncivilised. I represent an organisation which has a large chunk of people from Delhi and I tell you those all have been manipulative in these 10 years I have been with them. Delhi seems a city of stupid people.But unfortunate part with me is that I have to go to pass through this hell very often in a year. And yes thanks for giving me an idea to vent out my anger on the "Rape Capital Of India" on my blog at very soon.

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    Comments on : Rightly said, I am from typica....

    Comment By : Nishi

    If I may ask, where are you from Sush?

    Comment on this Comment

    Another Comment on : If I may ask, where are you fr....

    Comment By : Sush

    I'm a fauji's daughter and therefore did not really stay at any one place for more than two years but you can say that I'm from UP basically.

    You cannot comment on this comment
  27. 27
    sonal bhatt:

    Hi Sush,
    i would say these thing happen every where in india .most of indian dnt have public sense may be it coz of lack of infrastcure fear of alien commounity i been to pune and mumbai both place are good being women i would say worst place in whole india would be delhi ppl just look at us if they are going rape with there eyes so fearful

    Comment on this Comment

    Comments on : Hi Sush, i would say these th....

    Comment By : Sush

    I agree. In fact it is dreadful to walk alone in this city.

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  28. 28

    In mumbai business straightaway disqualifies you to do business with untrustworthy Delhi people. If u are from delhi, no questions dealing.!!!!fullstop.

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    Comments on : In mumbai business circles........

    Comment By : Sush

    Sad!! Both for Delhi as well as for Mumbai.

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  29. 29

    hey girl! spot on! you hit the nail on the head! kudo's for bringing these issues to light - and of course i agree with you for i just spent months travelling down south - and never felt safer, but sadly in my own city, we women get stared at by cheapy creepy men, who are so seemingly frustrated that it makes a woman cringe with disgust cuz its so sickening. my question to you and all the women out there - how do we change this city? the 'slut' walk was a disgrace and in quite poor taste. i am all for women's rights but i wouldnt take part it something like that - we need another 'take back the night!' and to all the men who stare at us women as if they have never seen us before (and i am not talking about the slutty dressed chicks, i am ref. to the decently dressed women who still get hassled - dont you people have mothers? or sisters in your family? and if you're staring at us - dont u think ure fellow men friends do the same to the women in your families???

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  30. 30
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    Thanks for any other wonderful post. The place else may just anyone get that type of information in such an ideal means of writing? I have a presentation subsequent week, and I'm at the search for such info.

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  31. 31

    you shouldn't say about this to the whole world, even of they come to know sooner or later. But you are saying it in such a bad way that you hate india, i am from india and you blog hurted my feelings about india alot. I can't belive how easily you said that. will say it to the whole world face to face (I don't think so)


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  32. 32

    well to all dose who hate delhi first of all... to hell with dem who thinks delhi is not friendly.... who are u to judge any city huh if i say i went to mumbai and i find extremly fake people out dere nd blah blah ....every finger is not same i know sum people are not good in delhi but dat dosent mean u will point out whole delhi ..... even in mumbai koi bohot sharif log ni rehte wahan ka bhi recism dekha hai humne jai maharashtra nd all ....every city has good and bad people and people who think like dis have sum cheap mentality in dem becoz when dey point finger on sumone dey never think dat d remaining 3 fingers are on dem also.... ur talking all d negetivities of delhi .... noone here talks bout d positive points of delhi .... the best hospitals are in delhi,,, best colleges are in delhi ,,,, the infrastructure which no oder city can even compete or come near so better stop hating delhi

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  33. 33

    Well, harleen is correct!. Lets talk about the country rather than pointing fingers at our own people and cities :). We as a country have a far longer road to cover and there are many negative elements in d way.

    Jai Hind!

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  34. 34

    I never visit delhi , most of the ppl their are frauds and cheats and extremely aroggant

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  35. 35
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  36. 36

    I hate Delhi. The place would be a lot nicer if there were less idiots around the place. Sick of their arrogance overly sensitive, "Oh not every place is as bad as ours, their other idiotic places in the world too," major denial attitude. The men creep me out, women are jealous, place is a mess, and its one of the most polluted places in the world. There are some awesome monuments and nice avenues, but really, the attitude of the Delhites ruin the place for anyone to want to bother to visit.

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  37. 37
    roof Schingels:

    If you are in roofing repair you recognize that you will find a large amount of recourses which are full junk, luckily your website is just not one of these sites, i love your content a lot, continue the great job

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  38. 38

    all of u r talking abt sick mens but will someone answer me a girl in delhi twists her lips badly even one man gets his eyes on her by mistake .i dont think that tis bihavr is goin to solv ur prbs not only this girls frm othr stet r learning this very fast these girls has also started to stop ways of mens thinkin that it wil show thr empowerment .talking on dresing onc women used to hid herself now what the meaning of skin shoe and asking for law to snatch mens voice why cant a man slap on a girl when she is misusing her empowermrnt
    ther is lot to say but final word is tht wemmn itself dsnt want to b safe completly bcoz it wil snatch her spcl status

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  39. 39

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on escorts. Regards

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